K Dec 03, 2019

Good Day Sir

This will be last time buying anything from guess unfortunately, My wife was buying bag from city center branch on 28 of November so she found an offer and bought 2 bags so that women on store told her you can visit us anytime if you want to exchange it so i came today to exchange one of 2 bags ( AS SHE SAID ) they refused and told me its policy so i told them there was a women told us u can exchange anytime he told me that women is the manager her name is Fatma Ayoub.
Anyway what i want to tell you i was a VIP customer and you can check and i am not sending this message for refund or anything else but i was really sad that GUESS BRAND can hire people who can lies to customer as she did also i was really shocked when i knew that she is the manager of branch not just sales anyway as i told before i am not expecting anything from you and you can always check how many stuff i bought from GUESS also my friends do but believe me i am going to warn everyone i know not to deal with that branch because people there are fake and lier till you hire trustworthy guys and for last



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