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B Aug 07, 2018

Hello, I made a claim through RAA about a smashed vaccum cleaner. It was approved for replacement and I had an employee from the Marion Store called Sunny contact me. They mentioned if we would like an upgrade to the V10 Stick vaccum instead of the Cinetic Animal Ball Vaccum. Once checking I saw that these items are the same price on your website. I came to collect the item and at the checkout was charged my excess of $150. I then was contacted 7 days later telling me they had made a mistake and I must pay an additional amount. I explained that I didn't understand why as they are the same in the store but they said to me that it was cause RAA were given a discounted amount for the vaccum I originally had so the new model they gave me had a "gap". I said well this was your mistake, so I'm not willing to drive down to the Marion store (1 hour away) to fix this, or not willing to give me my card details over the phone. I was then told the employee would come to my house to collect it. I did not feel safe with this option. They then told me I could transfer it into their bank account. I told them that this did not sound very professional and would take up this issue with RAA insurance as I didn't understand why I was paying this amount anyway when I was only charged my excess in store and they let me leave??...I then received another phone call from sunny saying that his manger had said I must pay this amount or they will send me to a debt collector.

All of this so far has been very aggressive. My husband has said due to this behaviour, you can collect the machine as he doesn't appreciate how I have been spoken to and doesn't know why I am being spoken to like this if it was the stores mistake in the first place. It feels like I am being accused of stealing the machine when I paid what they asked at the register.

I have now been emailed an invoice for a further amount of $151.

Can you please help me with this issue and how to proceed.

Rebecca Vandermoer

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