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Auction # [protected] - seller Gerbig militaria

Seller left neg feedback and refused to ship item because I wouldn't pay twice. Claimed I failed to send enough to cover sales tax. My original payment was more than 7% (NE sales tax amount) over the sales price on the invoice the seller provided. The original invoice did not show how much of what I paid OVER the sales price was for shipping and handling or how much was for taxes. Invoice was for $119.99 from customer. I paid in full. I received a 2nd invoice for more than $128.00 after they already received $119.99, not an invoice for $8 additional dollars. I asked for a refund. Seller stated they would refund. Today I received my postal money order, torn apart in the mail. I doubt I can cash it in now. I have copies of all emails.

Then Gunbroker removed my negative feedback for this seller. I guess they pay enough for Gunbroker to allow this type of client. How is it my responsibility to double check a seller's invoice to make sure they charge sales tax. Especially when the amount they provide in their invoice more than covered the 7% NE sales tax. There is no way I could itemize their invoice based on the info they provided. They screwed up. Gunbroker is screwing up by allowing honest buyers to get screwed. They didn't send the item at the price THEY told me to pay. They did not refund my money. That's theft.

Gunbroker lets any who'll pay them steal money from honest people.


Also Google Gerbig militaria, in trouble with ATF for selling guns to felons. Just the people Gunbroker should promote.

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