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KBA - Most of the 5 star reviews of GrowthCave are done within days of signing up for the program, so the 5 star ratings are not accurate. It is a step in GrowthCave’s process to ask for early reviews. What other company does that? Look at the comments. There are people who have been successful with the KBA program, but not nearly as many as represented through the reviews.

Full payment upfront, or over one or 2 payments. Not enough time to know if you will be successful or not.

Their “success guarantee” gives GrowthCave no incentive to actually help you to be successful.

I signed up in early June 2023. I followed all of the lessons and did everything my coach(es) told me, when I could get in touch with a coach, and my coaches changed multiple times. I also had 2 meetings scheduled with a coach and they never showed up because the coach quit. I launched on August 28th after being approved at each step throughout the entire process. After 5 weeks I have made no money, just spent additional money on Google Ads. When I inquired about help, after my coach quit, I was told that I need to go back and do Beta Sales (which I was clearly told was optional when I went through that module) or I needed to sign an agreement that they could not guarantee sales. This is a clear bait and switch, and was NOT the program I paid for.

I am not the only one who has said that it is nearly impossible to get help from coaches, and the coaches change all the time. There is no consistency in method or approach. When you post a message for the group on the internal message board, and they don’t like it for some reason (usually a criticism of the program) they delete the whole message.

There is very little online footprint for the company or the owner Lucas. That is very suspicious. They don’t want publicity on how they care for their paying customers and how if you happen to have success - great! And if you don’t - somehow it was the customer’s fault and oh well. If I knew then what I know now, I would have saved my money and put it towards a coaching program that would have helped me and cost far less that would have set me up for long term success. Awful customer service, awful communication and they get fully paid. Overall a waste of money and time.

Desired outcome: Full Refund

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