Hallmarkchristmas show scheduling

We love the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel but the Christmas movie scheduling is killing us! We love mysteries and is the reason we watch the channel. It's literally on all day in our house. We're newly retired so we have time to watch during the day while we do household chores.
We couldn't watch the channel all during the June/July Christmas weeks because we don't like to watch Christmas movies in the summer and we didn't see any that were mysteries. Then it was announced every Thursday night would be a Christmas movie, we were ok with that, but this morning after watching "Columbo" it was advertised the Christmas movies would be on Thursday AND FRIDAY nights! Hallmark Movies and Mysteries is becoming the Hallmark Christmas channel. November and December are great for these seasonal movies, but could you bring back more of the mystery movies. What about the Brook Shields series where she was a florist or the Gourmet Detective? Thank you so much for the new Aurora Teagarden movies in August. We're looking forward to all the new mysteries movies you have planned, but could you please scale back on the Christmas movies?

Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback.

A loyal Hallmark family (except for Christmas movies),
Niki Warden

Jul 31, 2019

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