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HP Laptop — unacceptable behaviour of person at service center

SIR, This is regarding our experience with your service center at Roorkee, Uttaranchal. My friend had a...

Hewlett Packardsuck services by sales plus customer care guys

Airtel post paid connection i am using from past 3 yrs but two days back taken one more post paid SIM at evening 5:30pm, sales guy said it would be activated max by 11.55am on the same day, yesterday i called the agent on his mobile & i had informed him still its not activated, airtel sales person said i will call u back in 5 mins yesterday afternoon @ 1:30pm since then he never call me back, i had given him atleaset 20 calls yesterday from 3pm till 8pm but he never picked his phone, later today morning i called up 121 from my other mobile, twice airtel customer support guy had listened by query for 3 mins and then he disconnect, same happen again thrird time when i called 121 one more person picked the call to whom i had informed all the things whihc had happended, he told to call once again to the same person with whom i took SIM CARD POST PAID --- and his voice was bit arrogant looks like he had taken some drugs - i had also said why r you talking so bluntly, he said sorry 5 times, i said its okay as if you would had been in my position, you would have been also bit agitated from past two days i am chasing 121 & person name MOHAMHAD sales person from airtel, i work for HP and had taken 4 post paid connection plus broadband 256 KBPS pls phone, but suddenly he disconnected the phone all of the sudden call time was for 7 mins. I think Customer care guys especially guys, boys who picks up the phone @ 121 doest have any decency how to deal with the customer, now i am going to esclated the same in my company ---about this also finding if can get some info. of some higher profile person in Airtel Bangalore, to him also i will esclate if anyone has any number of any airtel person sitting @ higer level in bangalore please do let me know, services are suck i am sure to convert all my 4 post paid to VODAPHONE since its a UK telecom company recenthy had a tie up with HUTCH, but airtel overall is good incase of coverage and all but guys in customer care are simply looks are too frustrated reason they try to release pressure on customer while talking in very arrogant manner i feel they simply do call center job to make money, dont brother either customer leaves airtel or not due to of unsatisfactory

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    Hp 8390 Scannerpoor after sales service for product under warranty

    Sub: Non-rectification of complaint regarding ADF Scanner 8390 (Case ID: [protected]-Old, New-[protected])

    We had purchased a High capacity ADF Scanner (Model: HP8390) in 12 August 2007 from M/s CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. (copy of invoice enclosed). This scanner has developed some problem and the complaint was locked with HP On 13 March 2008 (CASE ID No. [protected]). The engineer from M/s CRAC Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. came on 14 March 2008 but could not resolve the problem. On contacting HP again on 15 March 2008, it was informed that the case has been transferred to M/s RT outsourcing and another complaint was locked again on 15 March 2008 (case ID no. [protected]). When no engineer visited the site, M/s RT Outsourcing was again contacted and it was intimated by them that as per the company’s (M/s HP) records, the scanner is out of warranty. To correct their records, copy of invoice (same as enclosed) was mailed to the e-mail ID [protected] (M/s RT outsourcing) which was confirmed to have been the received. Subsequently, their engineer visited the site on Thursday, 20-3-08 and intimated that the defective part need to be replaced. Instead of taking appropriate action, it was again stated by them that the said scanner is out of warranty. Copy of invoice of the Scanner was again e-mailed to RT Outsourcing on 2 April 2008 but despite request number of times again and again, the complaint was not attended to. On contacting them, on 04 April 2008, it was intimated by them since this complaint is long pending, hence the case has been closed and complaint has to be locked again with HP in this regard.
    It is a matter of surprise that despite providing the proof of purchase to your authorized service provider more than once and confirmation by them regarding receipt of copy of Invoice, the issue of warranty (presumably!) has not been resolved and the complaint has not been attended to.
    As a result, the scanner has remained out of order for the last 36 days which has caused great inconvenience to us.

    Satish Chand Jain
    Sr. Audit Officer (IS)
    [protected], 49

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      HP / Warranty / Care Pack/ Pavilion Notebook & Power Cordhp customer service - negative experiences increasing.

      Hp : negative experiences on the rise

      I have reached a point where I am so upset with hp that I will no longer recommend their services / their products to others (or use them myself). I am taking time out to share this in hopes of saving as many others as I possibly can from similar circumstances.

      * background : I am a small business owner that consults, fixes, trains, etc. Computers. I also utilize them on a very frequent basis.

      * side note : I am very patient & understanding on the whole. They have surpassed my patience to the point where I am almost with utter disbelief at their complete lack of integrity, professionalism, etc.

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        HPscam and cheating!

        I bought Compaq laptop (windows vista) at end of Oct 2007 -- not top of the line but what could afford at the time. Its a little rough but functionable. The real big problems began when I needed a new printer and chose HP Photosmart C4200 All-in-one system (again due to financial short comings). After a couple of weeks of trouble free works, it started pumping out a 'new copy' of the printer. The first time, I thought it was an 'update' type system working. After a couple more times of this, I started being concerned as that I now had multiple printer copies on my laptop. In a month's time, it has managed to install 18 copies of itself on the laptop. Part of the time I can not even get the copier to work with even redirecting it to the 'proper' copy of the printer. This causes great problems with my children's school work and my use because it is not dependable in the least.

        I initially contacted HP via email at the onset and received a generated customer survey only after a week. I gave HP failed marks and asked to be contacted because of my existing problem had not been addressed. I was sent a second customer standardized form asking why the low marks. I filled out the reply and again asked to be contacted. Again, No contact from HP. I have tried the home page for HP -- they do not like the serial number provide and I can not proceed with the standard fill in form because it rejects the serial number. One would suppose, since I registered the product that that would be in their system files.

        I do not have the hours to stay connected on the telephone line to receive help... after a half hour of waiting, I realized I could be there hours and still not have my problem resolved. I truly can not hold on the line for extended periods of time with children, animals, work, and life in general happening.
        At this point, I believe HP to be a rip off company because they do not make an attempt to contact consumer's problems. I have resigned myself to the fact that this printer (and even the laptop) system I am currently using is on its way down, it was a bad choice, and a waste of money. I do not believe that HP has any intentions of even suppling tech support. With the help of HP, I am on my way to being a convert! I am turning away from all Hp products and turning towards APPLE more and more. People I know that have HPs are all having problems with their products and support while strangely (or not!) my friends with Apple computers/ non HP are trouble free. I do not believe this to be coincident.

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          • Mr
            Mr. L Aug 19, 2008
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            HP and their "rebate" is a big scam. I bought an HP Computer and Staples offered me a free HP D 1455 Inkjet. Well "free" - they told me that I first have to buy it and then would get a Mail-In-Rebate. I followed all the instructions absolutely precisely as they were printed. Guess what - I never got the mail-in- rebate. In addition to that I also never received the $50 mail-in-rebate for the computer. HP sent me 2 letters, telling me that I did not had the right serial numbers and that the other rebate has already been expired. LIARS. Check the Internet - are all the other people which complaint stupid too or what. Stay away from HP. This company has no ethic and no pride!!!

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          • Sh
            Shelley Mar 26, 2009
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            My Mompurchased a computer from HP in the fall of 2007. After one month, it quit working. She winters in the US (she is from Canada) and when she called they told her she had to ship in back from Canada. She had to wait until she returned home in April 2008. The computer was returned to her in the spring. This winter it broke down again. When she called HP, it was discovered by the serial numbers that they had returned the wrong computer to her. They will do nothing about it -even though her computer was a more expensive model. Basically they are telling her that even though we stole your computer and gave you an inferior replacement, you're out of luck. They refuse to find her computer, they refuse to send her another one of the same model -she is stuck with someone else's computer (and they even know whose it is, its registered to a David somebody but they won't even tell her where he is from) Who knows how well this computer was taken care of, why should she be stuck with someone else's less expensive model?
            She has called several times, and I have called for her too -they are completely unsympathetic.
            I can guarantee that we will never buy another HP product again.

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          HP Laptopfed up of hp laptop

          Till now I had problems with hp products only - my tablet pc's LCD panel was defective. I have gone to hp service centre twice for the same issue. Last time when I gave it to the Peters Road centre in Chennai, they transferred it to the Anna Nagar centre. The laptop is under warranty. The person there attended to me properly but was unable to rectify the problem. He delivered the "defective" laptop to me and said that he would resolve the issue later and get the laptop delivered to my place. Now when i gave it to the Peters Road centre the Anna Nagar person told me that Peteres Road people will be responsible for the laptop. I doubt if these people will deliver the laptop to my place. I am fed up with the defective hp products and the service. Every time i have to go to the service centre as if it is a picnic spot. It takes both time and money to go to the service centre. I beg you to either rectify the problems or change the piece and deliver it to my place. I promise i wont go for hp products again!!!Please save me from going mad... Rahul Maheshwari MBA Student (IIT Madras)

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            • Dr
              Dr syed mohammad hasan imam Mar 31, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Dear sir, i bought hp laptop on 14th.march08.model DV6625EE from extra, Dammam, KSA.when i opened the pack i found unusual fan sound.I contacted the tollfree no.[protected] because i was out of dammam.they said if any hardware problem within one month your laptop will be repalced.i gave my laptop to extra on 23rd.march.when i checked manytimes extra is telling it can be replaced in one week only.i am running again and again but it is not replaced.i feel as if i am asking for a charity.

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            • Ba
              Balamurugan Apr 15, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I have hp laptop but protected by thumb impression, now i want to take the hard disk backup without using password-also i want to reset the password.
              pls. guide me near to chennai adayar or besent nagar.
              my contact number is [protected]

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            • Sa
              sachin lamba Sep 26, 2008
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer


              Sub :- Complaint regarding the Hp Compaq NB 6720s Notebook (K1420PA)

              I purchased A Hp Compaq NB 6720s Notebook (K1420PA) body No.CNU8081742 from one of your dealers namely M/S Infotech, C-1, ground floor, Aruna park, laxmi nagar, Delhi-110092 on 25.04.2008 vide invoice no. ET/152/08-09.
              That one day after the purchase i.e 0n 26.04.08 the keys of the keyboard stopped working and for this I approached the dealer on 27.04.08 and complained about the problem to the dealer. He got the system repaired and assured me that no problem will arise in the future.
              That further on 07.05.2008 the system did’nt start and again I approached the dealer complained about the problem to the dealer. He got the system repaired and again assured me that no problem will arise in the future. Again on 19.07.08 the same problem aroused and I gave the system to the dealer agin. He returned the system back after the span of 9 days and also charged me Rs 500/- as a fees .
              That from 29.07.08 the keyboard is not functioning properly and the dealer is asking the money to get the system repaired in spite of the fact that the system is still under warranty.
              That I have already sufferd a lot of loss in my business transaction and a lot of mental agiony.
              I therefore request you to look into the matter immediately and get my system exchange with a new one as it seems that the system has a manufacturing defect.
              If it is not done so then it can create a lot of troubles in future also.

              Thanking You
              SACHIN LAMBA
              K- 9A LAXMI NAGAR
              DELHI- 110092.
              CELL NO. [protected]

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            • Ab
              Abhinav Jan 23, 2009

              Well hp tablet pcs are made to create lcd problems. i bought 12inch tx1003 tablet pc... i ve been to service center thrice...once for lcd issue... then mobo then dvd drive...n now m down wit bad mobo but warranty expired... they sayin it wd cost more than 20k...m done wit hp...its d worst in providing service to its customers...bad wit components. products and worst wit customers... my system is useless box n m tired taking it to places begging for a repair...

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            HP / NC6910 Laptoplousy product & customer service

            One of the biggest mistakes I have committed is giving HP another try, several years ago we bought a HP Pavillion 6000 laptop from BJ's wholesale club. Within several months power board failed discharging the battery and we had it repaired by the warranty only to fail shortly after the warranty. It is serving at the moment as a nice paperweight. In 2007 I bought several HP laptops for my department since the hospital I worked for had made a decision to switch from DELL to HP .... what a mistake ... though I had also had a bad dealing with a DELL laptop ... the DELL was a refurb and their customer service was very good unlike HP. If you must buy a laptop I recommend IBM/Lenovo ... as the 3 we owned never/ever had any problems and keep going to this date. The most recent out of the box HPnc6910 laptop never recognized the factory installed DVDRW ... some very pleasent Indian tech at HP customer service over the phone tried to explain to me perhaps I should purchase 3rd party softwares to see if it would resolve the issue... than sent me a new DVDRW to install myself ...without ever checking if I could !!! In addition to number of closed tickets so that HP could claim that they answer online inquiries quickly ...I am on to my 4th month and am still awaiting someone from HP or their contractors to contact me to come by and fix the laptop.... no doubt they figure if they wait long enough the laptop will be out of warranty.... good thing i bought a 3yr warranty extension so that HP can make my life a living hell for the next 3 years... I will donate the laptops to a school and purchase IBM's if the issue is not resolved by May... and i am not holding my breath for HP to resolve anything at this point. SHAME ON YOU HP !!!!!!!!!!!

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              • St
                Steve Jul 17, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                HP sent me a wrong shipping label, and my laptop went to be recycled instead of to be repaired.
                Fortunately, I had backed up my data but nevertheless I was furious. I really liked that machine.
                so, HP agreed to send me a replacement unit, a nc6910, which was supposedly an upgrade. (I forgot to ask for specs and now i'll have to wait till tomorrow to do it) I tried to look up a little info about the product and this was the first page I got on google. Disconcerting to say the least.

                I have a question, so you BOUGHT a warranty for the replacement unit?
                They don't offer you one? They could purposefully be sending out defective units!

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              Hp Pavilion Dv2000 — worst customer support

              Hardware: We bought a HP Pavilion DV2202TX with Vista Home Premium pre-installed back in June 2007 for about...

              Hewlett - Packard / Deskjet F335 Printer — lies by omission!

              I purchased a F335 deskjet printer from HP for around 50 dollars. I print so little. I have printed about 40...

              Hewlett - Packard / Pavillion Laptop Computerpoor service under warranty!

              A-Drive in HP Pavillion failed about 8 months after purchase. HP phone routers in India confirmed that it was a warrantiable problem and took an hour of my time getting details for shipment of a replacement drive. This included obtaining my credit card info. I was told then (early December 2007) that a new drive would arrive before Christmas; then before New Years; then early January; then mid-January; then January 21; then February 6. Today is February 6. The HP web site tells me that they are sorry, but the part has not been shipped. Tomorrow, there will be a new date of shipment.

              Each time I try to follow up on the matter, I end up talking to people at a "phone routing department" in India--and when I ask to be transferred to someone who can really help me, they transfer me to another idiot in the phone routing department. Incidentally, the persons at "phone routing" don't SAY that they are in "phone routing"; they speak as if they are technicians who understand my problem and can address it, but they really are only there to listen to complaints and tire one out. The HP warranty is empty, useless, frustration. Real technicians or warranty people are unreachable.

              Don't buy HP if you expect ever to use the warranty.

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                HP Pavilion DV6353CL — defective product!

                I purchased an HP Laptop from Costco on 5/16/2007. Unfortunately, on 1/16/08 the computer crashed and would...

                HP / Pavillion DV4000 — hard drive failure!

                I purchased a HP Pavilion dv4000 laptop about 2 years ago for $1100, brand new. Within a year I started...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Hp Compaq 6515bhp 6000 series computer wireless problem

                Computer will not detect wireless network. Other computers in my home do not have this problem. Spent several weeks on phone with technicians. Had it sent away for service. Had technician come to my home. Ask for a replacement - they refused and were very condescending. I have spent several months on this problem to no avail. This problem is supposed to be widespread in HP series 6000 notebooks. HP will not own up to this. They are supposed to be sending ANOTHER technician to my home. I'm not optimistic. Regardless of the outcome, who would want this computer? And how am I going to be compensated for almost 2 months of time, aggravation, and inconvenience in trying to solve this problem. I would like another computer - one that works! I feel this is a reasonable request. Customer Care, Total Care?!! I have experienced neither. I have heard there is supposed to be a class action lawsuit regarding this particular problem. If anyone knows anything about it, please email me.

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                  • Su
                    sunil Kumar Oct 07, 2008
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I have purchase compac computer from Alpha Infotech, Lakkar Bazar, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh in the year 2006 with three years warranty. Due to some reasons its key board is working properly. The dealer refused to replace it. Please let me know will it be replaceable or can I get new key board from your company because I don't want to use key board of other company.

                    Please solve my problem because your key board is one of the best key board in the world. I don't know why it creats problem .

                    I am waiting for your reply.

                    Sunil Kumar.

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                  • Ar
                    Armishanks Jun 24, 2009

                    HP has issued a very quiet warranty extenson for its HP D and Compaq DV laptops. The frustrating part is that the wireless becomes inoperable, so you think you have a connection or router or wireless card problem. But you don't. It is apparently a solder problem that causes the Nvidia card to heat up and render the wireless inoperable.

                    Here is the link to the warranty extension info:

                    And a PCWorld article

                    Unfortunately, many people with these problems have paid for repairs themselves, or are now out of the extended two year warranty period (from date of purchase). HP is not reimbursing people or extending the warranty at all.

                    Shame on HP and on retailers like Costco for not PROACTIVELY notifying customers about this problem.

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                  Hp Resellerhp terminating contracts

                  As of Jan 2008, Hewlett Packard is sending out certified letters terminating contracts with HP Authorized Resellers that are authorized to provide warranty service on HP equipment, mostly printers. If you purchase a HP Printer and expect to have someone local in your area service this for you under warranty you will find out different...We dont know what thier logic is behind this move but everyone will lose. So if you want to complain to HP , contact [protected] and let them know that HP has made a bad decision by terminating their realations with your local HP Authorized reseller. If HP continues this road to demise, everyone loses...Please support your local HP Reseller and file a complaint with Hewlett Packard now...

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                    Hewlett Packard — support

                    Contacted Hp support on a printer problems by phone twice, couldn't get anyone who understood or spoke...

                    HP Pavilion w5160 INpoor quality parts and harrased by company


                    I hope someone even looks into this matter... I am writing here for the first time.. Hope I get appropiate help...

                    i got hp pavilion w5160 in two years back.. My pc has 3 years warranty.. (1 yr by company and 2 yrs extended - I paid for it)...

                    As soon as I got my new machine, after few months I found, one of the sound ports was not functioning correctly.. I called up hp customer care.. And they said we will hve to replace your entire mother board as we do not have any arrangement to repair just the audio port...

                    A man came and replaced the mother board.. All was working fine.. After sometime I formatted my pc.. And I found that, sound does not come on recording in my tv tuner card..

                    I called hp customer care and they again brought a mother board defective again this time also..
                    .. Is this the quality of hp parts ??

                    I have paid for the extended warranty and they behave as if they are doing me a great favour... They bring recycled parts everytime.. And 3 times it has turned out to be defective... I have lost faith on a company like hp and its parts..

                    I have suffered a lot profesionally due to hp and I want the company to compensate for it in terms of money atleast (They cant get me the time back) and also replace a new brand mother board for my pc.. No recycled parts this time.. Its all going above my head now.. Please help me..
                    My email id [protected]

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                      • Ra
                        Rajesh Agrawal Mar 10, 2008

                        I have purchased the C374TU 3 days back i aom facing real problem with sound and wireless all else is ok. Why Compaq is really into making customer a real fool so th at they can rub their ### around the HP. i am really fedup i have insattled each and every driver suggested by HP online chat as well as Zyxware forum and i have now atleast 5 different driver for sound i have driver each driver by formatting my notebook 5 times for each driver one time format and followed the step wise procedure given by online chat poeple on mail.

                        i'm wondering if you can help me figure out why i can still hear the audio from the speakers eventhough an earphone/headset is plugged in...
                        can someone help me disable the audio from the speaker when an earphone/headset is being used?
                        another thing, i'm not sure if there's a driver for the mic? because microphone is not working onlu speaker is working. and wireless always in yellow color after installing any driver
                        Please help me out i am really fedup of Hp Compaq notebook now really its really screwing up my life

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                      HP Serviceblatant dishonesty!

                      The hard-drive in my 2 yr old Pavilion went out unexpectable. I paid 50 dollars for the HP technician to help me diagnosis the problem over the phone. Seemed like a great fellow, his name was Mayank, he was from India. I purchased a new hard-drive through him for 100 dollars. He said it would come with recovery discs. So far so good, or so I thought.

                      Hard-drive came the next day, but no discs. Even though I didn't know I couldn't do anything without the discs, I called back to have tech support help me install the hard-drive. I talked to this guy named Gus, who told me it would cost another 50 dollars to get tech help. "Huh?" I protested. "That isn't what Mayank said. He said it would all be covered under my initial service charge". I ask for his supervisor, and Gus puts me on hold for 10 minutes. I eventually realize Gus was never coming back on the telephone. "What a jerk!" I think to myself.

                      I call back and talk a wonderful woman from Canada named Donna. She says, "Whoops!!! The recovery discs Mayank said would come with the hard-drive required a separate purchase..." I say good-bye to another 30 dollars since there wasn't anything else I could do. From her tone and the ensuing discussion, I surmised she was familiar with disgruntled and confused customers. I still thought that nice guy named Mayank was simply mistaken when he said "The discs come with the hard drive".

                      At this point I was still thinking things were on the up-and-up at HP. Mind you, Donna had told me that her supervisor confirmed HP would offer tech support for the hard-drive installation because we were still resolving the problems addressed in my initial service request. Donna also told me she documented this fact in the work- order notes. I sure wish the whole company only hired people like Donna.

                      Okay... the discs show up. I call tech support back up. Here is where HP convinced me to never do business with them again. I proceed through a series of phone calls, with each person answering the phone insisting I pay another 50 dollars. Anyway, one of these people from India (named Sam) tells me over and over that the company had issued a refund, and I would have to pay another 50 dollars to get any more help. What? Who authorized the refund? When was it given? What time was this done? No answers...Only "I don't have that information here" Well, luckily I acted stupid and naive enough to keep Sam thinking I was going to shell out another 50 dollars, and he is putting me on hold, checking this-and-that. Eventually Sam gets bored and puts me on hold for good.

                      It was about here I realize HP was being blatantly dishonest, manipulative, and unethical. So I call up again, and get a fellow named Myrad. Very nice man. Told me my order had been closed by Sam. Huh? I explained my dilemma in detail, and this gentleman guided me through the rest of the installation. So far everything has been working fine.

                      Thank God for the few people who were sympathetic to my needs. I will never do business with HP like this again. I will investigate all other options before having to buy an HP product. The worse thing is the sense of powerlessness I experienced in my communication with the service techs. When people were blatantly lying to me, I didn't know it. When people were "checking on something" putting me on hold, I took them at their word. I imagine now they were probably taking me for a fool, and having a good laugh about it on the other end of the phone. There was not a damn thing I could do to help myself, I was totally at their mercy. In the middle of my dilemma, there was no recourse available whatsoever, and the people supposedly helping me knew it. They have total control over the situation, and they exploit it stupidly for their own advantage. In my case, trying to get another 50 dollars cost them a customer.

                      My good fortune is that my experience had a favorable outcome. I can't imagine ever putting myself in that situation again. Good luck to all of you who have to still awaiting answers. I don't know if there is anyway to protect ourselves from their willful malicious misconduct; from their heartless disregard of integrity. I don't think they have it in them to recognize my customer experience with them was insulting and disgusting. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

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                        • Do
                          Dorothy Landell Jan 10, 2008
                          This comment was posted by
                          a verified customer
                          Verified customer

                          I agree with you.I will NEVER do business with HP service again.They have had my laptop since Dec 13th and today is Jan 10th.

                          I call constantly to find out why they haven't sent it back and I get people who can't speak English and they just give me the runaround. They put me on hold and we suddenly get disconnected.

                          I'm in the process now of trying to contact the CEO of HP.
                          I just want my laptop back. They don't even have to fix it, just sent it back to me and I'll take it somewhere else
                          HP Repair Service has really gone to hell this past year or so.
                          Dorothy Landell.

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                        HP Laptopgift redemption

                        have purchased the hp laptop from the hp dealer with the assurance that after filling some requirements procedure i.e. {sending the draft of rs.800/- in favor of gurnazz kaur, integrated solutions pvt ltd, nehru place, new delhi along with the photocopy of the original bill/original sticker of the product serial no and redemption code} you may get the hp promotion gift.

                        But i have not received any acknowledgment either from the company about my draft any the gift product since more than one and half month has elapsed. I am very fed up of this whole things and feel cheated.

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                          • Ra
                            raju patel Aug 04, 2007
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            Yes i agree with bhavesh because i have seen this is types of matter often by big company to cheat company by wrong scheme.

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                          • Vi
                            vikas sharma Jul 31, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            i have purchased the hp laptop from the hp dealer with the assurance that after filling some requirements procedure i.e. {sending the draft of rs.500/- in favor of integrated solutions pvt ltd, nehru place, new delhi along with the photocopy of the original bill/original sticker of the product serial no and redemption code} you may get the hp promotion gift.
                            my redemption code is y6jf8uuvyu
                            But i have not received any acknowledgment either from the company about my draft any the gift product since more than one and half month has elapsed. I am very fed up of this whole things and feel cheated.e purchsed a loaptop compac

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                          • Vi
                            vikas sharma Jul 31, 2008
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            i have not recevied any gift

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                          Hewit Packardwarranty

                          How does one start a class action suit. I am so fed up with HP. I have checked chat sites and there are hundreds of complaints I see in just a few minutes of searching. I have a warranty I bought for $100. I spilled soda on it within warranty period. They initially told me it was out of warranty. I spent days convincing them it was not. They finally agreed and yet still sent it to a case manager for review. Finally an American. I sent out computer for repair. Got confirmation of receipt and warranty coverage. First confirmation said warranty coverage would have computer back by Dec 13. A few hours ago they sent an update that it would be Dec 27. Both dates are unacceptable as daughter needs it for school. Computer service company saved data is holding it to put it back on computer but projects for school that she worked on will be past due by Dec 27.

                          I called to see what delay was. First person said she was not authorized to tell me. Second person wanted all the info I submitted before I sent it. Referred me to a supposed case manager. That one asked for same information again and referred me to another case manager. Same thing wanted me to repeat same information. About half way thru conversation I asked is this a case manager because I thought I just spoke to two of them She (still a foreigner) said no she is a Analytical Support Agent. She was asking me when I bought computer, if I bought a warranty (DID I GET COMPUTER BACK YET- UNBELIEVABLE QUESTION SINCE MY FIRST WORDS WERE I WANT TO KNOW WHY MY COMPUTER WILL NOT BE BACK UNTIL DEC 27 AND IT Was Originally DEC 13), she (ANUSHA was her name) asked me more questions on serial number etc. How frustrating that referral after referral asked identical questions and WERE NOT the case manager I was told I was being forwarded to.

                          Amazingly when I asked her to review the file herself instead of making me go get all this info again, she said she could not refer me to a case manager unless I told her that information. Frustrated I ONCE AGAIN gave it to her. (Involved opening up many many HP e-mail correspondences. When I asked why I had to do it she said apparently it was not previously documented. Then after all that when she went over what I told her she had things wrong, such as how much did I pay HP for the repairs (and this was one of the "smarter" people I conversed with. I told her why are you asking that. You do not pay for warranty repairs. She amazingly asked once again when I bought computer, how long a service policy did I purchase, one two or three years. I said I am not going over this again it has already been discussed. She went into a long conversation about how she had to document my issues BEFORE she could get me to a case manager. Frustrated, I gave it to her. She said OK I'll get a case manager. After a few minutes she said I'm sorry no one is available, I would be contacted within 24 hours. I said that is exactly what was told me when I was verifying warranty coverage and no one got back and I had to recall all info again to someone. Finally I gave up and said ok but I want an e-mail direct from her to tell me she submitted it. She said certainly. I confirmed my e-mail, she read it back to me and I still did not get one as of typing this. Below is the latest repair info.

                          United States-English

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                          Address information

                          Billing address:
                          SAVITSKY , ROBERT
                          734 W PINE ST
                          FRACKVILLE , PA 17931

                          Shipping address:
                          Same as billing address

                          Contact HP

                          For questions regarding this customer service order, please contact hp at the phone number below.

                          Customer service phone:

                          Current status

                          Hewlett-Packard is currently repairing or replacing your product. Your replaced/repaired product is scheduled to arrive at your location on the expected delivery date listed below.

                          Expected Delivery Date:12/27/2007

                          The date referenced above is the most current date available to us. This is the same date available through customer service. For questions or concerns regarding the expected delivery date, please contact customer service using the phone number listed in the Contact HP section.
                          Tracking information

                          Packaging shipment (to you)

                          Shipment date:
                          11/30/2007 Shipment method:
                          FED-EX NEXT DAY (10:30AM) Track the packaging:

                          Product return shipment (to HP) Pick up date: not applicable to your service
                          Track the shipment to HP:

                          Repaired product shipment
                          (to you)

                          Scheduled Ship Date:
                          not yet shipped

                          Defective Unit Receive Date:

                          Shipping Method:
                          FED-EX NEXT DAY (AFTERNOON)

                          Track your shipment:

                          Order summary

                          Order number:
                          LZD584 - 01

                          Entry date / time:
                          11/29/2007 9:44am PT

                          Model number:
                          EZ379AV , HP PAVILION CTO NOTEBOOK PC DV9000

                          Serial number:

                          Replacement serial number:

                          Order type:BOX PLUS PICKUP & REPAIR, 1 DAY SHIPPING

                          Failure : System no function

                          Warranty status:
                          in warranty

                          Service charge:

                          Payment method:
                          not applicable


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