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I paid Heritage Web Design $700 last February to create a NEW site for my candle business. They are in the "top 1%" so I figured they must be good, right? NOT!!! Once they have your money, forget it. For $700 I got a copy of the site that I myself created with some pink background and a candle graphic. I sent them a box, yes mailed them information, including pamphlets, brochures, pictures, candles, soaps, etc., (approximately $50 worth of product) hoping it would help create the mood for my site. Well, the receptionist 'supposedly' stole the samples because my designer never received it. Since she never received the box she built a site that had a black background and flowers? I emailed my 'account manager' and he just switched designers. So, in MAY my site was finally up and running and I was SUPER disappointed. It was nothing like what I had explained to them. I felt powerless because from that point on they have been so rude to me. Anyway, I built my own site and have one more month with this company stealing my $30 to host a site I haven't used since last July. BEWARE! They will steal your hard earned money and treat you like crap.


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    Brad Stone Jan 25, 2008

    Heritage Web Solutions values all of its customers, especially those who have voiced complaints. It is in our best interest to work with these customers to reach a reasonable and fair resolution. In most cases Heritage tries to go beyond what is fair for the company and errors on the side of the upset customer.

    Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for some customers who, no matter what we do, are never truly satisfied. This is especially disheartening, as Heritage has the solid reputation of providing excellent customer service.

    Some customers, as illustrated on this complaint website, have resorted to airing their grievances on the public Internet, in hopes of resolving their particular complaint. We do all that we can to help meet a fair resolution to their satisfaction.

    However what becomes unfair to us, are those customers who we feel have received everything they have asked for, and more, but then take it upon themselves to have an ongoing vindication against Heritage. To us, there is nothing more we can do to satisfy them. They are who they are. Vindictive and angry people do more harm to themselves than they think they are doing against a company. It is sad but true.

    Heritage Web Solutions, with a customer base of over 10,000, receives less than one half of one percent in complaints. That is an impressively low number compared to the standards of today. We certainly would like to have zero complaints, but that is just not realistically possible. There will always be those people who cry foul, no matter what.

    What you don’t see on this complaint website are all the positive emails and letters we receive daily from customers who are extremely happy with the service and work we have provided for them.

    Heritage Web Solutions is a good, solid custom web design and hosting company that has an excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau and the Utah State Department of Commerce. We are ranked in the top 1% of web hosting companies in the United States and have recently been recognized by Inc 500.

    If you feel that Heritage Web Solutions is not taking care of you, I would invite you to contact me at my personal email address at [email protected], and I will personally follow up on your issue.

    Warmest Regards,

    Brad Stone
    CEO/Heritage Web Solutions.

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    Tina Kachmar Jan 30, 2008

    Just wanted to update anyone reading this that Heritage Web released the content of my site which prompted me to leave the above warning. So, the problem has been resolved. I'm not going to add anything negative to my comment, but I, personally, would not use their service again.
    Tina Kachmar

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    Common Sense Jun 03, 2008

    Well whatever your Heritage website was like, it can't have been worse than the thing you've now proudly done yourself.

    What did you expect for $700 anyway? It's small change. You get what you pay for. Caveat emptor.

    There's no point paying practically nothing and expecting the moon. Life just doesn't work like that.

    Sounds more like a case of Difficult Customer than Substandard Web Design Company.

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    ripped off customer Jun 09, 2008

    I payed $440 for a website with Heritage Web Design. They agreed to do the work with flash animation, before the work could start i had to pay 50% upfront and sign an online agreement. As soon as i payed and agreed the company decided to change the pricing for the work and increase the total desisng amount. I discussed witht hem that they couldnt do the work as agreed and couldnt f=provide the work in time so we both agreed to cancel and i was offered a full refund. I was very impressed by there manner and deiced that i would use them again the next the few months for a different project so they kept the 50% ($220) and froze my details..or so i thought. Within 2 weeks the called and emailed to tel lme they would bill my account a monthly amount of $20 for hosting. I called to enquire what they were hosting as the account didnt exist. After many calls and exchanges they acknowledged that it was wrong and no billing would occur. Within a week or so they took the 2nd 50% (another $220) unautherised from my account. They now held $440 of my funds. I called them to ask why and could i speak to someone in accounts to get the full 100% refunded to minimalise any future monetory mistakes on their part. For 4 days i spke to a memeber of staff who kept passing on messages to a superviser named Josh who refused to contact me. Eventually i got through to someon in Accounts who told me Jason was a supervisor who was on the same level and he could refund the moneys owed. Jason was contentious and refused to deal wtih the account issue only passing me back to Josh who i had already stated i was not happy dealing with. Prior to Jason handing me back he told me he was only going to refund me the 2nd unauthorised deduction from my account ($220). His reason was that i had agreed online to wortk being done. I discussed and reported to them that there had been absolutely no work undertaken by the company for them to keep my money.. No servies had been exchanged and they had already agreed to refund the initial money held. They refused to give me my moeny back. I requested a contact name or direct private email for the CEO of the company which they refused to give me. I threatened them with legal action, the response i got was an email asking me to go to BBB arbitration. I couldnt believe the hostility and unprofessional manner in which they had conducted themselves. They knew initially that i had planned to do several projects with them and as an act of good faith i had kept monees with them to return but there actions now would lose a customer and several projects. The two supervisors i spoke with told me they were the topline of management and the opnly person they answered to was the CEO.. I was stunned! To date i havent had any money returned. These two guys who say they are supervisors are hostile idiots who shouldnt be in a position of management or authority, they have no idea how strategy and busioness work and seem tot hink that good customer service is applying a 'mormon' like tone of voice with the customer. I strongly suggest caution in doing business with this company and would definately withhodl any funds until work is done and agreed.

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    Brad Stone Jul 15, 2008

    I invite you to please communicate with me personally so we can resolve your concerns.

    Warm Regards,

    Brad Stone

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  • 12
    123 Sep 03, 2008

    What is a 'mormon-like' tone?

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  • To
    Tony Nov 11, 2008

    Heritage Web design is a complete waste of money. All their work sucks!!! They mislead you every step of the way. If you want a low cost website solution I would reccomend godaddy.com.

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  • Cl
    clothing Jan 12, 2009

    I have the same exact complaint as the candle person. Heritage customer service once they have your money changes drastically. The designer of my website did not listed to one word I said. I constantly had to keep telling him what I wanted over and over and over again. I made him totally redo the website until I had something livable. I think people should really shop around and see what else is out there before hiring HWS. I paid close to a grand before everything was said and done. They'll give you one price and then say another 150 to do this another 50 to do that. And if you have a problem, there is a huge language barrier with many members they contract out for tech support, and I guarantee you they will almost never be able to answer your question.

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  • Cl
    clothing 1 Jan 26, 2009

    After reading the ceo statement I decided to give him a try to personally solve my issue. It's now going on week 3 with no response to my complaint. I haven't heard from you yet Mr. Ceo. This company should be rated 4 on a scale of 1-10. I honestly don't see how they keep customers.

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  • St
    Stephen Feb 08, 2009

    I'm very surprised at the CEO's well constructed response to the complaint. It was more of an excuse than taking responsibility. Not the type of character I am looking for in a company I do business with. Glad I saw that. Now I am moving on.

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  • Fa
    FAT GIRL LURES Feb 26, 2009

    I was talking with a guy named Tom at heritage web designs and we had an agreement and I sent the deposit of 280.00 and after they received the money I got a link from them and I clicked on the link to get on the website, and I called the web designer ( Randy) to go over some stuff that I had no idea what it was so, I got to talking with randy about the design and he told me they were going to charge me an extra 300.00 to put my pics on the site, when I already had an agreement with the salesman that called me like 200 times in 1 week his name was tom. Anyway all I can say is that they are not sending my 280.00 deposit back. I called them like 10 times in 1 week and with no responce I finally called them and they comfirmed that I was not getting the money. Be careful and do not use this company they are a scam.

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  • Sa
    Sawagee Mar 16, 2009

    I agree with this complaint. I am in the same situation with Heritage Web Design. They are very quick at taking your money and no real service. I am currently extremely disappointed with their service that I am not even getting and yet they charge my credit card every month. I will make sure they are all over the Internet as SCAM ARTISTS. I will take on myself to write on every blog and scam sites so that they can be known. Paying a penny to then is just the first step to bad business. Please run as fast as you can if you see their logo or name in your search result. It's just BAD MOJO and bad luck. They are bunch of crooks and vultures just waiting to suck up your money. They have hidden cost all the way. Please be aware of that as well. I will rate them 1 on the scale of 10.

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  • Ro
    roberto Mar 20, 2009

    Prices are low so is the quality, there seems to be no creativity, you get what you pay for.

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  • Qu
    "GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK" Mar 20, 2009



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    Brianm.cc Apr 02, 2009

    Well I was considering doing some freelance work for their company. I sent them an email asking for clarification on their $20 a page payment for designers as that didn't seem right. A rep got back to me but said for me to call to explain their payscale. So I did a little search and find this treasure trove of hate mail.

    Needless to say I don't think I'll be getting back with Jessica. I do encourage people who are new to websites and design in general to do your research. Typical costs for a website can be from $500 on up depending on the designer's skill level and competance. Anything less than 500$ would usually be done by someone fresh out of college or something with a similiar skill level. Which might not be bad, but remember you get what you pay for. Ad agency rates will typically be 3 times that, around 1500$ or more. That though usually comes with a whole new level of service and competance.

    Remember, you will not get anything for worthwhile quality at $199. It is possible you will get a decent 1 to 2 page site, but that is pushing it. Personally, I would steer clear of Heritage Web Design as there is no way they can treat their people right at $20 bucks a page.

    If anyone got burned by this company and is looking for some help getting things done right, check out my website brianm.cc and review some of my work. My rates are competitive and my work is quality. You can get my contact info on my site.

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  • Ni
    Nikki Apr 02, 2009

    Heritage Web is an excellent company for small businesses. I have worked with them for over two years. You cannot possibly please everyone all the time in any vein of life. When a small business is paying $300 for a website, they cannot expect it to look like a $5, 000 website. Nor can they call in and say this is my business, make it look good. You must offer feedback to the designer, they are not familiar with your website, you are.

    Every experience that I have had with Heritage has been excellent. I would reccomend them 100%.

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  • An
    Andy Apr 22, 2009

    Many times, potential customers do not know what quality they will be receiving. That is why our company has decided to offer free draft designs.

    Please visit www.avanixweb.com and fill out our simple form if you are interested. We have created many websites for small business and we start from $299.

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  • Da
    Dan Linich May 01, 2009

    Heritage has built 2 websites for my company and they are in the process of creating 2 more for associates. The prices they charge are very low compared to everyone else. If you want, they will build a high end site for you or if you just want an informational site for your customers at a low price they will do that also. You get what you pay for.

    As far as their web designers - I believe they sub the work out to freelance designers. To keep the prices low, they have to use subs. I'm a General contractor that uses sub contractors and I feel their pain.

    I've had problems with my sites and they have always worked hard to rectify the problems. Feel free to walk a mile in their shoes before submitting a "ripoff" report.

    After my sites went live - I recieved a flurry of phone calls from other designers to "fix" my sites -out of curiosity I asked what they would charge and most said that it would be about $1200 - $1500 to redo what Heritage did. I also asked what guarantees they could give me that their work would improve my business and the reponse is always "no guarantees - but they will really be better!"

    So, Ease up on those boys in Utah - if they were perfect - they would change their name to "The United States of America Web Designs and Hosting" because we "know' our govenment is perfect.

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  • Vi
    Vic C B May 20, 2009

    Run away!! please do not sign anything with them, read all the complaints, I wish I had seen all the comments before I signed with them. Heritage Web Solutions has been so bad and carries such a bad rep that the only solution was to change their name to Hit Web Design. the problems are still there, my site never made it off the ground, and they kept trying to get me to purchase more add ons to make it "better".
    Don't waste your money go somewhere else..


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  • Al
    alexawinchester May 20, 2009

    I had the worst experience with this company. Person after person lying to me over and over. I decided to find a company that cares about my business and goal. I found Kerstin Fossen her website is www.kerstinfossen.com

    Our website went seamless and she is just a peach to work with.
    With the bad you also find the good.

    Alexa Winchester

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  • Ma
    mark0805 May 20, 2009

    I have got to put my 2 cents in here. I saw the comments here, on [redacted], and even on the BBB. I also read their terms of service all the way through.

    The terms of service are the main reason I cancelled. I never agreed to them and no one in their right mind should agree to such one-sided terms. I encourage everyone to read these all the way through. They even have a clause that if you make a negative comment about them on any online forum that they will charge you a lot of money (don't remember the exact amount).

    They also offer no form of product guarantee. The terms state that if you don't like the work they've done, they will make it live regardless of what the customer wants. In either case, they charge a 50% cancellation fee even if they have done absolutely no work on your site. If they have started any design work, then it becomes a 100% cancellation fee. They offer no consumer protection what-so-ever.

    So I said I cannot agree to the terms and will not be using them. What did they do? They charged me 50% anyways and purchased my domain name. After a week of calling and emailing, I get an email saying it will cost $50 to get my domain name from them. A fee that was never mentioned by the "program directors" or in any communication from the company. I sent back an email saying if my money is not returned by tonight (this is after a week), then I would be charging them $100/day. See if that works. I finally get a call from Steve, a program director, trying to sell me on the fact that I need to pay them $50 for doing something I never authorized them to do (purchasing my domain name). I say no way, make my demand for the money again and he says he needs to forward this to his vice president.

    Everyone keeps saying how cheap this place is. They wanted to charge me $700 for a 6 page site in HTML. I talked them down to $540. Now I have found someone who will do a flash and html site for $500 and I didn't need to sign or agree to any foolish terms of service. So much lowest price huh?

    Again I strongly urge everyone to do their homework on this company, read all the complaints, especially read the terms of service, and don't let the sales people fool you.

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  • Le
    lessonlearned May 28, 2009

    I agree with all the complaints. I just canceled my web serves with HWS because I just could not take it anymore. They tell you one think and then turn around and do something eles. They are very quick to take your money, so quick that they took money before they were suppose to and caused all kind of craziness in my bank account. My account was swithched to someone else and they did not notify me. I found out by calling for my old account rep and was told he no longer worked there. No one is ever available when you need to talk to them. I spent a week trying to contact my web designer, she finally contacts me after I cancel my services. Working with Hws was the worst experience I have every had with a nycompany providing a service to me. Hey but maybe someone else may have a different experience. I would not reccemmend take it from me shop around, do your reasearch before you invest. Oh yeah they kept $310 for doing nothing. My logo they so called designed was a vector image that I sent them and they put the name of my company on the image.

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  • To
    Toni1985 Jun 10, 2009

    My sister started to go with Heritage but was told about a web design company out of Atlanta called "Asiel Studios". Heritage claimed that they were only going to charge $800 for everything she wanted which sounded a little fishy because she wanted flash, multiple pages, etc. She choose to go with "Asiel Studios" instead. It cost $2, 000 but it was worth it and her business has sky-rocketed and she was even nominated for StartUp Nation's Leading Mom's in Business 2009 Competition...ranked 126 overall. We are VERY happy we choose them over Heritage.

    My sister's site:
    The company responsible:
    www.asielstudios.com (I think the site is under construction but still functions)

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  • Ed
    Edward Jun 16, 2009

    Hit Web design gives you the run around from one person to another and when you get back to project manager he is shocked that little has been done or the design had not been changed . He tells you that he will go to his boss to solve the problem and he will get right back to you.

    Don't hold your breath because that return call or e-mail does not show up. They must have a computer program just for excuses and passing the buck.

    All of their designers must be part time independent contractors. who are underpaid and are overworked but Hit goes on to collect fee's for next to nothing. One of the designers told me he makes good money but he does all of his work at night in fact it seems that all of their designers work the late night -early morning time period. The first one that was assigned sounded like he was on something, it might have been fatigue, he could not understand a complete narration of the content and when I sent him a copy of a very old site he just copied it.

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  • Su
    sunshine2 Jun 18, 2009

    I worked for this company for almost 2 years. My customers were always very happy with me! But once I sent them to a designer to finish their site, that is when the problems began! I was all about making my customers happy and the "customer service" aspect of my job. For any of you that have dealt with them you started with an account manager... and then I am sure during that process you may have went through 2 orr 3 of those account managers. Its not that the account managers left, its because they get fired. You are required as an account manager to make 500 dollars a day in sales. If you don't. you have no job! No exceptions! That is why they keep asking you to add things on... if you don't they have no job!
    I can not tell you how many times customers were unhappy when I would take incoming calls... too many to count! When I would address it to a member of mangement they would either do one of two things- Blow it off and tell you to get back on the phones and make sales or they would try to take care of the problems and then have you call them back and try to sell them something once the problem was solved!
    They care nothing about customer service its all about the sells... If my department didn't make 20, 000 in sells everyday! There was hell to pay.
    Don't get me wrong, they treated their employees good... but only if you were one of those employees bringing in tons of sells for them. I was at first and also kept my customers happy at the same time. But once my "leads" wore out and I did not make the sells they expected for one week... I was out of a job, and customers were without at least one employee who cared about their needs and not what they could sell them! Really sad!

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  • Ed
    Edward Jun 27, 2009

    Trying to e-mail the company designer my e-mail was blacklisted. They fail to keep any of their promises and Their ad using the INC500 logo, may be misappropriated since checking with the INC Mag. I was unable to find their ranking in the 500 05 5000 companies.)

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  • Ut
    utahconsumeradvocate Jul 23, 2009

    I have been reading up on this company for the past 24 hours and all I can say is that I am sorry people are getting suckered into this scam. I also hope that everyone is filling a complaint with the Utah Attorney General's Office. I do recommend that people call their credit card company a do a charge back for any transaction from Hit Web Design / Heritage Web Solutions / Heritage Web Design / Heritage Internet Technologies / Heritage Management Services / Zypper Web and whatever other name they have gone by and are going by!

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  • Je
    Jeffrey Leone Jul 25, 2009

    Heritage "oversells" itself. In addition to the above problems, which I have experienced myself, be on the lookout for all their "sales promotions." They will constantly try to sell you on prepaying for hosting, even before they have completed their work. "Flash" goes "on sale" quite frequently. Negotiate with them hard if you dare to work with them.

    The latest problem we've had is the "adore gallery" on our site. Our site is 'live', but not complete (we asked for this to happen since this is our busy season). When my wife goes to the site with her computer, and when I go on mine, the "gallery" doesn't work. However, it works on THEIR computers. So, naturally, there must be a problem with our computers. Right. See if your computer is working incorrectly by going to MartinellisChildrensWear.com.

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  • Hi
    HIT Management Aug 18, 2009

    At HIT Web Design, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of honesty and integrity. We have been able to resolve most of the customer’s complaints from this website. However, there is no such thing as a complaint free company. Research any large company and you will find they have complaints posted about them on the internet, whether justified or not. There are simply a handful of individuals who, regardless of the merits of the issues, post slanderous and/or negative comments.

    It is in our best interest to work with customers who have complaints in order to reach a reasonable and fair resolution and establish a long term business relationship. In most cases, Heritage goes beyond what is fair for the company to satisfy a displeased client.

    To better understand the character and integrity of HIT Web Design, we invite you to review our record with the Better Business Bureau. We have worked with more than 15, 000 clients and in the entire company history, have had less than 1% of our clients complain to the BBB. We are even more proud of the fact that Heritage has been able to resolve every registered BBB complaint. HIT stands by our record.

    As a company with more than 200 full time employees and nearly 300 independent contractors, glitches and problems will sometimes arise, but we are optimistic about our future. Our employees are committed to working hard for our customers. Those who fail to meet the high standards we have set are asked to leave. Naturally, some of those terminated employees have chosen to take the lower road and post slanderous statements. We feel sorry for them. All we can say is that we wish them the best in their new careers and hope they will be more respectful to their new employer.

    Our employees and contractors are compensated with competitive wages and benefits packages. In the past, we experienced issues with our payroll-processing bank on a few checks that were processed through the wrong account. We have since changed bank processors and the problem has been eliminated. All of our employees and contractors have been and will continue to be fully compensated for the work they perform.

    HIT Web Design is a successful company that has been recognized by such organizations as Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc 500, and is ranked in the top 500 of privately held companies nationwide. If you have a concern, please contact me personally, and I will resolve it.

    Let me assure all who read this that those few who complain are less than 1% of our total volume of business. Heritage has been able to satisfy every complaint posted, given that customer gives us the opportunity to do so.
    If you have a specific complaint or concern, please communicate directly with me at [email protected] or [email protected]
    My personal promise to you is that HIT Wed Design will be completely fair and equitable with you.
    Warmest Regards,
    Quality Control Administrator

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  • Ag
    Against HitWebDesign Aug 20, 2009

    Has anyone noticed that all the responses posted by Hit Management are identical? They have one or two form letters that they slightly modify to fit whatever complaint they are addressing at a particular time... One starts "it is in our best interest to work with customers..." and the other one starts "At Hit Web Design we are committed"... Just check the messages s/he has sent and you'll see!!!

    This is yet another proof that they couldn't care less about the customer... Not even for this they take the time to really dig into what's going on...

    Anyone for a civil suit?

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Aug 21, 2009

    I recommend that anyone dealing with Hit Web Design or Heritage Web Solutions call their credit card and do an immediate charge back. It is the ONLY hope you have to recover any funds you may have invested in this doomed venture!

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  • Fr
    FRUSTRATED22 Aug 26, 2009

    Hi, THANK GOD we did a google search on this company and found all this info! We had been talking to Heritage, now calling themselves HIT. I'm sure it's to throw people off. We discussed ideas about our website but had not completely decided what we wanted to do. They immediately wanted our credit card info for "possible future billing". We kicked ideas around and they wanted to set up a payment schedule. They played around with dates but we needed to discuss it more to decide if it was affordable at this time. We decided against moving forward and told our contact person on Thursday 8/20/09 we couldn't do it right now. She told us to think about it some more and we called again Friday 8/21/09 and couldn't get ahold of her and left a message that we couldn't move forward. Monday we were contacted by a writer! This was cause for concern because we already said we weren't interested. We had made contact with another web design company to do some more research. They told us Heritage's promise of a website up and running in 14 days was impossible. Between the contact from the writer and new info we were very concerned it was a scam. We googled the company and found all the complaints. Not only from customers but from previous contract employees that were given checks that bounced! I'm not talking thousands, one was for $240.00!! WOW! The person overheard the bank teller discussing the situation with a contact at Heritage who said the company was $78, 000 in the hole! I'm not surprised! We immediated contacted our initial contact at Hertiage and the writer that contacted us via email and put in writing on 8/24/09 that we were NOT INTERESTED and had already told them and they had NO AUTHORIZATION to attempt to run any payments because we had not entered into any kind of agreement with them. I had a bad feeling. She tried to call us, obviously not wanting a trail in writing. She did email because we wouldn't answer and said she needed to talk to us about the cancellation and asked if we were sure we wanted to cance and please confirm so she could forward us to the cancellation dept!!! TO CANCEL WHAT??? We had not entered into an agreement, we told her on the 20th and 21st we were not interested. Then going through our old email we discovered she sent us an invoice on SATURDAY to try to bill us for the WRITING!!! WHAT WRITING???? Sneeky on a Saturday!!! We were contacted by the writer MONDAY after saying we weren't interested!! Luckily we had given the debit card info so we moved all funds from that account just in case they attempted to run it through. We confirmed AGAIN via email we WERE NOT INTERESTED but of course never received any contact back. Guess what...today 8/26 we were contacted by Heritage's /HIT's account dept because there was a problem processing our payment!!! I knew they were goping to pull that! If we had not moved the funds they would've been paid for NOTHING!!! We explained they should NOT have processed anything, we sent them notification in writing even though we had entered into no agreement. this person in accounting had no idea until they researched our file more. They said the cancellation process can take awhile!! THEY DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, WE HAD NO AGREEMENT! They said they would've refunded our money...yeah right!!! FOR ANYBODY CONSIDERING USING THIS COMPANY FORGET ABOUT IT! THEY'RE SCAM ARTISTS! ANYBODY ELSE YOU'RE CONSIDERING SHOULD PUT A CONTRACT IN WRITING. NEVER SHOULD THEY PROCESS A PAYMENT WITHOUT WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. BEWARE!!!

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  • Et
    ethicalhit Aug 29, 2009

    @ FRUSTRATED22 I wish that your experience was an isolated incident with Heritage Web Design aka Hit Web Design, but sadly as you have read on here, and on [redacted] and on numerous other sites, Hit Web Design has a history of doing this!

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  • Ag
    Against HitWebDesign Sep 10, 2009

    I encourage everyone to contact Mr. Matt Nelson ([email protected]) to try and resolve your disputes. This is what I did and we were able to reach an agreement.

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  • Lh
    L Hajj Sep 28, 2009

    I also got (am being) ripped off by HIT. I am now fighting to get my $370 deposit back. I also cannot get anyone on the phone to release my domain name (which I purchased elsewhere) so I can publish my web site with another provider.

    When I originally contacted this company to help me with an ecommerce store, they called me back very quickly. I was impressed! We discussed what I wanted & what they could do & the timeframe in which they could do it. I was quoted $800 – but if I signed up today, the price would be $700 & that would include a logo design. To make a long story short, I submitted my web page content and didn’t hear back from anyone. This was a month after the initial phone call. I left voice mails & emails with several people but got no responses. I decided to start digging around for complaints on the company. My bad – I should have done that first! I looked at the BBB site (HIT is rated a C-). Found the name of Mark Strong as one of the owners. It also had a link to his email ([email protected] & [email protected]) & listed his phone number (801-655-1600). I sent him a nasty gram – indicating that I have put my charges into dispute with my credit card company. I received an email back indicating that he would check into it. I finally got a call back from a designer & he indicated he was not responsible for getting my product pages laid out like I requested. That’s when I put the entire process on hold & decided to cancel everything. I did get a logo design out of Markus. All he did was straighten out some lines on the logo I sent him. It was OK – but I was not impressed.

    I called their Customer No Service department today. I was told that my account shows a canceled status and that it has been escalated to Technical Support Agent Level II – whatever that means. He could not transfer me to anyone in that department – nor was he allowed to transfer me to Mark Strong.

    So – I am still fighting this issue.

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  • Da
    David Tallman Sep 30, 2009

    I started a site with this company last year and the nightmares began almost as soon as I signed the contract. We began the construction phase in April of 2008 and the site - a writers workshop - took 6 months to complete and was nearly double the price I had signed on for by the time they had finished hitting me with ‘up grades’ and ‘add ons’.

    A very long story short – the site to this day has never worked right. Getting even the smallest of issues attended to was like pulling teeth and was always an added expense.

    At one point the person assigned as my personal account manager left the company - no one informed me for two months. Two months I was sending him e-mails and voice mails asking when the next problem would be solved and at no time did anyone bother to mention that the guy wasn't even there any more!!

    I was never assigned a new account manager or primary contact person.

    I haven’t been able to even log into my site for over 6 weeks, the password were corrupted ‘somehow’ and my issue has been moved up to the mystical “tier two tech support”. I am not even sure they exist on this mortal plane, since no one has yet to return a call or attempted to contact me in 6 WEEKS.

    This company makes sleazy Used Car Salesmen look honest.

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  • He
    heritagewebdesignscrewedme Nov 16, 2009

    Hey. Just wanted to let all of you know these guys ripped me off too.

    These guys are total scam artists. I already had my domain, but they wanted to put it on one of theirs so they bought my domain name with a different ending, and then put the exact same content on multiple domains, thus getting me banned from google.

    Once they took my money, I was contacted by a young punk who did a phone interview. He wanted to go over everything and put it live. He didn't do what I wanted him to do on the phone, but he said we could edit that after he was done. Once he was done and put it "Live" I was in the additional work area, even though he didn't do what I asked him to do. Then they wanted to bill me for additional time.

    1. These guys absolutely suck at web design. They have no clue what they are doing.
    2. These guys are crooks. I finally had to lock them out of my domain, and when I did, they kept billing me for 8 months and sent me to collections. After I sent them a cease and dissist letter, they quit billing me. I sent in a complaint to the BBB and they said I signed a contract waiving my rights to compain publically about their bad service or pay $10, 000.00. What kind of company has that in their contract?? You know they suck if they have that kind of language in a terms of service that is 36 pages long that you have to click to sign up with.

    bottom line. STAY AWAY!!!

    If a web design company wants to charge you a monthly fee, they are ripping you off. You should also never allow the web design company to host your domain.

    A good site can be written for 4-600.00 that will be google friendly and work. Don't ever get committed into a monthly plan for web design. Pay for it up front, and don't ever let them have your domain name. That's your only insurance to thieves like Heritage web design.

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  • Cu
    cupofjoe Nov 29, 2009

    Well I contacted heritage web Solutions 6 months ago June 2009 to terminate my service- I had been with them for a little over a year. 6 Months later in December of 2009 my checking account was over drawn due to the monthly hosting fee of $39.99 and an additional $200.00 fee to reinstate a site I had ALREADY canceled 6 months prior! This caused my checking to go into a negative and hundreds of dollars in penalties fee's from the bank, it was a total MESS!!! Upon contacting my bank they were nice enough to conduct an investigation and credited me all my money bringing my account back to balance. My bank rep informed me that the best way to rid yourself from these sharks was to cancel my credit card and be reissued a new account. Now to be honest I was lucky enough to get a good designer from the get go, however the sales approach is really shady and they encourage you to add on all these extra features that you really don't need-so by the time your site is complete you've gone from a $199.00 building site fee to more like $800.00 in charges. They also will have reps calling you several days a week attempting to get you to purchase even more features at so called "specials"- I learned the hard way that this company is way over priced and it really is not worth the headaches you will deal with in the future, further more they hold you to everything attempting to keep you under contract for as long as they can. If you want a really nice and inexpensive site do your research, for some nice and really reasonable site builders or web page designs visit WWW.VISTAPRINT.COM or www.Godaddy.com. The response the CEO put up on this board sounded more like a bunch of excuses and not at all like he cared about his customers or there concerns, it says a whole lot about the company he is running, avoid being his next victim- at the end of the day it is obvious all they really care about is draining you dry.

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  • Si
    sickofhit Dec 04, 2009

    check http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/hit-web-design-heritage-web-solutions-c268692.html

    for over 500 complaints about Hit Web Design / Heritage web Solutions/ Heritage Web Design / Heritage Customer Reviews

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  • Bo
    Booker T Washington Dec 06, 2009

    filed with 4th distric court in Provo ut : HONORABLE STEVEN L HANSEN

    for posting on boards like this one and telling the TRUTH








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