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First off, I would like to say my heart goes out to all those who have invested huge sums of money in Herbalife to come up empty. In December 2006, I saw a commercial on T.V. I had seen this commercial several times before but finally decided to go to the website and sign up for the DVD which was $9.95. I got a call from my soon to be 'mentor' a day before the DVD arrived. I wondered how she got my information and asked her if she was affiliated with the television commercial. She acted as if she didn't know what I was talking about. She asked me a bunch of questions to see if we were a 'match.' She asked me how much money I would like to make every month and how much my current job paid. After all that, she gave me this wonderful testimony of how she's well on her way to making the money she's always desired. I promised to watch the DVD and hung up kind of excited.

When I got the DVD, I watched enthusiastically. It was like watching a fairy tale with a happy ending. Doran Andry and his wife Emiko had the huge house and fancy cars we've all dreamed of having. He talked a good game about how he made $200k, and on up to 1.1 million in one year. After I watched the DVD I had to set up an appointment with my 'mentor' and some guy named Ed Borrowe. This took place on New Year's Eve and they told me since I was so serious and willing to work on holidays, I would definitely be successful.

To make the long story short, I signed up for the business pack and more 'sample packs.' That mentor was really pushing me to become a supervisor and purchase the 4000 volume points of inventory. I flat out refused because after all, they stated that I did not have to stock inventory. I was told to set up business accounts, get business phone lines, get an account that can charge people's credit cards, get business cards, leads, sample packs, a phone line where I couldn't speak to anyone directly but just accept messages, get useless websites that no one would ever visit and the list goes on. That's over $1000 right there. I was getting married in a few months. I was 24 years old and wanted to make money to cover some wedding expenses.

Dialing those leads was degrading and pointless. I can't count how many times I've been hung up on and told that I have the wrong number. One time I called a woman and tried to send her a sample pack. When I told her it was Herbalife (the mentors and upline don't want you to mention Herbalife but this lady asked...) she said Herbalife products are responsible for her high blood pressure. After listening to my mentor and her upline (which is supposed to be connected directly to Doran Andry himself) they all sounded brainwashed. It became disgusting to listen to them. I finally freed myself from this mess after 5 months of spending money that I did not have and not even breaking even. I googled Herbalife and found out what a ripoff this is. I should have done this before I spent my hard earned money. My advice to anyone would be to run as fast as you can. I could go into passing out 2000 fliers a day to get 15 interested prospects but I'll spare you that. The more I got involved with Herbalife the more I found the business model made no sense and was impossible to 'follow the program.' What doggone proven program?


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Elk River, US
Jan 30, 2013 10:27 am EST
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I got started with Herbalife 3 years ago and quickly worked my way to several thousand dollars per month income, but this wasn't profit. To operate my business, it routinely cost me $5, 000 - $10, 000 in expenses! After getting hundreds of people started with Herbalife, the main office screwed me over with returned product costs that basically left me with no profit whatsoever, and no income to pay off my business expenses. It was bad enough that people can't mix a decent shake themselves or take tablets to get a good result, but whenever people decide they want to return anything, Herbalife takes it back with no questions and no education to the person that failed at taking their "mix this, mix that" type of product. No one was ever encouraged by them to contact their mentor instead of going behind their back to the mother company. They give no support to their own distributors. Herbalife sucked the life out of my business and in my opinion, are not worth even looking at as a viable business. You'll just end up even more broke than when you started. STAY AWAY FROM IT! Believe me, I wish I had.

Chula Vista, US
Dec 23, 2010 5:49 pm EST

This individual has talked about personal experiences in the club with outside resources. I will not do business there unless u dont care that everyone finds out your business.

Edinburgh, GB
Jan 30, 2015 7:35 am EST

herbalife is a bad product in my opinion, my 18 year old was told it would be good for weight gain(as shes very slim) within an hour of drinking the shake she felt dizzy and sick and had felt she was going to black out also had stomach cramps, will never recommend or take this product, think carefully before getting drawn in

Herb a farce scam
Santa Ana Heights, US
Jul 22, 2014 11:31 pm EDT

This company targets young naive insecure reps to go out and sell this product. They show them how to add them to the site as a possible whole seller, but in reality they are just adding to the scam. The young insecure reps who have no idea of what they are getting into quickly fall into the trap, and mind-washing-set" that this product is for everyone. These reps are not trained. Nor are they schooled in basic nutritional facts of what basic B vitamins are and what they do along with side effects. Instead the naive so called sales reps utilize their discount and sell them product in order to get their name on a "white board" a gold star if you will.

Good luck suckers

, IN
Jul 05, 2014 5:06 am EDT

Hi, my mom is a supervisor in india...they brainwashed her and took her away from family. They will have training and presentation's even on sunday;s, she cant spend a single sunday away from hlife. Even a small company has holiday on sunday but not herbalife india. Their target is people in middle class and lower income status.My moms debt has increased double...still she cant come out of dis. No good MNC will charge employee for trainings, but great hlife will charge hefty amts for trainings and tickets.For middle class people who wud want to enroll in their business if you greedy, u r going 2 end up not with zero but with minuses only. They r gud at talking only, dont get carried away. After hlife business a persons orginality will change for bad, they can talk only about hlife and will get cut-off from reality.dey claim dey can cure even cancer...what a joke.. dey r not doctors/ proper educated nutritionist.dey r only trained for lying and convincing...

Lombard, US
Aug 23, 2013 4:01 pm EDT

Herbalife PRODUCTS are wonderful and THAT should be the reason you agree to start your own business. Your mentor should be promoting the products and not the money they are making (or wish they were making). There are dishonest people everywhere. The products are nutritionally based and if used properly, will definitely improve your health and help you to lose weight. It is not magic, it is work. If you are not willing to do the work, whether it is for weight loss or making money, you will not be successful. Wake up people!

Los Angeles, US
Jul 11, 2013 3:53 pm EDT

Herbalife sucks! I have seen soo many and continue to see overweight ppl get on this socalled "healthy" lifestyle but yet one question is how can you live the rest of your life dribking shakes?!? Get real! You do end up ruining your metabolism because your body is not meant to survive off of predominently liquids, it contains ingredients that actually inhibit your weightloss which means it contains ingredients that slow down your weightloss process so you can continue investing into the products. If it really worked quickly and satisfactorially they would make no $$ due to the fact noone would continue buying it because they would be physically satisfied! I invested in a diet coach who gave me a run down on the right diet that includes real food and an intense workout regimen, I am prepping to do my first NPC show and let me just say that people that consume Herbalife will NEVER look shredded, fit toned etc lol that's just the dirty truth

, US
Apr 10, 2013 2:10 pm EDT

Herbalife sucks...its a ###ing product...

, IE
Jan 22, 2013 3:57 pm EST

First, we have to make it clear, that Herbalife itself will not make you rich! High earnings are not easy achievable in any business!
But in Herbalife, there is very high potential because of a prooven system. Never start with big investment, do small steps. Use products yourself, discover weather you love it. If you do, go to the next step, offer products to few friends and see what happens. You have to feel this business situation yourself, you have to be in. Listen your customers. Build relations with people, give them what they want and you will get what you want. MLM is relationship business, not sales business.
I have only 3 customers and they demand a product every month, month by month. I get about 120 eur per month, not big money...But what I will get when i will have 30 customers? Not too bad? But if I will open a nutrition club?
There is very good money in Herbalife but not for leasy and ignorant people.

Houston, US
Oct 08, 2011 10:47 pm EDT
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I met Herbalife over 10 years ago and I was also left with tons of product and not told what to do with nor how to take it properly but I never ever said it was not a good product nor that it was a my mind Herbalife was 'weight loss' and that was it... I have a daughter who is 12 and she has suffered with eczema since she was 2. For over 10 years we tried so many things on her, anything a doctor told us to do we'd do it...
Not trying to say that the doctors dont know..yes everything helped some..a few weeks, maybe even a few months, we even traveled to Mexico a few times to try other medications. Had her in the hospital for 4 days because her infection was already in her blood already & Just when i thought this was it, just when i was sure she was going to die on me because this was only getting worse & worse month after month... Herbalife came back into my life with sponsors that showed me exactly what I needed to give
her and they never ever abandoned me...with that alone & my weight loss my business grew (mind you I always said to myself I don't want a business & I don't want to sell!) guess what? .. I'm NOT selling...I'm sharing... Nobody ever pushed me into investing a huge lump sum of $$$, I am growing on my own but like some have mentioned above, by going to classes, events & seminars & by doing this with a passion... NOT a passion 4 $$$ but a passion for helping those that want 2 be helped. We truly love Herbalife!

Newport Coast, US
Sep 25, 2011 6:05 am EDT

I have known Doran and his wonderful wife, Emiko, for years. I've seen how hard they work at helping people become successful. Now I just recently joined Herbalife and today Doran came into our nutrition club on a Saturday and spent the entire day helping us. What was great about that was at the end of the day after all that incredible training, Doran DID NOT submit a bill to me for his time as any other non-Herbalife consultant would have. Wow!

So I say to everyone - if you fail at Herbalife it’s your own fault. What other business can you start will such low start up costs, plus you get a ton of mentoring, systems and nothing but incredible support.

Its a shame that any no-name cowardly loser can go online and write anything they want about anyone and it pops up on the first page of a name search. You can bet who ever posted the negative messages above have never been successful at anything EVER. And you can tell the low IQ because they can only type in 3 and 4 letter word expletives.

For me, I have been in the business actively for 120 days and I have lost 35 pounds on the product which is incredible AND I have already made thousands of dollars in retail, and I am getting a monthly check from Herbalife. They pay like clockwork. And! I am excited to say I now own a nutrition club.

If you like helping people, are teachable and are willing to work - meaning really willing to work - then you can build an incredible financial future in Herbalife. Having Doran as a mentor - well that’s just an incredible bonus - why? Simple. Doran knows how to work Herbalife as a business vs. a hobby and he is willing to share those methodologies with everyone.

And wow Herbalife – 4 Billion in revenue in 2010, expected to hit 5 Billion this year, stock going through the roof, now in 78 countries, with some of the biggest intuitional investors in the world, with Doran Andry about to hit Founders Circle as he takes many distributors with him – and what do you know - Homer Simpson and Elmer Fudd above write posts that only a ### could muster up and it pops on the first page of a Doran Andry search. Guys focus on remembering to breath as you walk, let alone making a post. Doing both at the same time has just got to be overwhelming for you.

Oh and I have to address the especially mentally challenged ament who is unsophisticated enough to bring up the 2.4 Million dollar lawsuit. Herbalife is a 4 billion dollar company. Show me any billion dollar company who does not have some kind of litigation going. It's unlikely that the recreant quisling who made the post will comprehend this, but welcome to business 101. Its comes with the territory. Anyone can sue anyone for anything.

For example, if you, the person who posted that statement, had a billion dollars (lol - which is ludicrous because as we all know you’re riding your Schwinn to the unemployment office) I would try and search you out and sue you for defamation. Why? Because you have a billion dollars - fool. Why not sue you.

Anyway I want to end this post on a good note. Thank god there are still people in the world that can’t get out of their own way because that’s means they are not getting in our way. To all you Herbalifers – I say – see you at the top! And to quote a great mentor of mine, Doran Andry, Herbalife ROCKS!

Los Angeles, US
Jun 18, 2011 6:55 pm EDT
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I have never had an affiliation with nor have used HerbalLife, but I worked as a consultant TO Doran and will say that he's a pretty extraordinary guy. He's driven, family oriented, cheerful and charitable.

All businesses make money by providing things that people feel they need and that's pretty much what Doran does. If you pay for things that you don't need because of a really good sales person or pitch - that's on you. Own it.

Jackson, US
May 22, 2011 7:07 pm EDT

I love Herbalife!

To the person who made this post: talking to people is a skill in business that not everyone will have, and it takes time for some people to learn how to talk to people effectively. I am sorry that your experience turned bad as it did. I am sorry that you were cheated if you were pushed by your mentors; that is a failure on their behalf.

To those figuring out if Herbalife is a scam or not, it is interesting for me to read other people's posts. This one does not describe my personal experience as a product consumer. Nor does it describe my experience as the distibutor I became as a result of how good I felt and healthy I became after using the products - that by the way taste great (it's like drinking an ice-cream shake every day, minus the sugar, fat, carbs and processed goods)! Most negative testimonies I come across are in fact from people that have not tried the product or rushed in to the business plan with a front-end investment that is too high for themselves.

The matter is not everyone is cut out for the business opportunity - just like in any other business. 1/3 of all small businesses fail within the first year in the US. Is that not the statistic? If you invest more than you are ready to upfront and go in with short-term expectations, you will not succeed if you give up when you do not reach success as quickly as you anticipated. Wise investments are also timed appropriately. Tolerance for risk is calculated. Successful people are consistent.

My advice to anyone starting out the Herbalife business is to stay positive, be smart, and learn. No one has rushed me along the way and I have received an overwhelming amount of support, information, and lessons that transfer over well to any profession!

Thank goodnesss for Herbalife!

, IE
Sep 27, 2010 8:28 am EDT
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User-money susking [censor]...I understand if those people you talk about..dont know them...but see your attack on them..fair enough if they did something bad on you then of course be angry but just wondering what they did on you ?

But your acting the eejit attacking loving herbal life who did nothing on you so i dont think people should believe your statements now that you attack someone innocent and direct your verbal towards them.

Your out of order and should apologise to them, they are entitled to their opinion which is quite good have to say


, IE
Sep 27, 2010 8:20 am EDT
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First of all your sponsor should have got you on the wellness program so you could try the products and only when you have been happy with the products you would have then posted out flyers like any other business to gather custmers and then when they like the products you would do well then,

You were given wrong advice, how on earth could you recommend something you havent even tried them ( I presume you didnt take the products because there is no mention of it).

I make money with different products I promote, and you have to start right by been a user of the products then recommending.

Just doesnt seem right if your sponsor did what they did...but what I would like to see is that you show him this thread and let them respond, and tell their side of the story, I know people who have joined me before in another business and 9 months later they still hadnt handed out a catalogue or showed people their website or even put out a flyer...amazes me ?. I just signed up and my sponsor is doing very well retailing the products.

if you havent order in over a year you should sign up under someone that recommends you use the products, they work for me and i lost weight, your just unfortunate but its all about using products, recommending and looking after people and thats why i do well

All the best

Patrick in Ireland

Houston, US
Sep 09, 2010 2:37 pm EDT
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Herbalife sucks big time!
2.5 million law suit is beating down herbalife! and all those health risks! like the proven liver damage lawsuit!
Not interested in going into a business with such a bad reputation!
Yes, you all may "work hard", but with no integrity... knowing the potencial health risk of these products...
Natural? no not "natural" it should be said the truth: of natural origin! coffee is natural and cola is of natural origin!

This is natural: organic broccoli boiled steamed... eaten fresh!

To all distributors: find a more dignifying job!

To all wanting to loose weight: find a registered nutritionist and go to the gym...
its costs the same or even less than herbalife!

Its proven by that a healthy nutrition and exercise can make miracles in ones life... if you are not loosing weight, you must contact your doctor... may be cause the thyroid or other health problem...

People stay healthy! stay away from herbalife!

, Yugoslavia
Sep 02, 2010 4:13 pm EDT
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i will just say that I am herbalife distributor ..
I lost 24kg ...
I cured my asthma
My mother has no more pain in her arms and legs...

I am about to become supervisor ... i have earned over 5000Euro in last 4 months ...
And problem with you is that you are not able to work something like this ..
Herbalife is for everyone but not everyone is for Herbalife ...
I have crew from Serbia where i am from .. all young people from 18-30 year .. we work all together and there is about 40 of us .. not all same line ..
But we all work hard .. every day 6-8h .. and we are all earning from 500-1000euro/month .. and avarage pay in my country is 200e .. So callculate .. how hard is that where Shake is 40euro and in america Shake is 24$ :) so ...
Problem is that people are just not made for that kind of work ...

Veronica StartToLive101
Van Nuys, US
Aug 27, 2010 12:43 pm EDT

Its not a scam!
I have a company built around herbalife, called starttolive101 an organization that is committed to fighting obesity, and improving the lifestyles of individuals.
Herbalife is a great company with a lot of success and great products. as far as the training goes herbalife gives you all the tools necessary to have success with their company. from training videos, phone call trainings mon wed and fri at night, seminars, online lectures and much more. all so you can grow your herbalife business. they even teach you how to open up a nutrition center and or do a weight loss challenge (which is what I do). they do not twist your arm. u truly earn what u put in with herbalife, so work your but off and make great money to the point where u have people doing all the hard work for u. its only $60 to join and it is a business starter pack that money goes to yourself, u get the membership, samples, some marketing tool, and more when you but this. this is really all you need to get started. the money from this $60 goes to no one, so I am not trying to sell it to you. it’s simply a great opportunity! join today contact me I will coach u personally for free of course (anywhere in the world)., or at [protected] los angeles ca. email me at add me on skype, twitter, facebook @starttolive101. you are not alone we all help each other.
It’s simple, sign up> buy a starter pack (all u need)> u will get assigned to your personal coach to help you or pick your own coach (not all are good coaches so make sure you get someone that will help you grow your business, not just hangs out and doesn’t return your calls> start selling, using and sharing your herbalife products and story.
Te secret to making money in this "biz" is to truly love the products, love the company, use the products yourself to reach your own goals and you will see results physically and make money motivating others to do the same. when something changes your life you will want to tell everyone you know, so it will get easier
Herbalife is the #1 wellness company in the world! making over 3.5 billion a year, be a part of it. all these bad and good reviews are to promote their website and get traffic. make sure to use real sources to base your biases on. not just hear, say or personal comments. anyone can go and post anything up. do your research. also please make sure you look at current sources the company has been around for 30 years so a lot has changed since.
Don’t hesitate! I can explain it all to you. just contact me for info, its free lol. I want to help those that want to get started in the business not just recruit. it’s great!

, ZA
Jul 21, 2010 7:52 am EDT
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Jennifer, I am an Independent Herbalife Distributor and can see that your mentor did not help you at all. There are many ways of advertising your business and I would suggest you attend any and all meetings in your area - this is the only way you are going to learn the business. I also had a mentor that did little or nothing for me but I attended as many meetings as I could afford at the time and learnt from others how to work the business. It does take WORK. It is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. You need three ways of advertising your business (wear the button, pull tags, flyers, newspaper ads, online ads - heavens, you can even use Facebook!). Stick to whichever method you choose for 90 days and you will see your business start growing. Repeat the process for another 90 days and it will grow exponentially. To those who are pro-Herbalife, good for you! It is a wonderful product but those who use it need to be educated on how to use it properly so as to achieve their own personal weight goals. Don't knock the people who have not been taught properly - knock the distributors who have not learned how to market the product correctly. I just love my Herbalife business :)

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Brampton, CA
Jun 27, 2010 2:33 am EDT

Herbalife...gotta love Amway. Their products are good, but simply not worth the extra money.

rene porcile
Costa Mesa, US
May 30, 2010 3:16 pm EDT

Hey there fellow entrepreneur,

If you are looking for a long lasting income. one that can last for your entire life and then handed down to your children,
Herabalife is one option. I am earning royalties of 40K per month. You do have to apply yourself, go to trainings, and become a better
person by providing value to your team members. This is not for those who just want to sit around and let someone else do the business for you.
If you have PASSION and DETERMINATION to help yourself and other to a better lifestyle, then you can do it with Herbalife or with other companies as well.

All the best in your quest for a better life,
Rene Porcile

Ordway, US
Feb 04, 2010 7:35 pm EST

I agree I have been waiting to recieve my starter kit for over a week that was suppose to take two days and when I ask my mentor I was told that it should be there in a couple of days still waiting and wondering if I will even get my order and I was really stupid and should have went with my gut instinc and not order the Superviosr level products I still have not gotten that yet either and wonder how I will be able to get my money for this since I am sure I will not get my product. I was totally scamed what a dummy I am. Does anyone have any advice on how to get a refund or money back? Is there a law suite yet?



Chicago, US
Dec 15, 2009 3:37 pm EST


First off
I love herbalife!
Not addicted to herbalife
I would much rather be addicted to nutrition than eating processed food, over sugared drinks, and food that has been beaten the crap out of like pigs, cows, and chicken, people please you talk bad about good nutrition
Why dont we look at your plate
Hmmm lets see

Burger king
White castles
Pizza hut

Im sure that you are doing far well better than me
Oh and and as far as scams
Your whole life is a scam
It is people like the author of this complaint that we have bad distributors
People that only care for their own greedy needs
It is people like you who write stupid comments like

I heard it kills people
I heard it causes illnesses
I heard it tastes bad

Yet you are sitting there bitng away at some 10 month old hamburger filled with all sorts of chemicals

I got news for you people
If this product really was bad we wouldn't be able to participate in 72 + countries
Over 29 years

Remember any one would do anything for money
Such as join this marvelous company and try and ruin its reputation
Or get paid to put up stupid complaints like the one above and claim they have worked with us
Also there are other fraud companies who use the brand herbalife to fool the money hungry people like jennifer

this is for
Money sucking #
New herbalife scheme
Came to my senses

Get a life if you cant keep up with us
Im sure your dying to go back living from paycheck to paycheck

Sorry if I may sound a lil aggressive
Not usually like this but
It makes me mad when people have nothing else to do with their own dull life and try and make money for their greedy needs

Life was meant to be enjoyed and to be lived to the fullest. money is another obstacle people need to overcome, it's true, it contains power but something greater than that is the power of love.
Love can be found only if you give it and its something i've been doing fore the past month and I got to tell you everything seems clearer and has a better purpose.
It's people like jennifer who don't see our true goal because her feet are still in the ground because she didn't learn to fly and be free like eagles, like us.
To be successful who have to be to be able to learn hear and see but above all, have some discipline.
We tell people about the great opportunities we offer because the truth is most of us like the sound of money, right?
Once we hear the phrase "get rich" we follow the leaders like dogs hungry for steak or am I wrong?
jennifer don't say it's not possible because you will have tried to disprove my success. it was not possible for you because you wanted your work to be done for you, you wanted to sit there and watch life kneel before, because you are a lazy butt who was looking for a quick buck.
You haven't heard the true side of this marvelous company.
jennifer if you don't know what an hom is than you dont know herbalife
If you don't know what an sts is than you don't know what herbalife is
If you haven't been to a kick off spectaculars than you haven't lived herbalife.

Tips for the newbies
This company needs serious people
People who can be trained
People who already have a knack for helping other people
People who are tired of living paycheck to paycheck
People who are truly honest with themselves
People who have potential
People who can respect the great mark hughes

Green Bay, US
Oct 21, 2009 9:11 pm EDT

Doran andry is a f*cking #. these people make their make their money by screwing other people out of theirs. they flat out lie to you to get you to work for them. doran andry should have his pen*s cut off and shoved down his throat. herbalife is a scam. dont let them f*ck you out of your money, by buying worthless leads. doran, if you read this, keep the eyes in the back of your head open, some day you going to get yours pal. doran andry will suck your blood and your money out of you. there is an andrea working for doran, she is also a money sucking #. do not believe a f*cking word these people tell you. all they want is your money. this is for the loving herbalife person, you must also be a # sucking, lying, no good sob, like doran and andrea. no I got it, you work for doran, birds of a feather, you know. going with herbalife will be the biggest mistake of your life.
dont do it, you will be sorry

new herbalife scheme
Jefferson City, US
Sep 15, 2009 12:57 am EDT

Herbalife is the worst product I have ever tried! The stuff you are supposed to eat and drink tastes terrible!

loving herbalife
Perris, US
Sep 11, 2009 12:53 pm EDT

you are all full of it, *_* i use the product and the product is wonderful it helped me in every way, i will taske the herbalife supplements for the rest of my life, some of you people have not ever tried the product and you are taking ### because you have nothing else to do, get a life! take the product i promise you will love it and if your were not sussesful in your herbalife business as a distributor "too bad" you were looking to make money, you were not looking to help people you did not even look for clients, if you can't sell great nutricion and provide better health to people in need?, than get out! you need to get an hourly job for the rest of your life and retire with not enough social security benefits and no savings and still asking your children to help you financially. That is a fact. Good luck living your life like every one else.

, FR
Aug 18, 2009 8:34 am EDT

Hi there, it's awful to hear the mess that HerbaLife causes in some people's life. I, for instance, went a couple of years ago to a presentation of the program, but I spotted for the very beginning that there was something fishy about it!
Besides the business factor, I've heard a lot of bad things about HerbaLife, like those pills contain some secret ingredient that make you addicted...Ppff...Horrible!Thanks for sharing!

came to my senses
, US
May 29, 2009 8:33 pm EDT

I agree with every single word of this post because I posted this on 10/25/2008 on the /link removed/ Anyways, thanks for reposting this to get the word out.

Came to my senses
Harvey, Louisiana

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