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We returned computer because charging cable wasn't going, and were told in due course the cable would be replaced. We were not told it would not be the manufacturers replacement cable. In the interim I purchased a temporary multi-charger at Harvey Norman, only to be given the same (a multi charger not the manufacturers cable) to which I complained at the time.
This replacement multi charging cable does not fit the computer properly and has to be propped up with something underneath it to even charge.

We returned the computer again because the battery has fallen below 50% ability to charge. Now we are told our warranty that we paid for will be null and void if you replace the computer.
The other choice is to replace the battery, which may have to come from overseas,
and we would still have to use the unsatisfactory multicharger.
We are not happy with that.

I would expect and be satisfied with the warranty to continue with a new replacement of the entire unit.

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Jul 07, 2019

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