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Complaints & Reviews

enough with the christmas movies!

Airing christmas movies 24/7 with the exception of home&family, is beyond ridiculous! Post t'giving, I can understand airing two or three christmas movies during prime time, but that is sufficient. I love the holidays, but you are well past christmas overload now. I'm now watching regularly programming on other channels from october to january now.

  • Do
    Donald Holland Nov 13, 2017

    ditto on Christmas movies overload. This is one of the most absurd ways I know to shoot yourself in the foot (and perhaps a vital organ).

    0 Votes

hallmark movies & mysteries

I have to pay extra every month to direct tv for movies & mysteries and because of the christmas movies 24/7 I will be paying for nothing! Do we really need two channels showing christmas movies 24/7 for two months? I do really love watching some of the christmas movies but I also really miss watching regular shows. Can't we have a little of both please?

hallmark movies and mysteries

Soooo where is murder she wrote??? I have been watching murder she wrote for many many years and you have taken it off fof christmas movies... Those movies can play and murder she wrote can come on at a later time but not too much later.

I watch murder she wrote instead of the depressing new. I fall asleep and my alarm hart to hart wakes aa a reminder I have 20 min before I need to get out the bed. All this has stopped!!!

Thank you I now have to find another station to watch since there is no more murder she wrote! Hopefully murder she wrote will return to the night time line up before I adjust to another station.

christmas movies

Why are you trying to ruin the holidays? The holiday season begins after thanksgiving. Showing all these christmas mies starting in oct just makes people tired of it before the season even starts. There was a post on facebook about how anybody who starts playing christmas carols inoct. Should be shot and used for halloween decorations what shoul happen to people who start showing christmas movies in oct?

  • St
    Stephens Stephens Oct 29, 2017

    I want my regular shows monk and columbo and diagnosis murder I am not watching this channel while all the Christmas stuff is on here

    1 Votes
  • Ka
    Kay Yates Newberry Dec 05, 2017

    Why haven't we seen the Christmas movies: Silver Bells, Fallen Angel, Season of Miracles and A Dog Names Christmas?? These are some of the older favorites. I love some of the new movies but still want to see the old favorites. Please get these in this year!

    0 Votes

being wrongfully terminated

I had a brain tumor removed on Aug 17, and was in the hospital for 10 days. When I came home to recover I started receiving emails asking when am I coming back to work. I told my mgr that the recovery process will be about 3 months, but I will know for sure when I have my next appt with the surgeon...but according to her that will be too long and they have to replace me, and I could apply again when I get better. I didn't feel this was right being I didn't ask for a brain tumor then the next email I got saying I was being terminated, while I was trying to recover from a very serious surgery...so not only do I have to worry about a tumor growing back, now I have to worry how I am gonna pay my bills...so unfair

  • Sh
    Shaun R. Oct 09, 2017

    Just wanted to wish you the best. I hope the recovery goes well.

    0 Votes

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using ticketmaster for the sale of tickets to transiberian orchestra

Though Ticketmaster claimed that people that are part of the fan club for Transiberian Orchestra would get a special code and access to the tickets before they went on public sale, the presale tickets were completely sold out in less than one minute. Not even one seat was available on the floor or the entire lower section. At least, that's what Ticketmaster's software kept saying. Forget getting two seats together. So it appears that computers were used to completely clear out the tickets in seconds after the time they went on sale. Proof that Ticketmaster is a con? Please explain how they are being allowed to charge $20.50 - $24.00 for a service fee per ticket ?! That's almost a third the cost of the ticket. I've been to five of the last six TSO shows in Dallas in the past six years. I've taken at least 15 people to these events. I will never go again because the wonderful message their concert is about has been morphed into a "screw the public" event if you want to go. This really makes The Hallmark Channel look bad. You should have done a better job in overseeing what Ticketmaster was going to do with your concert promotion. Again, the heck with the show. I'll never go again. By t he way, anyone can go online even now and get a single seat on the floor or in the lower section.

hallmark mystery movies channel

Why you do not have black actors or actresses in your line up. The script does not call for a particular race. What about actresses: Regina King, Jada Pickett Smith, Queen Latifah or Jennifer Hudson. You have a faithful diverse audience and your shows should reflect this diversity. I'm not ruling out the Spanish or oriental diversity. I noticed your Mystery Series stars all look similar, there is no diversity. I could aid in your casting.

not showing christmas movies as usual every july.

I wait ALL YEAR for July Christmas movies to play all day on both hallmark channels. This year no Christmas movies on regular hallmark channel and hallmark movies and mysteries channel only a few evening Christmas movies playing. Very disappointing. Please implement the July ALL day Christmas movies back in the channel lineup. You did it for so many years and now you change it.

movies & mysteries channel

I watch the Hallmark M & M channel on Spectrum, in San Antonio, Texas. Every night I have to re-program my set top box, because if I don't, I won't be able to watch the Hallmark M & M Channel. When I try to bring it up, it always tells me that the channel is unavailable at this time. I pay monthly to be able to watch that channel. You guys need to get your act together and hire qualified people that know what they are doing, so they can keep the channel up and running. Could it be that Hallmark pays low, low wages and hires under qualified techs. Tell your CEO to reach into his pocket and pay for better techs. He probably makes more money than what he is worth. If your CEO wants to talk to me about this complaint, call as follows:

Robert P. Robles

  • Ja
    jaromira Aug 05, 2017

    This channel keeps playing reruns so close together especially monk and murder she wrote. There's alot of seasons can you please change it up a bit. Pick several different ones please

    0 Votes

customer service

Today is Monday June 19, 2016 and I checked out at 1:03 pm. There were 3 employees in the store today and...

bogo card sale

Below is a cut and paste of what I shared with publix. All this because of your directives for a bogo card...

hallmark/valentine's day add

This is not a complaint about any products. I love hallmark and have for years, especially their christmas movies. However, yesterday there was a valentines add that had one man hugging another man and then one man proposing to another. I was not only appalled by this repugnant action but also felt almost betrayed. I consider hallmark to be more family oriented and to contain family values. Being a father of three I try very hard to protect my innocent children and although I know one day they will need to understand how the world has twisted marriage, that day is not yet for them. Consequently, if hallmark is going to embrace the ideology of such liberal views then my family will also cease to watch, and support, such a company.

  • Ha
    Hazel Joy May 02, 2017

    Kindly go ### off with your ignorant, close minded homophobic ####. I sincerely hope all your children are gay and want nothing to do with you.

    1 Votes

christians tree ornament

Let me say i love hallmark products and just wanted to let you know of a packaging problem. I purchased a new...

Eagle Point Department Stores

hallmark mystery & movie channel

I really enjoy watching movies on the Hallmark Mystery & Movie Channel however, when you go to advertisements they are so loud that I have to mute all of the commercials. I'm actually considering not watching your programming anymore because I find this to be so disturbing.


I am a former employee. Got hired during Christmas season. I told the hiring staff that I suffer from...

keepsake defective motion ornament not covered by warranty

I purchased from Hallmark in 2011 the Peanuts/Snoopy wireless battery operated synchronized sound and motion...


Why are you starting Christmas movies on Oct. 31st. Ridiculous!! And they run 24 hrs a day. WHY. This is way too early. I refuse to watch these movies this early. Most are reruns you have been showing for years!!! Home Alone is on today. How many other channels show this as well. Why would hallmark channel show this! The movies are all basically the same. A silly love story based around a chef or store owner in a big city who can't find love for Christmas. Same plots, different actors. Silly and boring and have nothing to do with what Christmas is about. I will be watching OTHER CHANNELS until Christmas is over. Sad, because hallmark is one channel that still has clean descent programming. You lose a LOT of viewers by starting Christmas movies this early. Please rethink this. Christmas shows should not start until Thanksgiving at the earliest and then not for 24hrs a day!!!

  • St
    stilljackie Feb 20, 2016

    I want to know when you are to change your lineup of shows. I hace not be able to find any new shows during the day for 7 months( since i signed up for the channel., why should i pay extra for this channel and i am not getting any new programs and rhe bad part is you play the
    sames show all day long. you do know there are other shows that are a good..
    Boston Legal, Mcbride and many more. Do some work and check on other shows

    -1 Votes
  • Qi
    Qisnothappy Nov 01, 2016

    I totally agree. My issue is with the TWC On Demand programming. The Hallmark channel is the only channel on their lineup that has not updated their On Demand programming. I should be able to see a movie or show that was shown the previous day On Demand.

    -1 Votes

5/14/15 discriminatory customer service

Went to Hallmark store for a greeting card for an event that just passed. Asked employee about getting them...

music too loud!

I just went to hallmark channel website to complain about the loud music and it looks like they are now aware...

employees suffer harassment yet get fired

My Co-Worker and I were RM's for Hallmark, which is a vendor for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the biggest account that HallMark has. I had been employed for a year and a half and my co-work 10+ years. Never in any of our employment have either of us every been disciplined, written up, reprimanded or warned for any reason. If anything we received positive outstanding reports on our work. Recently while still employed, my co-worker and I were servicing our store when a Wal-Mart Co-Manager and a Night Manager walked through our department. My co-worker said "good morning" to the Co-Manager. He did not acknowledge us in any way. Even the night manager looked at us and rolled, his eyes and shrugged his shoulders at us, like "oh well that's the co-manager for ya." My co-worker made a comment to me then next thing you know the Co-Manager was in our face, demeaning us and accusing us of calling him names. We tried to talk to THE Manager but were denied.

We immediately tried to contact our New Supervisor by phone, the number off her business card, no response. My co-worker and I emailed her a personal statement as to what happened with this incident. Her response: I am waiting to hear back from The Manager. Four days go by, no word then she calls us (first time ever speaking to her) and tells us "Wal-Mart Management did not want us back in the store". HallMark HR tells us the same reason. We even asked us what The Manager actually said about the incident, but got nothing on "their" version.

The District Manager of Wal-Mart was contacted and told me and my co-worker The Manager never said we were not allowed back in the store. We emailed this to our Supervisor to no avail. Now I find out from the Department of Labor that the Supervisor told them that my co-worker and I WERE the rude, loud, disruptive and disrespectful ones in this incident based on the Co-Managers statement. Wow two different versions.

HallMark Supervisor went on Wal-Mart Co-Managers word, never investigated the conflicts of statements nor interviewed the witnesses we listed in our statement and according to HallMark policy (fully investigate, talking to employees, accuser, witnesses)did not fully investigate as the policy states. Just took his statement and terminated us.Really sad HallMark a large corporation does not value it's employees enough or stand up for them, but are scared to stand up to Wal-Mart.

  • Te
    Terouse Dec 22, 2012

    I recorded the Counting Kisses storybook for my granddaughter, but when playing it back, none of the left hand pages recorded, except the last page.

    I changed batteries but it still didn’t work right.

    When recording, each page was repeated back to me, so we heard the way it was supposed to sound. When “reading” the book, it skipped over pages 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2.zs

    0 Votes
  • Ha
    Harry Miler Apr 15, 2014

    I had called these folks after the first winter after the product was installed to complain about a small hole in the floor of my porch. They did not return and now I have a second spot that has lifted up

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    Bobbie Abbott May 25, 2016

    I lasted with Hallmark 3 days because the supervisor demanded I respected her even though she demeaning and condescending I ended up quitting .

    2 Votes
  • Uk
    UkGal Jan 24, 2017

    I completely agree. The supervisor I worked with was a total nightmare. She had 40+ accounts and was only focused on my stores. None of the others. She was rude, obnoxious, very annoying and thought she was better than everyone. I know people with better jobs making more money that are nicer. The HR people are even worse they male up lies about the employees they want to get rid of. But people are better of working somewhere else than that disgraceful place. Worst job ever. Worse company too. If they don't like you or you get someone mad. They terminate you just like that. Advice don't waste your time in this horrendous company.

    1 Votes
  • No
    Notbroken Apr 14, 2018

    Hallmark does not "care enough to send the very best" which was their former slogan since 1944. It seems to have been changed in recent years. In fact, when it comes to employees, especially Retail Merchandisers, who work part time, they do not care at all!

    I really liked my job with Hallmark when I worked for them as a Retail Merchandiser several years ago for two years. What I liked about the job was flexibility, interaction with store employees and At the time I moved and was told that was o.k. by the Assistant Territory Manager, my immediate supervisor. However, after my move, I was told that I was living more than 10 miles outside my territory and that was the required number of miles. Why the change in heart I don't understand. I told her I was willing to drive the extra miles at my own expense. (explanation: Hallmark does pay a mileage differential after a certain number of miles driven during a day of work) I had no choice but to make the move due to changes in my personal life. As my mother had recently moved into a retirement home facility that was also located within the territory I was working, it was perfect for me. I would've been able to see to her in the morning before going to my stores for the day, and after, before making the drive to my new home.

    Hallmark did not care about my personal issues or the situation regarding the driving. My opinion is that they want to hire retail merchandisers who are looking for something to do, a little pocket money, and act like they are doing you a favor by giving you a job. Then, if you have any issues at all, you are no longer needed. Bottom line, Hallmark is out for the bucks, and they are a greedy company who does not care about people, much less their own employees.

    While I understand that a company of their size cannot take each individual into consideration, isn't that why they have Territory Managers? I listed above why I liked working for Hallmark. Here is what I didn't like. They don't care about you or your life. They expect you to work before and after holidays and even on some holidays but there is no extra pay for that. They also expect you to put all the product out that was shipped to the store since your last visit in a specific time frame, which is always impossible to do. They expect you to be professional with the store management and any customers you encounter, but they don't treat you well in return.

    Of the 3 managers I worked for during my 2 year employment, all of them were inappropriate within the store many times. One of them critiqued my work negatively in a very loud voice to the point that a customer came up to me later and expressed her shock and stated "your boss was so rude, why would you work for this company?" To which I responded by taking up for her. (she was actually a nice person, but somewhat crude and loud) Another manager was known to all the other merchandisers I came across as a terrible manager. While working for her she would set up times to meet, then invariably not show up, then call later and said she got tied up somewhere. She also had her elderly mother on her merchandising team, as well as her husband. Sounds like nepotism to me. The third one, who was usually mild mannered and "nice" had a melt down in the middle of the store over a cardboard display that I didn't understand how to put together.

    Regardless, I still liked my job since I didn't have to see these people very often. I also wonder how they trained management and if they were treated the same by their own managers? I knew I was doing a good job and in fact I felt that I took pride in making sure the card aisle looked excellent before I left. I don't think many other merchandisers cared. Did the minimum, clocked their hours and left. I had many managers express their frustration with former merchandisers.

    During my employment the territories were divided and a new territory manager came in. This seemingly was a nationwide change. Maybe the stores weren't being serviced efficiently vs the drive time and as new stores were added the territories were out of balance. Everyone was supposed to get about 20 hrs a week. I ended up with about 18, but it varied of course based on work load. When I went to my new stores (I kept a couple of my old ones) What I saw of other merchandisers work was many poor excuses for employees. Half done work, messy storage areas, and disorganization. All of this caused delays and again, with Hallmark wanting efficient use of time its an oxymoron that a little time spent re-organizing the card department flippers (underneath storage bins) and backroom storage would have saved time in the long run. But, they were unwilling to provide any clean up time. One example of poor work: one of my new stores was a mess. The envelopes behind cards were aged, yellowed and brown edges, torn, etc. These should've been discarded (pun) and replaced! It took a few weeks but I got the department in good shape. The manager at this particular Walgreen's was impressed and told me so. She was very unhappy with Hallmark before I started, but she began to change her mind. She thought of the merchandisers who'd previously worked in her store as "lazy, sloppy, messy, unorganized!" Not only were the cards in disarray, with old envelopes, the storage used for Hallmark was a disaster. I got it all cleaned up and organized. Examples can be seen in the other stores I worked in as well.

    Meanwhile, back to the reason for my post. After moving to a more rural area, there has recently been reason to move closer to family again. I'm very involved with my young grandchildren and need to live nearby. I set our move date and we found a temporary apartment while deciding on a permanent home. I applied for a job with Hallmark and had a phone interview. A few days later (on Sunday morning!) I got an email stating they had hired another candidate. The following day I got an email from the local Territory Manager telling me he had my application but did not have my current address. After several emails back and forth, I told him I'd reapply after my move was complete. That was about a month or so ago. This past week we settled and I found another opening on the Hallmark career site and it was perfect (in my mother's neighborhood where I am every day). However, the site would not let me apply, stating I needed to update my information (or something like that). I then emailed the Territory manager who had contacted me previously. Later in the day I received a cryptic note from him stating "It was discussed and you are no longer a candidate for employment with Hallmark. Good luck with your job search." Naturally I was surprised at the response, as it sounded like I've done something wrong. I surely like to know what it is and what let to his response when he seemed interested in hiring me before. Seems suspect.

    Meanwhile, it won't deter me and I won't respond to his email with a negative response, but instead will thank him for his time. I do wonder now, however, if I will be given a bad reference for future employment, or marked "unhireable." I'm not happy, but again, I know I did nothing wrong, and followed what I thought were the expected steps by applying for the position.

    Lastly, if Hallmark "cared enough" they would treat applicants, especially former employees who worked diligently and faithfully, with more respect. I like the job, but they aren't the only retail merchandiser positions. Meanwhile, I'm staying with my current job, in another field, even though I am now driving 45 miles each way. Go figure. Hallmark is done with me and the feeling is mutual.

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