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Hewlett - Packard48 days without computer!

August 9th purchased hp computer package for my daughter to take to college. She moved and installed new computer only to find out that it didnt work. Called hp customer Hotline and tryed to communicate with a tech in india. Who after alot of trouble shooting decided the network card was daughter then called me in tears to try to figure out what to do. I then called the customer number to see if i could receive some customer service. I was dreaming! I was connected to an employee from india who was very rude and unconcerned i then asked for a supervisor i was then on hold for 2 hours i just waited to see how long i would be there after two hours i hung up.called the next day they would send a replacement guarantee to work not rebuilt. Received first replacement it was defective also. I called for the second time and spoke with a concerned employee who apologized for the inconvenience and assured me a replacement would soon follow. It did wow to my surprize it was bad. I called back to ask for the only person who had ever taken time to listen when i asked for him the lady proceded to tell me that if i had talked to him, he would have assigned me a id number and was very curt with me so i then asked to speak with her supervisor and she said she didnt have a supervisor she only had executive managers i dont care about the title just the service! I am connected to executive mgr who is even more arragant than any of his previous employees. I report her rudeness and my delima i am then assured that they without doubt are doing their job according to company policy evidently their company policy is to get your hard earned money and run. I call back. I then was connected to previous mgr who had helped me to send me the next replacement number 3, it was bad i then called back to jokingly say third time is charm but if this one doesnt work i wanted full refund since my daughter had been with out for 43 days now .ok now i have had 4 hp computers that were bad. I call the executive mgr for full refund therefore needing my receipt i faxed it to him per instruction not to write on it and try to get more money than i payed ha ha when he was asked if it was legible he said all i can make out is 19.99 that another funny then i proceded to ask for my full refund. Oh no we dont refund in full only for the tower thats defective not the full refund i said i am a hp stockholder i want a full refund plus an apology would be nice another dream! Ok i said my daughter has been at college for a month and a half without a computer!! You can sell the moniter and the other keyboard etc yourself. I was told if you bought a car and the wheels were defective would you want a complete refund for the car. I said no but if i bought a car and the engine was defective i would want a new one because you cant use the car without the engine. I was then told i guess if you had a chocolate bar on your reciept you would want us to refund your money to!!!i then told him i would write corporate and he siad it wont do you any good because it will end up on my desk! I then was so infuriated that i hung up on him. I called headquaters in california then to be transferred to customer relations where i tryed to plead my case so she transferred back to the executive manager that i had just hung up on and her knowing that i was calling to report him.

I then called her back to be talked to as if i where ### of the earth and the phrase she said to me was i am going to disconnect now i dont want you to think i am hanging upon you . Click also she had siad that he (executive mgr.) owned my case and there was nothing anyone could do to help me. My daughter has been without a computer for 46 days at this writing. I will tell everyone i see about hewlett packard and i hope you will tell everyone. Pass it on buyer beware. I am going public with this hopefully i can cut down on the victims list as i am sure it is growing by leaps and bounds! At this writing we are still without a computer. At this writing we have been without a computer for 48 days.


  • So
    somecallemwaffles Jan 19, 2011

    If you bought the laptop at a store that offers warranty support I would suggest you take it to the store. Places like Best Buy can arrange to have the laptop sent back to HP. If you bought from Walmaet or another place that does not offer support call some local repair shops and see if they can facilitate warranty work for HP.

    What ends up happening is the guys on the phone have to make a call on whats wrong with the laptop and in this case sounds like they have called it "damage" and not a "defect". When you take it to someone they make that call based on what they see, not what you tell them.

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  • Er
    Ericahin Jan 19, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a laptop for my daughter in August of 2017. On the day of January 8, 2017, my daughter and I was sitting on her bad looking at something in her Laptop. All of sudden the screen started to go crazy and then, four black dots appears on the bottom and the screen went corrupt. I called HP for help. The laptop is still under warrenty. They told that other laptops has had this problem and they were fixing them for free. But because the particular model was not one of the models they would not cover it and it would cost almost $400 to fix. What the!

    Also, can I please get someone for the United State to talk to instead of an Indian who I can't understand a word they are saying.

    I'm not paying to have this laptop fix when we did nothing wrong to it and it is clear that there is a problem with these as well as other models.

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  • Fu
    Fuzzy MacMillan Sep 21, 2010

    I purchased a HP DV9429us notebook 2017. I didn't use the computer very much. In 2017 the computer
    started not finding the wireless lan connection. Sometimes if you restarted it would work sometimes not. Finally nothing worked. When if didn't work, it would no even appear in the device manager. I changed the router, reinstalled software and changed setting nothing worked. I called HP customer service and learned the computer had a DEFECTIVE part when it was built, which HP knew would some day fail. My first thought was okay Hp would stand behind a HP defect. Boy I was wrong. HP put a two year limit on repairs. Hp never informed me of the defect, therefore they played a game of odds of finding the truth. They are laughing all te way to the bank on me. Hope this informed future customers of the way HP does business.

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  • Ha
    HateHPnow Sep 08, 2010

    I had the exact same problem. Just found out from Best Buy today that it will cost me $400. Needless to say I'm not paying that. I feel ripped off and will never buy from HP again or Best Buy.

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  • Kl
    Klimenko May 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was given a HP Desktop for Christmas one year. The first year of use was okay, but the following years saw lots of trouble. Called Tech Support since my warranty was up, they charged me $49.99 for 14 days of "support". I was able to get my computer working again, but it eventually needed more service. Contacted HP Customer Service and was advised to pay $99.99 for one year of tech service, which as I was told, would be refunded if the computer was not fixed within the time period. Towards the end of my year, the computer lost it's hard drive, and I was informed that HP would not refund nor repair the computer's hard drive. This was after they had already shipped the wrong parts due to a mistake on their end. This mistake cost me another $150, for parts I did not want or need. After clarifying the right part and serial numbers, they shipped me set of restore discs for $17. After receiving these discs, they told me I had one last tech support call available to resolve the computer issues. I called them today, and was told that they had no knowledge of my last phone call and tried to charge me another $99.99 for more support. I strongly urge anyone thinking of buying a HP product to steer clear. HP's customer support is nearly nonexistent and very unpleasant to deal with.

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  • O.M.G. I had the EXACT same thing happen to me on my HP laptop which was listed for a reasonable price that I BEGGED my husband to buy me back in 2017. It was the Nov After Thanksgiving Black (whatever) day that I waiting in line for for three hours that very cold morning for. When I arrived in line to purchase that HP Laptop, I found there was none left but that if I came back in the afternoon, I might just get one that was reserved for another (lucky) soul. O.M.G. I went back and thought I had hit the freaking lottery. Yup...I sure did.
    The laptop was there but I the lottery I hit was NOTHING to be happy about. From the very beginning, I had issues. The thing would clear the screen and turn off. It wouldn't turn on. I tried customer support over and over again only to find that "they would send me a box to pack it in (although I was happy to use the one that it came with, they INSISTED I wait for 'their' box)which I patiently did, THREE TIMES!!! Three TIMES!!! I sent it back THREE times each in a new box which they had to ship to me. Each time, I sent the same exact computer back to the same exact address with the same exact issues, it came back to me NOT WORKING. The same, the same, the same. CRAP, CRAP, NOT WORKING CRAP!!!
    I loathe Hewlitt Packard for their LACK of ethics, their LACK of commitment to their Quality and for their LACK of following thru with their VISION STATEMENT that is full of crap and garbage and useless words to a consumer. I had escalated my problems (so I thought) to someone who cared but still worked out of the United States and offered service. NEVER once was I offered a replacement of the CRAP that they sold me in the first place. NEVER once did Hewlitt Packard offer me anything because they had my money. They will never get my endorsement on another product or brand name. Sadly, I still have this USELESS Laptop that I begged my husband for. Maybe I keep it for a reminder that I should never WANT so much for anything again. I know it is not because I need to have a horrific reminder that Hewlitt Packard should not be the brand I choose in the future because this ORDEAL is one I will NEVER forget! Where is HP and Who the H#$% are they? They don't stand behind their product or their word even with the letters and the NUMEROUS hours I spent on the phone with their 'support' people and even paying additional money by a private individual only to find out that the MOTHER board was the issue. Unbelievably, HP support said that I could purchase an additional year of support on this USELESS PIECE of CRAP for them to 'see what the problem was'. HP should be ashamed and surely put out of business for their LIES they wrote in their mission statement and their promise to their customers. I always say...The best advertisement is a true man's Word of Mouth. Hello America...This is the true word of mouth advertisement for Hewlett Packard...They DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCT, their commitment and the product they sell IS USELESS!!! USELESS, COSTLY and NOT ETHICAL = Hewlett Packard

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  • St
    Stalker389 May 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased an HP Compaq notebook computer. Long and aggravating story...the motherboard went out of it. I was told by a local computer repair that they had seen the issue in at least 15 computers of the same model. Thinking I was just out of a computer, I didn't do anything until a friend of mine said that there was an extended warranty from HP due to the issue and mine qualified. I called but was told that although the computer died in July 09, the extended warranty was up at the end of September and since I called after the deadline, my computer could not qualify. They offered to cut me a break from the original cost to repair of $398 + tax down to the low low price of $259 + tax!! I can get another computer for that! THANKS HP, for standing behind your crappy products!! It's funny how before you buy a product, they are the best thing out there. After you buy, you basically have what you have...nothing!

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  • Da
    dadsmickeyfinn Sep 03, 2009

    We purchased an HP G series late February 2017. Woke up one day and the screen was cracked. We contacted HP, they sent us a fed-ex box to return for repair. A week later we received a call from a rep stating the damage was accidential and caused by us. All we did was open the laptop, there was no problem hours earlier. I have called HP 4 times and they will not pay for the monitor, but said they would repair it for $400.00????? I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told I could not. I asked to speak with anyone in authority, I was told I could not. There needs to be a way for some type of class action complaint against HP to have them repair this problem. I see so many other sites with people with the same problem. Please help.

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  • Ma
    mandy1 Jul 10, 2009

    Once again another HP computer crashed. I spent 2200 on this one and in less than 6 months it has crashed twice. I have bought 3 HP computers and not one has lasted more than a year. I went to Best Buy and told them I need a computer that would last. The salesman told me in that case I should not buy a HP as they are a piece of crap. He sold me a gateway computer and have not had a problem with it since.

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  • Ma
    manivannan Apr 04, 2009


    We have a server Model no ML370G5.

    Problem Faced : System Reset with out Booting.

    Problem Identified : Array Control 400 is PCB which is Placed near by Hard Disk is Failer.

    Complaint No : [protected]

    Soution : Need to Change that Spare.

    Promissed to complete : 04-04-2017 At 11:00 AM India Time.

    Happen : Still the time Now time is 14.20 PM India Time Service Executive Not Received the Space.
    Now he told me that he going to receive the Space by Monday 12:00 AM Only.

    This is Over Main server All the 3 days all of our work was stopped.

    My Company totaly hanged up last 3 days and our office is working in sunday too.

    So totaly your taken 5 days for UP the server.

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  • Gu
    gus Mar 09, 2009

    They honestly told me I was the only person in the world who ever had a problem with HP; Now I see the nightmare ahead. Six-months I've been dealing with tech support and case managers. But I have the extended warranty, so I can argue with them for years to come, oh what joy.

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  • Fr
    Frank Derenze Nov 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    aNOITHER BIG" amen "

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  • Valerie Oct 27, 2008

    My problem stems from HP's customer service representatives. They are rude, impersonal, and have an air of superiority about them. I am a computer technician by trade and have been doing this for over 12 years. In fact I've been working with computers since I was 4 years of age, back on the old IBM PC/XT 8086. I have never... NEVER... had a problem getting a bios update for a product IN MY LIFE!!! I couldn't download the f.1f critical bios update from HP's web site and no reason was given. I got on the phone with someone... even after explaining I had a customer in my shop, he continued to ask for my info. All I needed was the BIOS download. He could have just e-mailed it to me. No, he couldn't, because of HP's scandalous company wants me to send HP the laptop... most likely pay shipping both ways, AND pay $298 dollars for something I could do in my sleep. EVERY OTHER COMPUTER MANUFACTURER WILL FURBISHED ME WITH ANY DRIVER OR UPDATE I NEED. But not HP... HP makes me sick. And what is worse, is as soon as I got agitated, HP's rep hung up on me. What got my angered, was he kept cutting me off in mid sentence, as if my opinions and concerns weren't even remotely important. After I told him to stop interrupting me, he permanently interrupted me in mid sentence by hanging up. I will never buy another of HP's products... and am now discontinuing to work on HP's units, which will decrease my business by over 50%... not out of spite, but because I can't properly repair something if I can't get what I need to do so. I hope HP likes making working stiffs like me starve and struggle for every dime. How can HP tell their customers, that only they can repair your computer and you'll have to spend more doing that than it would cost you to buy another unit. If my customer were to send HP his unit, pay for shipping... BOTH WAYS... and pay HP's exorbitant rate... he could buy a brand new Acer Aspire Laptop with better specs and better service and repair record. MicroCenter sells them for $400.

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  • Je
    Jerry Oct 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the same problem and have found that there is No Solution. The AMD mainboard overheats, burns the GPU, then fries itself beyond laoding BIOS.

    >>> If you have a functioning Pavilion notebook with AMD chip, get a cooling pad NOW, use it religiously, and you'll probably be FINE. <<<

    They have a BIOS update with their IDEA of a SOLUTION: Makes the Fan Run Continuously. I'd rather do WITHOUT that, and just Continuously use cooling pads at work & home, then if I'm away from one of these "bases", just remember to run it no more than 30-45 minutes, with plenty of ventilation ... That way I'm not stuck with a loud PC fan, I can pick and choose a cooling pad that I like.


    Cut your losses: Buy a Dell from WalMart / Sam's / Costco.
    (I'm switching to an Apple Macbook).

    If you have time on your hands and want to harass HP (I suspect not, but anyway): [protected] x94 for the "HP Quality Case Managers / laptops".

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  • Ch
    Chris Sep 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Despite being a devoted HP user for years, I am becoming more and more outraged by their poor customer service and inflexible -- and outright absurd -- return policies.

    Here is a thumbnail of my situation:

    - Bought a Pavilion Ddv6700 for my college-bound daughter in June. This model had the AMD Athlon dual-core chipset. With a couple of weeks, the unit failed and would not boot (or appeared that way because the screen remained black). HP had me jump through various home repair hoops -- taking hours due to complete system recoveries -- until they determined that, yes, the unit wasn't working correctly. So they sent out some recovery disks. I told them that this would not help since we had just tried that, trying to boot from the recovery drive. I asked for a replacement unit. They said no. They said that sending recovery disks was all they could do at that point because they were "following procedure".
    - I called again after the recovery disks arrived and failed to boot the computer. I called HP and told them that the problem was continuing. I get excalated to the case management department. After going more tests over the phone, they agreed to send a box for repair. The box arrived and I sent off the unit.
    - The unit comes back after a couple of weeks and boots OK. But sound and wireless card do not work. After more phone calls with tech support and more home testing, they agree that the unit is not working. I ask for a Pentium-based replacement since I suffered similar problems six months earlier with my own AMD-based dv9500 (which was eventually replaced with a Pentium version). HP says that they can still only send a box. I have not yet proved that the unit is a lemon.
    - So I send off the unit again for repair. But before I do I express my concern that time is running out and that with repair delays, the laptop may not arrive in time to fully test it before my daughter leaves for college. The rep says that there is nothing he can do. He is following HP policy, but assures me that "we can address this situation again if it fails".
    - The unit comes back and boots. But the wireless card fails again. I call HP again and I learn from one of the techs that I spoke with that HP has had a historical problem with AMD chipsets on certain laptops, but not this one. At least, not yet.
    - But now I have a further problem: my daughter is leaving the very next day for college and she doesn't have a working computer. I have to go to Costco and buy something off-the-shelf, but make sure that it is a Pentium version of the dv6700. I demand reiumbusement from case managment in a subsequent call. He agrees but says that reimbursement will come from another department and that I may not get my full payment back because I am outside the 30-day return period. I explain that HP forced me to be outside of the 30-day period by their insistence on repairs. I am told, "sorry, but I am just following procedure.". I send off the defective unit and hope for the best.
    - Today, I get a check from HP that reflects a 20% discount based on my "use of the computer". How crazy is this? The unit was a lemon from the get-go and HP had it in their possession as much as we had it in ours (and didn't work during that time, anyway).
    - I call HP yet again and ask for Technical Support for Executive Services at HP Corporate to get some help. They say that they do not have this number and I have to work through case management. I explain that case management were the ones that I went through andf were the ones responsbile for the current situation. How can I expect any better support from them now?

    So I send off an email to the last case manager and will follow up with a phone call on Monday. Today is Sunday and they are not open, of course.

    I don't expect to get anywhere.

    Have other people had this problem?


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  • Valerie May 22, 2008

    Mine is a Compaq Pentium Computer that was 10 months old. For some reason, the colour on the monitor turned mostly pink. I called the tech and we did some trouble shooting for over 2 hours trying to find out what the problem is. He finally diagnosed that the problem was the video card. So, he sent the box, etc., yada, yada...Mailed it, etc. Returned a week or so later and it had never even been opened.

    I, again called and let them know. The assured me that it would be fixed. So, we got the box again and resent it. Came back again, same thing. So, I called again and spoke to another different person. I again explained the whole thing. Again we went through the same rigamoro with the testing. An Indian woman answered the phone this time. She decided it is now the mother board. Sent the box, etc. A week later +- it came back and the colour is still pink. I called them a fourth time ... I thought maybe it was the monitor, so I brought a monitor from work. Guess what? It fixed it. We told the tech and he said "It is not the monitor". He is sending another box to us. It must be the computer. In the meantime, the warranty has expired. We told them we will not pay a cent for the repair. This has been going on for 2 months. So, my computer is on its way back to Indianapolis, Indiana yet again, to supposedly get repaired, for sure this time. I am in Oregon. I have no idea why we have to send it so far away. There is never any paperwork attached to say what was done, if anything. We are so frustrated. We contacted the State Attorney General's office but we're waiting to see what the case manager said. So, right now it looks like we are going to send the letter to them. Does anyone have any comments? I have spoken with 1 Canadian, 2 Indians, and one American. My husband has spoken to 2 Indians and one American. We just can understand the Indians. I am sorry. I think I have been very patient. Got any ideas?

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  • Fr
    Frank G Jan 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HP/Compaq Computers, Service and Extended service Plans are all a big fat joke. I will NEVER NEVER buy a HP again and that includes anything else they made or service. My old Dell out performs this new HP and that’s another thing that pisses me off.

    This is what they sell you but it’s Not what you get.

    · Covers all HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario notebook PCs
    · • Round-trip shipping at no additional cost
    · • Assistance with virus and spyware issues
    · • Up to three years of award-winning service coverage
    · • 24 x 7 real-time chat and toll-free phone assistance

    “That was top of the line at the time.” 3-year HP Pick Up and Return Extended Service Plan for HP Pavilion and Compaq Presario Notebook PCs but in reality it’s two years because you get one year with the computer. Price: $269.99*

    Here's the problem:

    I now have to send in my laptop with the battery just to replace the battery, WHY ? Here’s why, They wanted my credit card # so they could charge me for the battery until it’s replace and the damage one was returned. I tool him I wanted his credit card # so I can charge him until he replaces my defective battery, he was not interested. Why gave him credit card information when I have a warranty for replacement - full warranty. Why not just send a box for the battery?

    And Yes I did talk to management, also asked for HP Corp’s. Phone Number which was not a toll-free and top it off it was closed. Award-winning support; what a joke!


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