Harvey Normanincorrect information about carpet laying


Our house ( no 4 Kiah ave, Jesmond, NSW2299) damage due to water on 16/8/2017. Com insure( Claim no [protected]) has given the repair work to Siemens Restorations and they have given the carpet relaying in our house to Harveynorman. Harveynorman has given to Bennetts Green store

End of August representative came from Bennetts Green and measured the upstairs and the staircase. On 25/09/2017 received a call from the store asking me to come to showroom to select the carpets.
Same day I went to the show room and selected the carpet and sales person Matthew Cox went through the diary and said available next date for carpet laying is 17/10/2017. I requested a earlier date but he said not possible. Then I accepted 17/10/2017.
On 16/10/2017 morning I started bringing all the things from upstairs to garage to clear the place for carpet people. I contacted Mathew on 16/10/2017 afternoon to ask what time tradesman will come to our house he said there is no booking for 17/10/2017. He said carpets have not arrived and after carpets arrive only he can give a date. Then I explain to him that on 25/9/2017 in front of me he went through the diary and gave me the date 17/10/2017. He said its not worth arguing about the date if i want i can cancel the order. I said we are affected since mid August and its unprofessional to say like that. I told him I am going to complain to Harvey norman and Siemens Restoration too. I complain to Siemens Restoration on 16/10/2017 afternoon. They said they will speak to Harvey norman. Then i started putting back what I brought from upstairs. When i was taking things up and down my son fell from the 1st step near the main door and bump back of his head and had some bleeding. I had to take him to GP and this was the first casualty for last 9 weeks.
On 17/10/2017 I received a call from Mathew and said 21/10/2017 carpet laying people are available and is it alright. I said its fine.
After he confirm me that 21/10/2017 tradesmen are coming I removed the things again from upstairs to garage on 20/10/2017 and dismantle two kings beds and one princes bed.
After the tradesman came he said he works only till 1 pm, he does only small jobs and he works only Saturdays too. Mathew has informed the tradesman this as a small job but when he came to collect the carpets and when he got the laying map only he has found this is not a small job. Then he tried to contact him but he has not answered to the phone. Trades person said he can't finish the job today.

I tried to contact Mathew on 21, 22 /10/2017 and left messages at the store but no answer.
The person came to lay the carpets complete 40% of work and left the home 1.30pm
Today I found an email from him and I am attaching this for your information too

Received an email from admin to say carpet layer needs to finish carpet. He rang the store yesterday to say that it needs more time.
He can finish next Saturday. I will ask around to see if any other installers are available during the week but they are all flat out so I don’t like our chances.

I will be in touch in the coming days.

Will know more tomorrow.
Worst case scenario 2 guys will be there on Saturday.

Considering above facts I feel Harvey norman store representative Mathew Cox has cheated me twice.
1. On 25/9/2017 when I selected the carpets he gave me the date
17/10/2017 for carpet laying and 16/10/2017 he says there is no booking
under my name for 17/10/2017

2. On 21/10/2017 he send one tradesman to my place to who works only
Saturdays, works till 1 pm and does only small jobs too.

I have purchased so many things to our house from Harvy norman. ex: 60" TV, B/Ray HT system, Vacuum cleaner and recently bought kings size double bed too. I have all the invoices to prove. I am a frequent customer of Harvey norman and purchased more than $10, 000 worth of items from your organisation. Its sad to say that this is the first time I came up with a such a untruest worthy sales person in your organisation
Considering above facts can you'll investigate this incident and arrange professional tradesman to complete our job soon as possible as this water the damage happens to our house on 16/8/2017 and we are living last 9 weeks uncomfortably with two small kids
On top of this I need a compensation for wasting my time and making inconvenience to me and my family

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