Hair Cutteryhorrible service and extremely unprofessional


I called this particular hair cuttery on Broward Blvd in Plantation, FL in the Plantation Town Square early in the day to see if I could come in for a spiral perm. I made an appt. for a SPIRAL perm. Went in, got the process done and to make a long story short. AFTER Genny did my perm, which took 4 hours, she casually said, O I gave you a soft perm... I was very confused and a little shocked. I asked her why she gave me a soft perm, she stated she thought it would be better for my hair. I specifically asked for, and repeatedly verbalized to her through out the process that I wanted a spiral perm, with tight, small curls. I look hideous! My hair looks like a mop. There is not one curl in my hair, it looks as if I braided it and took the braids out and just haven't washed it. This is not a perm. A soft perm constitutes as a wave or body perm, it just adds volume, not curls. I called to complain to the manager this morning, she said o yeah, I remember you, you wanted a spiral perm last night, I saw what she was doing and it isn't a spiral. I was astonished that she admitted to not correcting her employee while she messed up my hair. UNBELIEVABLE. I look disgusting, my hair is RUINED and to top it all off, they refuse to take responsibility. I have put in a call to the corporate office, it's been over 12 hours, no response yet. I will fight this until the end and make this VERY public, especially within our community, since this Hair Cuttery is the only one in Plantation, it won't be hard to make it known how horrible they are. The idiot manager's name is Janet and the woman who messed my hair up is Genny.

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