GrubHubrestaurant delivery

D Nov 23, 2017

I am posting this because of the horrible service I have received from grubhub once again. I called 2 hours ago and placed an order for delivery. Before I placed the order I called the restaurant just to make sure they were available, open and able to get an order from grubhub for delivery today as it is thanksgiving. They stated they will be open and able to accept the order. So 2 hours nothing came and I had to contact grubhub to inquire as to where my order was.

So the agent went into his computer and stated the restaurant was closed. That is a lie. He tried to say that is why the food never came. Even if that was true they should have called me and told me that the restaurant was not going to be able to fill my order and that I should try something else. If I had not called them they would never have contacted me via email, call or text.

Instead I got an email and text stating that my order should arrive in about 1 hour. So just to make sure I called the restaurant after getting off the phone with their agent and the restaurant confirmed that the order could have been placed with no problem and been delivered.

This is not the first time grubhub has dropped the ball with me or other people as you can see by the reviews about their company. The last time I used them the same thing happened and I swore I would never use them again. That was a long time ago so I decided to give them 1 more try. What a mistake that was!!! Never ever again will use them for any type of order and I suggest that no one ever uses them either or you may have the same crappy service I have had.

I am going to go on as many sites as I can and badmouth them in hopes to cost them as much money and customer as I can!!! That kind of customer service is totally unacceptable in this day and age. If they would have contacted me shortly after the order was placed I would have no problem. But as usual the did nothing to address the issue.

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