Guessbag broken in less then a month


I saved for four months to purchase my very first Guess handbag due to my absolute love and admiration for the brand - and because they make super hot stuff. I made my purchase at Edgars Eastgate on my account with the intention to pay my account at the end of the month with my hard earned money. After a lot of shopping around I finally fell hopelessly in love with a black leather one. Took it home to admire and fell even more in love with it. After about 3 weeks I noticed that the leather where the bag zipped up there was bits of white sticking out from the inside of the bag. Without sounding like a total diva my heart dropped. I decided I could bear with the problem, but it continued to split much to my disappointment. I eventually took the bag back, Edgars were very snotting about refunding me. I just am really disappointed as I spent nearly R2000 on the bag, and I have not been able to find the same one or onesimilar one.

Its not that I will stop buying from Guess, as I still do, but I just really am upset about what happened. And would love to still have my bag.

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