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I won an HKVP9 auction for $500. Allen Russel the seller reached out to me via text immediately. We made arrangement for me to sent money online from my Wells Fargo Account, as proof of purchase, to the account of his choosing (his daughter-in-laws account). He confirmed receipt via text and committed to contacting my FFL and sending item to him via FedEx.

The next day I received this letter from GunBroker:

" Pertaining to Item # [protected] - HK VP9 9mm Mint Condition for sale

Recently you won the item referenced above from a seller on the site under User Name: allenrussell641

There is a chance the transaction could be fraudulent and we request you to NOT FORWARD FUNDS TO THE SELLER.

The Order related to this item has been Cancelled. Please do not respond to communication from the seller or forward payment.

If you have any questions, please respond to this support issue.

Thank you for using"

Allen Russel the seller never contacted my FFL, never sent me the FedEx tracking number or the item.

I immediately contacted GunBroker to report the problem on Dec 18, 2020.

I said, " You sent this warning 18 hours after I already paid him. Ugh."

Gunbroker said, " Please contact your financial institution to dispute the payment."

I said, " I will follow up with a financial institution dispute. site assured coverage up to $500 ($100 deductible). I followed all the rules required for it."

Gunbroker to my surprise led me astray, claiming, " There is not a Buyer's Protection Program Claim on the site at this time. Please make sure you initiate and complete if your financial institution is not able to reverse the payment."

I said, " ? I have screen captures of your Buyer Protection active at the time of this incident and its Terms and Conditions. If financial institution fails I intend to use it..." because I relied on this protection to proceed with auction participation.

I worked with my financial institution tirelessly until I received in the mail today (March 8) a denial letter YOUR Buyer Protection Program requires. I could NOT file for your protection, according to YOUR instructions until this letter was available, within 30-60 days your program placed at odds with receiving protection.

So two conflicting requirements — "supply your financial institutions denial letter" AND file within "30-60 days of transaction" suggest a remedy is forthcoming.

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Update by Kevin Shelley
Mar 09, 2021 3:14 pm

There is a thread of emails between me and a GunBroker service rep since I first file and attempted to file a GunBroker Buyer Protection claim. A human once replied, but afterward I only get auto replies “Your request (1042424) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email.” How does anyone get a human and notified of a determination and reimbursement?

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