Harley Davidson 2016 Low Rider Sthe bike low rider s

V Sep 04, 2018

Bought bike brand in 2017 it is a 2016 low rider s . Problem is at any given time it will shut off its happened 3 times day and night at different temperatures. Also started to backfire between gears. The bike has approximately 2000 miles on it . I have taken it back to the dealer twice. There unable to detect the problem. Started at 1500 miles and only does every now and then . This is my 5 harley I have owned. Right now I'm afraid to ride for the fear of stalling in heavy traffic and getting hurt or stranded. Is there a problem with the 110 engines . Or has anyone else ran into same problem. This bike seems to be below all the standards I'm use too with my other harleys. Very diappionted

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