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Grubhub driver marked my family's order delivered without actually driving to the house and delivering. End result from Grubhub was a 50% off promo code coupon for a future delivery within 30 days. I was shocked to learn this is a trending situation for consumers while reviewing customer complaints on the Better Business Bureaus site. They give Grubhub a C minus rating and there have been nearly 300 complaints year to date, 2019 in Oct. I submitted a Federal Trade Commission complaint, as well. This was so that authorities can be made aware drivers are keeping people's food. I plan to also submit a local police report. Grubhub could do better for their customers. They can install tracking devices on the drivers cars to enforce servicing occurs. A full refund is what the outcome should have been. Thus my family is very disappointed with their operating model. Customer service also got in touch with our driver a few times after we did, however that did not result in receiving what was paid for. For unethical drivers this is a very good deal for them as if they get to keep many peoples food weekly, they likely receive better perks than any of us working jobs that enforce ethical conduct. I've patronized Grubhub for over a few years and this is my first awful experience. As consumers we need to advocate if shady situations are occurring out in the servicing space. Thus adding my family's voice as another complaint in the hopes others don't get defrauded.


  •   Oct 26, 2019

    what do you expect when you hire a middle man to deliver your food?

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      Oct 26, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! I agree with you. I wish restaurants would value the return on investment of enabling their own online ordering, hiring local people held to delivering products, services. I’d rather not pay their fees, just as I’m sure they’d like to break the middle man chains too. This establishment has food that my food allergic child can have. However they don’t offer delivery and this particular evening, I needed food help to manage the night. It was an unfortunate lesson, but take heart, no more middle man support here. I’m sure we’ll find some closer, local business that my food allergic kiddo can consume and go back to supporting local businesses who invested in the technology and people.

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      Nov 02, 2019

    I am a driver and can assure you that I would never eat the unhealthy swill that I deliver in quantity to your most illustrious and judgemental lordships. I also have lived and worked locally for 30 years and work tirelessly to try to get you your food on time, however we are not always able to appear magically at your chosen restaurant and have to deal with traffic ensnarlments brought about by overdevelopment, bad planning and just plain greed on the part of both government and the people. However I am sure none of this applies to you. You have proven your case if food theft beyond a shadow of a doubt. Let them eat cake! Should be your mantra.

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      Nov 02, 2019

    Additionally, we receive absolutely NO perks as we are independent contractors. We use our own vehicles, buy our own gas with the exception of the Grub Hub paying for mileage from the restaurant out to the customer. One way. We are subject to weather, traffic, the speed of the restaurant and the jobs that Grub Hub sends us. If we are delivering an order far from your chosen restaurant and are notified of your order we race there to get it and get it to you hot. This is not always possible. I drive 9+ hours a day, putting miles on my car, wear on my tires and taking my life in my hands trying to make my customers happy. I can’t always do that but it’s not from lack of trying. While I can understand your annoyance at not receiving your order I find your complete lack of empathy and overwhelming narcissism deplorable. It is with this in mind that I express the following opinion: Buy locally grown, organic food and make healthy meals for your allergic child at home. You have no idea that any restaurant will take the care that you will and should not foist your responsibilities off on other people as easily as you do your vitriol. If you can’t plan ahead for allergen-free meals you have no business criticizing drivers who may have circumstances completely out of their control make them either late or unable to complete your order.

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