Harvey Normancustomer service

B Jul 15, 2019

I ordered, and fully paid for a tallboy and set of dresser drawers on the 11th of June 2019 and was assured that it would be delivered with 6 weeks to my address in Charters Towers, with fully paid transport fees. Today I contacted Harvey Norman to enquire about the status of my delivery and was informed that it would be delayed until September, without reason, and was informed that an email would not have been sent to inform me of delivery date changes. Furthermore on request of a refund I was told to travel to Townsville on my own expense to get the refund, or to receive floor stock of said tallboy ( which was damaged) without offer of reduced price or in a colour which was not originally chosen. I am complaining about lack of customer service and no care being given. Is it due to my residence in a smaller town and not deemed important? As I am scheduled to move to another city within the next month, I am sure to not use this store again and would appreciate my remaining furniture that was ordered to be delivered within the month, with the transport costs removed.

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