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N Sep 14, 2018

I purchased the Gatwick December 2016 after I received delivery in January the clips were not put on all sections. Then approx 2 months later all of the fabric had pilled and one arm felt hollow and was squeaking we also noticed sagging. The manufacturer came out and used a piling machine and said all is well. A few months later again the whole couch piled and it looked 20 years old. Warrick came out and said nothing wrong and I was waiting for weeks for the manufacture to come out he never did. After a ridiculous amount of calls to Harvey Norman the customer service officer said there was nothing wrong as the manufacture had stated. I told her he never came out or contacted me. In this time it had dragged on for about 10-12 weeks. I did ring head office due to my frustrations and a new couch was offered. We went into the Harvey store and picked a different fabric as we were made aware the original one will no longer be available because of the piling issue. by the time it was ordered 10 weeks later it arrived...wrong. Harvey had made it in the same fabric that had the issue. Another 8 weeks later the new couch has arrived now with another manufacturer issue with staples protruding through the fabric and it needs to be taken away to be fixed.
In summary I have been dealing with this for 12 months and I have absolutely had enough. The customer service is appalling, the time and energy I have spent dealing with this is disgusting. I am a Renovation Consultant and did buy electrical through Harvey in Moorabin. I arranged to have the split system installed in front of the salesperson in time for the cash back. The installer went to pick it up and it wasn't in stock. Such a simple task of knowing your stock is obviously to hard.
I don't want to hear any more excuses or blame the other person, I am so upset by all of this and I am still continuing to deal with it.
I am asking for a refund on the couch, I will be keeping it but for the energy, time, poor customer service I am asking for compensation. Since March 2017 I have been dealing with this and enough is enough.
Nicole Delimitrou

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