Harvey Normancomplaint about a rude and obnoxious staff member

I Jul 28, 2019

To whom it may concern,
I've just recently renovated my whole house and My husband and myself went to our local browns plains store in Queensland as we were prepared to spend a substantial amount of money re furnishing the whole house top to bottom and we were approached by one of your young female staff members that we recall that her name tag said michaela plus she introduced herself as michaela and she looked about in her early 20s but anyways my husbands and myselfs complaint is that this sales assistant made us feel very uncomfortable and was rambling on about boycotting Harvey Norman and she suggested we go to betta electrical or the good guys as that all there managers are all incompetent, theives and that they mistreat all there staff members and that she was in the process of building a case to sue Harvey Norman management, now my husband and myself don't now if this young lady was on drugs or even telling the truth but we only came to Harvey Norman to refit our house out after our renovations and we did not deserve to be confronted by a disgruntled employee which made us both very uncomfortable and we had no choice but to research other places to buy everything we needed to refit our house and unfortunately we spent roughly 80k somewhere else due to this disgruntled employee of yours making us feel uneasy and we just thought someone needed to be informed about this situation we had.

Kind regards

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