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9:19 pm EST
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Moniker Privacy Services This was a cheap knock-off!

They advertised an authentic AEE MD80 spy camera w/ 8gb memory card, and what I received for order #3436470 was a cheap knock-off. The real one is made of matte aluminum(not shiny plastic like this one), has a separate VOX switch on the side for voice activation(this does not), and the box is clearly labeled what it is(again, this box and instructions make no mention of the AEE MD80).
I have wanted one of these cameras for some time, so I was excited when I opened the box. Imagine my disappointment when I found a cheap copy I could have bought anywhere off the Web for 10 bucks. I immediately contacted NOMORERACK.COM, but that was a joke. After an hour on the phone the call center operator admitted that she couldn't help me, and said she didn't know why the company would do this. She advised contacting them by email. I have done so, and after seven or eight responses with 'Abby', they will now refund the purchase price back onto my card... but I get to pay the shipping back to THEM! Can you imagine the nerve. They intentionally ship me a different product then the one advertised, but now I'm supposed to spend my money to make it right. My wife wants me to file a complaint with the State Attorney's fraud division, and contact both our local large-circulation newspaper, and television station to publicize how NOMORERACK.COM operates.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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