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I bought my brand new HP 15 laptop in July.
at the end of September the hard-drive decided it wasn't going to work anymore. HP HP customer tech support said it was a corrupt version of the operating system meaning windows. So we went through the troubleshooting process and they decided that it was the operating system so they sent me a USB drive which I received two days later with the recovery media on it because I was unwilling to reset my computer and lose all my pictures of my family excetera excetera.
I received the USB recovery media USB drive attempted to recover the media off of the hard drive of my so-called brand new HP laptop and it did not work I contacted HP customer support service tech again to get help or to find out why it wasn't working he said that he would contact me with their higher level tech support and he put me on hold and they closed at waited on hold for 45 minutes never got through to anybody called the next day ask to speak to a supervisor got put on hold left me on hold for an hour still never got ahold of anybody they said that that the computer might need a new hard drive and that they would make the order so it could be replaced via me sending my laptop to them. and then replacing my hard drive and returning my laptop to me however they could not guarantee that my pictures and everything that I had on the hard drive that went out would be saved or they would not even tell me that they could put it on a flash drive so I so I still have it.
I paid 600 plus dollars for this laptop and it lasted two months and now I can't get HP to fix it even though it is under 60 days after the day of purchase as far as my opinion goes I'm never buying another HP in their customer service has gone to crap they don't want her there warranties they dont not out to satisfy their customers. As far as I'm concerned they can have it back however I bought it in California and just recently moved to Alaska so I can't take it back to the store I bought it from because they don't have the same store in Alaska that I bought it from in California so I can't return it of course HP won't refund the money into this piece of crap laptop back so I'm stuck tracking up the $600 for this HP laptop as a loss. However I am going to contact a lawyer regarding this because it is still under manufacturer warranty and I purchased extended warranty so either way they have to fix it but I don't want cuz HP is not what it used to be I will never buy another HP laptop never recommend one to anybody ever again.

Oct 03, 2019
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  • Mr
      Oct 03, 2019

    I'm not aware of the HP rebate guaranteeing data. That's up to the individual user to keep a backup.

    If you're not aware of how to boot the system with a seperate drive and backup your data, get it to a local service tech before sending it back.

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