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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints 521 - 275 complaints 275 - big boy bean bag which I never recieved

I purchased a big boy bean bag in November11' paid for postage and packaging. I contacted the company to ask how long this will take to deliver and they told me 4-6weeks. I waited till January where...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - metabody

The dea. through Groupon to get 30 (or 20 in NYC) classes in your area for only $20 is total bs. The Groupon promotion doesn't make it clear you rhave to go through an elaboratge registraton on their...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - infurn beanbag seat

i ordered a bigboy giant bean bag seat in november, the item never turned up even though they had taken the money from my account. now when trying to contact the company Infurn their phone does not...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - blackhawk ticket fraud

Back in November 16, 2011 when the Blackhawks not playing well I purchased (2) Blackhawk Party Packages which included a Club Level ticket, pregame party at Galleria Marchetti and Transportation for $110.00 each. The total was $220.00 for the pair of tickets which was the Christmas gift for my sons who are huge fans. I confirmed the reservation by e-mail on 12-16-11 and was given instructions on how to pick up the tickets at the pregame party.
Today I was very upset and disappointed to received an e-mail cancelling the reservation. When I contacted Groupon they were anxious just give me a refund. The price of the game ticket was about $60.00 when I purchased it (excluding the party). Since the Blackhawks on a winning streak, the price is now over $320.00 each. Isn't this fraud or ticket racketeering, they can easily sell my ticket for at a much greater profit now. I was refunded my purchase price but feel scammed since my sons are out their Christmas gift, this seems unethical and illegal. I can't afford this so I guess they will watch from home:( What a bunch a heartless jerks.


My husband and I did not buy each other Christmas gifts this year, in part because he was laid off from work. When I saw this deal on Groupon, I told my husband about it. We both enjoy watching the games and thought this would be a great time away and get our minds off the job situation, of course we thought the deal was a great price with the dinner and open bar that was included, and figured even though the seats were not going to be the greatest it was going to be exciting to be among the fans. So I was saddened when I received the email and had to tell my husband about the cancellation. After reading the above statements, the only positive thing I can pull from this situation is that we were fortunate enough to have received a cancellation notice well in advance of our game night.

We went to the "event" last night (Jan 2) and only got a sign in the window of Galleria Marchetti that the event had been cancelled. No answers from anyone at the time (Groupon, National Event Partners, Blackhawks). We bailed and caught dinner at The Twisted Spoke then went home to find an email from Groupon at 4:17pm saying the event was cancelled "due to unforseen circumstances".

Well, the email arrived 15 minutes after we were on the road. At least we're getting the $220 back, the wife left a nastygram with Groupon to see if they will comp my fuel costs for a 70 mile trip.

Sounds like National Event Planners and Galleria Marchetti are the weasels in this - if you can't pull together a simple event then don't be in the business!

Jan 03, 2012

Same thing happened to me and Groupon blamed the Blackhawks which when I called they said they had nothing to do with it. I think all of you should do the same thing I did and call the Blackhawks and complain to the Group Ticket sales department. They should be sued for what they did. They cost me a day of work and embrassment to my brother in law who flew up to see the game as part of his holiday visit.


I also had a bad experience at the 12/26/11 game, and the entire deal was completely misrepresented. I contacted Groupon's customer service and they accomodated me and I am very satisfied with how Groupon handled it, after the fact. The problem isn't Groupon, it's National Event Partners. It is a company that is not even BBB accredited, yet still managed to get a grade of F by the BBB, and they were the ones on the day of the event who didn't even direct the long line of us waiting inside that we should go ahead in and get some food/drink; that the line was just for tickets; and National Event Partners are the ones who did not even secure real seats for people for the game, instead standing room only was made available. They misrepresented the deal to Groupon as far as I can tell.

Here was the email that I sent to Groupon regarding the same deal for the 12/26/11 game.


I recently purchased two Groupons for the Chicago Blackhawks event on December 26th. The service that I received when I redeemed these groupons was extremely unsatisfactory and not worth the $110 per ticket that I paid. I would like a refund based on the horrible service that we received.

Let me explain:

The dinner at Galleria Marchetti was not nearly of the quality that described in the Groupon details. Groupon listed the details as:
Starting 90 minutes before the game, guests can imbibe premium liquors and select craft brews at an open bar and graze on a buffet that typically includes items such as sliders, salads, pasta, and prime rib carved in the shape of a sieve. A band gets fans in the mood to cheer with a rousing live set, and high-end shuttles will whisk fans to the United Center before the puck drops.

There was no salad, no prime rib. Instead we were offered sliders that were undercooked. The restaurant was running out of food before everyone had a chance to eat. There was not enough seating at the restaurant, so over half of the people had to stand while eating. There was no live band, just a DJ with inadequate sound equipment. We were met by long lines of unhappy people.
The "high-end shuttles" were nothing more than chartered buses, where the bus driver tried to cram us in like cattle. Our bus driver stated that we weren't leaving until the bus was full, and that included the aisle, so many people had to stand for the entire bus ride.
The most disappointing thing about the event was that most people were given standing room only tickets for the Blackhawks game. The Groupon said the tickets were for 300-level seats, however, that's not what most people received.

It is extremely unsatisfactory that I paid $220 for what was supposed to be a fun night, but it turned out to be a night from hell.

My email to Groupon support; I cced National Event Partners:

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate that Groupon is processing a refund. I do have a few more questions regarding the incident Monday night that can help Groupon shed some light on what was a fairly traumatic experience. This was, as you know, not just a $10 deal for burgers; it was a $110 deal, and I purchased 5 for my family, the day after Christmas. It was a gift for my siblings and my parents, and being yelled at and told we would not be getting the tickets we had purchased was quite unsettling. I would appreciate some guidance on the following questions. Thanks.

We were told by representatives for National Event Partners that "Groupon did not pay us, so we do not have your tickets." Is this true? Because if it is, I have entirely lost faith in Groupon and will be sure to spread news of this utter failure to any current and future customers. Also, if this is the case, Groupon held on to and further invested my $550 for six weeks (I purchased on 11/14/11). Groupon is a publicly traded company, not the federal government; I expect, at a minimum, to be paid interest on the $550 that Groupon borrowed for that period.
The other scenario is this: National Event Partners lied to us. In this case, they are making off like bandits with Groupon's money, and need to be prosecuted, fined, and have their business shut down.
As I mentioned, if this were a less expensive Groupon, with less money and time invested, I would be completely satisfied with a full refund. But this isn't the case. And I'm sure that the Blackhawks fans that traveled many miles from far-flung suburbs, paid for gas and parking and hotels, and also received the kind of offensive, unfair, and insulting treatment at the hands of Groupon and National Event Partners, would agree with me. Further discussion of this embarrassing "deal" can be found here.

I appreciate your answers and look forward to hearing from you.

I bought my 2 tickets (a Christmas present) when only 70 were sold (6 weeks ago) and it ending up selling out at 240. I received an email from National Event Partners exactly 26 hours and 40 minutes before the event telling me that Groupon hadn't filled their obligation. When I called Groupon, they said that National Event had oversold the event. I did everything I was instructed to do by National Event Partners and have a confirmation email stating that I had confirmed reservations. Now they want me to "believe" that 240 seats at the United Center aren't going to be filled and the Galleria Marchetti bought food for 240 people that won't be showing up because Groupon "didn't fill their obligation"??? My favorite part of this whole fiasco is that National Event Partners suggested in their email that I book directly with them in the future! Fat chance.

This is a summary of my experience:
I had a similar experience for the game on 12/21/11. I had sent in my reservation more than the 48 hours required, however 20 hrs before game time I had received an email from National Event Partners (Groupon Ticket Partner) that I had no tickets and I could choose a game in March. Well after speaking to a customer service, they stated they would look into it and call me back. Guess what, no call back so I called back, and was to they didn’t have an answer and that once again they would call me back. After no call back for a third time, I called them. Now they stated they had tickets and I should go the pre game party. Well I showed up, and guess what, no tickets for me. The people handing out the tickets and checking people in were quite rude and told me “ The Groupon reps were Idiots” for telling me to come up here, as they (Groupon) only provided a platform for National Event Partners to sell their tickets and had nothing to do with tickets. Well after my experience I will never deal with Groupon or National Event Partners, as Groupon can’t be trusted to verify that their business partners are legit. I hope many find this to be useful and stay away from business from National Event Partners and Groupon

I think they overbook and hope people to reserve, and when all the people reserved well they were left scrambling. Simple if you sell tickets make sure you have them. HORRIBLE BUSINESS PRATICE AND UNETHICAL!!

Dec 22, 2011 - no compensation for accommodation and travel

I bought a cruise with Groupon to sail to the Bahamas with Celebration Cruises out of West Palm beach, Florida, on December 13th, 2011
The night before departure December 12th, 2011 I received a voice message on my phone that the cruise was canceled due to an airconditioning generator that broke. I tried to get on any of their other cruises no luck, was told I have to contact Groupon for refund and compensation for flights and accomodation. Got a clear impression because I was a Coupon client I had no priority, the guest service lady told me that a max of two nights will be compensated.

I contacted groupon and was told the best they can do is refund my money and give me a $50 voucher for future use. I tried to communicate which Celebration Cruises all i was told was that there will be no compensation what so ever for ant Flights, accommodation, travel, food nor inconvenience, what they offer was acruise at a later date.

Why are we as the consumers always at the losing end with these comapanies?

No compensation for my airticket or the fact that i was stuch in Florida. No compensation for accommodation and travel.

I bought a ticket for a restraunt with groupon. ordered a table for 6pm when we got there the restraunt was closed!!! Groupon wouldnt award us any compensation only a refund, they are greedy and dont care unless they get their money.

Did you buy your air ticket from Groupon?

Dec 10, 2011 - now they are not even answering my emails

I ve made a purchase from the Belgian branch of Groupon ( a toy for my nephew). As it was not delivered, I called the customer service. I was told that I had to wait 21 working days. After waiting and still not getting delivered, I called them again. this time, I was told that the legal delay for getting a refund (2 weeks in belgiumP) had expired. now they are not even answering my emails. groupon stole approx. 100 USD from me.. I intend to sue them..

As a former merchant on Groupon, I can tell you they are a horrible company and not only do they screw over customers, but merchants as well. You are required to sign a non disclosure agreement, you must offer your deal at 50%-90% off what's on your website only to receive less than 1/2 of THAT, if customers don't read the fine print and request a refund for their voucher, the merchant is penalized and even shut down, they give no explanations or have any merchant support, you must wait weeks to get any answers (if you even get any), and they hang up on you if they get frustrated. Horrible company that rapes it's merchants and doesn't provide any customer service to them.

Dec 09, 2011 - doesn't answer emails or phone

I ordered on the 1st sept 2 sofa beds £358 in total as I made a mistake ordering 2? I tried from the 3rd sept to cancel one of them, after numerous emails to groupon they have robbed me off saying that the company that are supplying the sofas owe me the money refund well I got through to the company crazypricebeds and spoke to PERSON! And was told that the company did not have my order and that groupon owe me the whole £358 back as there aren’t any sofas left, groupon don’t answer emails nor do they answer their phone in London what do I do?

Dec 08, 2011 - personally they have a good idea but are just thick, stupid and conmen

I've had several Groupon deals cancelled on me, not to mention miss selling. I was bought a Kite Surfing Lesson, thankfully I called a head and the person running it confirmed it was flying a kite on the beach and I would go nowhere near the water. He said if I was interested in Kite Surfing I should save my money and do the full lesson! I've spend hours complaining to and about Groupon but they seem to be protected and nothing major has happened even though their own social media links are full of complaints. If you want a laugh send them an email complaining and then post on their Facebook page your issue. They will reply via Facebook within 30mins offering a tailored service to fix the problem and all you have to do is drop them an email. After two weeks of playing the game I never actually got an email just the promise in an open social media environment that they would help! I wonder why!

Groupon is an amazing idea but when you speak to retailers they say the deals are never realistic and they are forced to offer massive discounts that they know are unsustainable. In their T&Cs if you offer a groupon deal they can't offer another deal to any other customer! Yeah right, like Groupon have that much control over the world! I've experience twice myself that they have over sold deals and broken T&Cs only to blame the other company, I'm happy to send round all my evidence to people.

Great idea, run by idiots and unfortunately it looks like they are slowly doing more harm than good with their antics. As with other comments its only until you mention trading standards that they sit up and listen, I've also found that if you tell them that a colleague agreed and you have email confirmation they never check and do what you want otherwise you get a "computer says no" answer!

Personally they have a good idea but are just thick, stupid and conmen! Why over sell the deals, why lie to customers and why don't they solve the issues rather than worrying about their image on social media sites!

Nov 03, 2011 - they are just looking for ways to exploit consumers

I paid $400 for the hotelclub vouchers via Groupon for nothing. I followed the instructions to register for the coupon before the expiry date(This is still WITHIN the validity date). But the voucher...

Read full review - groupon scams

Myself and 843 other people in Belfast bought a voucher for the local Aquarium which was to expire June 9, 2001. When I received my voucher in the mail, the expiry date had changed to April 9, 2011...

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Mar 07, 2011 - I will never use or recommend groupon to anyone

I operate a horseback trail ride company on a small resort and spa in Bodega, Ca. The Resort and I teamed up to run a Groupon add because my horses eat rain or shine and winter is slow money flow in the winter. Anyway I have had a HORRIBLE experience with this company! When the Groupon was posted online whoever designed the coupon put in that our customers could upgrade to " outlaw mode" and get a wild west shoot out and a bubble bath. This is something we do not offer ever! That makes if false advertisement, and last time I checked that is illegal! When we contacted Groupon about this problem they simply told us it was a joke, NOT FUNNY! Being a separate business I decided to try to run a separate Groupon ad for my business, well that did not work out. They sent me a rejection letter saying they were to busy and to try again later. No thank you, after hearing more and more people that are having these problems and more I will NEVER use or recommend Groupon to anyone!

Feb 13, 2011 - I ended up paying more than what groupon deal promised

I didn't realize that business owners got 50% taken off their profit. No wonder they tried to make it up out of me by changing terms, removing previous discounts/internet deal that had nothing to do with groupon. I ended up paying more than what groupon deal promised, got myself locked into a deal where the business owner and I no longer see eye to eye because we fought over terms being changed. At the end, business owners lose in all counts because customers like me (who got harrassed and pushed by business owners who try to recover profit) will not come back after the committment period. All the negativity generated from these initial transactions will come back to haunt business owners. RECOMMENDATION: don't use groupon. Bad deal at the end.

Jan 26, 2011 - I will do a little happy dance when groupon etc is extinct

As a business owner, I can tell you that Groupon and other companies like it are laughing all the way to the bank...but that will end pretty soon. Yes, you must discount your product or service by AT LEAST 50% to be featured and they get your deal and company in front of thousands of people. They take 50% of the sales. We have used these companies to generate lots of foot traffic into our locations, but have found that these customers are hard to convert into long term customers and difficult to cross-sell to. They are tire kickers. Good for them, though. The consumer wants their great--practically free--deal. However, Groupon and their competitors are basically killing the geese with the golden eggs. The way it works is like complete exploitation of hardworking business owners who are trying to offer something sustainable. They'll tell you the price they want to offer your deal at. If you balk because selling 700 of them at that price will cause you to lose money, you will see that they run the deal with your competitor--causing a HUGE dent in the demand. This is not good for you or your competitor--who also most likely feels totally held over a barrel if they don't do this deal--because someone else will. It's gotten to feel like price fixing, blackmail, etc. The good news is that I totally believe this situation is not sustainable. While our company (a medical spa) has always treated the clients we service through Groupon and the like with the absolute same respect we treat our other clients, I can see through the bad reviews that this is killing merchants and irritating consumers. I will do a little happy dance when Groupon etc is extinct.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - expired gift cards

Halunen & Associates is a class action law firm that is investigating Groupon for violating certain laws that make it illegal for a company to sell gift cards that expire after a certain period of time. The goal of the investigation is to determine whether Groupon customers may be entitled to reimbursement for expired gift cards. You can get more information and contact them through their website here:

Halunen & Associates is a class action law firm that represents Groupon customers whose Groupon gift certificates expired. The firm has filed several class action lawsuits on behalf of Groupon customers who allege that Groupon's expiration date policy violates state and federal laws. You can get more information about the case and submit your information to Halunen & Associates, through their website here:

Aug 27, 2010 - fraudulant credit card charges

On Sept. 18th I purchased a 50% off coupon for the Gap($50.00 coupon for $25.00). When I found I had to wait 3-4 days for the email coupon I immediate requested a refund. I was responded to quickly...

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