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J Aug 14, 2018


I seriously would like to draw your attention here! So far i never encounter such a terrible service and bad experience before. I used to be a loyal customer of Harvey Norman and always recommended to my friends/ families as i believe i am paid for the quality of services .. however after this time, i WILL NOT RECOMMEND and also will share my experience to all of them.

I've purchase a refrigerator from Ikano Harvey Norman (Malaysia) and has tell in advance that i've a old refrigerator need their assistance to move away so i can move in the newly purchased refrigerator. On the day of delivery, i've some issue to move out the old refrigerator and need their assistance to dismantle the old refrigerator door to pass through the kitchen door. However they did not to help but just sitting there see how we are going to deal with it. Ended up, after waiting for awhile, they decided left the refrigerator in OUR LIVING ROOM and ask us call back the outlet. According to them, they are just here for delivery .. any dismantle work is none of their business. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED. Based on my experience, dismantle the old refrigerator is common issue the deliver man will encounter and they should have the knowledge to dismantle it. (probably it will take less than 10 minutes of their time)

I called the outlet and talk with the sales person. Their replies is, "if you need us to come again to dismantle the door, you may need to PAY US THE DELIVERY CHARGES AGAIN", in which it doesn't make sense for me. As mentioned, based on my experience, big store like Harvey Norman will usually help to resolve this kind of small issue i.e. dismantle the refrigerator door upon delivery as they claimed that they will provide a very good service to customer; sumore the goods already delivered, why charge for delivery again?? .. so i decided to check it out their service coverage by calling customer service.

2 Question i ask the customer service:
(1) Moving out old refrigerator, is there additional charges?
(2) Any additional charges to dismantle the refrigerator door?

Upon her confirmation to call and check with the Ikano outlet, her replies is "It is PART of the delivery service. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES" .. so i went back and talk to the sales person. and here goes, HN started with all the "creativity" excuses...

- "Hmm, it is a miscommunication. Dismantle is NOT COVERED by us"

- "Delivery man will dismantle the fridge if the NEW fridge cannot get in; HOWEVER old fridge is NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES"

- "If you want to dismantle your old fridge, we will find you a expert of the brand to dismantle the door. and the charges will be bear by you" (another to note, the charges will be higher than delivery charges) (my question, why can dismantle new fridge but not old fridge?? It is like the delivery man say "It is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS"??)

Let me summarise the above! at first they want to charge me for delivery again ... when i refused, they twist the statement by saying it is not part of their service and it is a miscommunication from customer service (pls note, the customer service did ask me hold the line so she can call and confirmed with the outlet). when we still refused to pay the charges. .. so they "create" another statement saying "they only dismantle NEW fridge, not old fridge. Old fridge got to find an EXPERT of the brand to dismantle" (i see a technician dismantle the fridge door before ... seriously do we really need an expert of the brand to do it?? and why the driver can only dismantle the new fridge but cannot help us on the old fridge?? so this is the so called QUALITY OF SERVICE Harvey Norman providing????)

I been discussing this issue with the sales person for few days; and the 2-door BIG FRIDGE is still at my LIVING ROOM!!! I can't believe HN don't even help their customer on the small matter and keep pushing the responsibilities.

This is really really disappointing!! as a big company, the service is LOUSY and POOR!! Cant even compared with other smaller store at all! i look through their social media (facebook, etc), and also found out there is a lot complaints filled on them! i strongly NOT RECOMMENDED anyone to buy any items from them ... we pay premium for the service, not for the name of NH. With this kind of poor service, HN name not worth a cent to me.

While whether dismantle should have additional charges ... as far as i know, usually there is none (consistence with what the customer service told me). But if HN insists that that is their policy, i will accept it BUT i will never return to your store as a customer. (2 difference statement and unreasonable). Last but not least, thank you for throwing the fridge at my living hall for few days! thanks for the quality of service provided and being a responsible dealer. Nexttime i would suggest them to js leave the purchased item outside the house.. cause their responsible is ONLY DELIVERY, instead of deliver the goods in a usable condition.

I am contactable at [protected] If you need further clarification or the proof from the customer service, please don't hesitate to contact.

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