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Complaints & Reviews

Broken Item Replacement

I received a Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker as a gift. When I used it for the first time, I was unable to use the temperature probe feature because the probe connector into the cooker was missing. I called customer service. Even though this was a brand new, never used item, they still want me to pay $9.99 to send a replacement cooker. When a product is broken right out of the box, I would expect a company to send a fully functioning new replacement and not expect the customer to pay more. I also am required
to cut off the end of the broken cooker's electric cord and send it back to them at my expense.

  • Ramelle Sep 19, 2011

    Pay more? It was a gift, you haven't paid anything yet.

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Percolator failure

I originally contacted this company to determine how I could get a replacement power cord for my percolator because it was intermittently turning itself off in the course of use.

>>>Message: The cord on this product appears to be shorting out. Keeps throwing the GFI in my kitchen and won't sustain constant perc without "wiggling" it. I purchased this from K Mart only about 1-2 years ago but would think the cord would have lasted longer than that. Please check warranty status...if not under warranty, where do I get a new cord?<<<

Their Response:

>>>For safety reasons we are offering to replace your unit. We are unable to determine if the cord or the unit is causing the short.In order to assist you with your claim, please unplug your appliance and cut the electrical cord off where it comes out of the machine. After you have cut the cord off you then cut the plug off the end of the cord. Send the plug along with your name, address, $19.95 check/money order for shipping & handling fee and your consumer number (1333958) to the below address: Hamilton Beach 360 Page Road

Washington, NC 27889. Once we receive all the above information, you should expect your new appliance to arrive within 15 business days. We also ask that you discard your old appliance after your new appliance arrives.

Thank you for contacting Hamilton Beach Brands and please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Michelle, Consumer Affairs <<<

My Reply:

>>>So, what do you suggest I do for three weeks while this is taking place? I don't want to be without my percolator for that long I get VERY cranky without my morning cuppa! Isn't there a coupon you can send for replacement value? I love that you are offering to help...and cannot afford a new unit right now with no job. Since I only paid about $38 for the new unit, and it will cost me $20 plus shipping for the cord, this is really not a "replacement" offer...you are asking me to pay for a new unit AND wait almost 3 weeks for it! Not such a "deal", in my opinion. If the unit doesn't last more than a couple of years, I will be in the same position again down the road. Don't want to have paid TWICE for the same situation. Please re-evaluate your offer? Thank you!<<<

Final Answer:

>>>Dear Lisa You can call [protected] to put the shipping and handling on a debit or credit card. Once we get the fee we will ship the replacement unit out to you. After you receive the replacement unit please send the plug as previously requested. Thank you for contacting Hamilton Beach. Catherine

Consumer Affairs.

An entire, new unit, cord and all, can be had for under $40. By the time I pay the $19.95 and the shipping to return the cord AND include the 15 day wait for a replacement once I cut up my cord, I could go to a local store and purchase a new replacement. I have informed them I will do just that AND I would be sending my complaint to every publicly viewed site so people can make an informed decision whether to purchase Hamilton Beach products, based on their lack of support.

I would have preferred a $20 coupon toward a new unit I can get right away, without the down time but they just dusted right over my suggestion as though I never posed the question.

  • Valerie Nov 07, 2008

    Received this electric knife set as a gift. It chews up the roast while slicing it. Lots of "sawdust meat" ends up on board and both sides of every slice.

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  • Je
    Jesse Jun 09, 2010

    My brand new blender bought at K-mart turned itself on all by itself at high speed and then burst into flames while I was standing next to it putting groceries away. When I called Hamilton

    Beach to notify them, the representative on the phone said there was nothing they could do!

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  • Ri
    Rick Horton Jan 16, 2012

    I called your customer service two months ago to get a replacement can opener. I did everything I was told to do. Apparently you lost the plug and my check for 9.99.I called several times to resolve this and was told very rudely that I had to repay again.I am out $5.40 for postage and $20.00 to stop check . I told person I talked to that I would just go buy another one, but it wouldnot be your line.I will never buy another one of your products again unless this is resolved. Rick Horton 319 north second street Earlville Illinois 60518 (815-246-6470)

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  • Sl
    Slingshot33 May 26, 2015

    My week old Flex Brew coffeemaker did not work properly when I tried to use the pod side of it. I was so embarrased when I tried to get the coffee to come out and all it did was gurgle and grind, but no coffee. This product is not what Hamilton Beach wants you to think it is and it's not there normal quality of workmanship. Waiting to hear from Customer Service.

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  • Ke
    Kevin R Skees Oct 24, 2015

    I am real upset. We purchase a Hamilton beach flex brew. Paid over $70 for it. Did not last even 6 months. About burned my house down. Got so hot it melted the window shades that where about half foot away from window. This was so scary we had the pot to automatically start half hour before we got up. Donna and Kevin. 269-365-0645

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  • Li
    lindarich Apr 26, 2016

    I have the 12 cup coffee maker that does not require a pot and it pours water all over the counter. There is a small pocket inside that fills with water and has to be emptied. It is very frustrating and makes a mess. It also does not keep the coffee hot.

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The blender blew up and started smoking.

The first time I used my new Hamilton Beach blender it blew up. The blender started releasing black smoke...

No permanet filters

Kmart has no permanent cone type filters for Hamilton Beach digital 12 Cup Coffeemaker that they sell there. They have the paper cone type filters, but you have to use 2 filters otherwise they break open at the bottom and the coffee block the bottom and the water doesn't come out of the filter section, it just sits in the cone area. The only way I could get it out was ti strain it.


not working

will not complete brewing cycle unless I turn machine on and off several times. This is my 2nd coffee pot...

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wont honor warrenty

I recentlly purchased a hamilton beach coffee maker from walmart. After 7 months the coffee make broke due to material failer. Was guaranted for a year. Called Walmart and they said the time frame for them had expired and I needed to call the company. I called the company and they said they would not warrantee it either and that if I sent them moneyh they would send new part. No where in the warranty does it say anything about specific parts not being warrented. They said too bad and would not do anything. Total ripoff!!! do not buy Hamilton beach Products.

Coffee tastes like PLASTIC

We got one of these Brewmasters and we really love it. The idea that you dont have to fool around with a...