Greystar Management Servicescompletely ignored our complaints


We moved into these apartments over 2 years ago, and they were absolutly wonderful, small complex, mostly older, quiet people with small animals. Then Greystar Property Management bought the private owners out, and completly turned this complex into a hell hole. They did a million dollar makeover, (which it didn't need, it actually looks worse now), and then they let anybody and anything come in and rent here. So, now there is nothing but loud partying people with 100 lb dogs running around. AND the most important part, is that we were being harrassed by a nearby tenant so bad that I called the police one night and have the incident report. Our lease states that any harrassment by a tenant to another tenant, is grounds for immediate eviction.

So now, here it is 9 months later, and this tenant is STILL there. We complained numerous times to the Apartment Manager, Tiffany Tatum, who ignored our pleas, and even SIDED with this man, (makes me wonder if she was sleeping with him.) Since we couldn't get anywhere with her after months and months, I decided to call the Property Managements Company, Greystar, and went right to the top, the CEO. I sent him numerous emails begging for his help, and didn't hear from him for days, I emailed again, and was told that someone else would be handling my problem. No one ever did. So, I sent him another email, but no answer. We were forced to move out because I was scared to even walk out of my own apartment.

I can not believe that a Company as huge as Greystar, doesn't give a damn about their customers.


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      Mar 06, 2011

    Right on target. Greystar had just bought the complex when I moved in. Undisclosed at lease signing was that I'd be forced to leave through six months of constant construction noise and debris - nails, stacks of stucco, guttering and lumber left strewn for months - and my complaints and those of others weren't answered until I threated to call the BBB. Basic rent is quoted, then you find out you have to pay to have your garbage picked up - only five nights a week - you have to keep it in your residence over the weekend. Water/sewer are allocated for the building usage, so I pay for the cow above me to stomp to and from her washer, hear every word of "private" conversation and the usage of water by other "building" tenants and pay to have two bathrooms but live alone. You have no control or knowledge what your monthly bill will be. $3.50 service fee? For what? Pay late? $150 extra with an eviction notice on day four. Mistake or forget or have a problem? Sure, just pay or move. Ask how many people have moved in the last year before you rent. Talk to neighbors around the pool or common facilities before signing. Greystar is just out for your money and doesn't care about tenants at all, as you can well see by other reviewes around the country.

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      Apr 18, 2011

    West 35th apartments is crap. Just this weekend (4/17) the pool and clubhouse was closed so that the office manager (Tiffany) could hold a private party for her family. EXCUSE ME! I pay the dam rent here and should never not be allowed to use the pool unless it is closed for maintenance. If they are going to rent anything for a private party, that should only be for the club house. I have lived here a few years and people could rent the clubhouse for a private party, but that never included the pool area. The tenants that rent here and pay rent have every right to use the pool. After reading my lease in detail and looking at Arizona tenants act, I find nothing that states they can close off the pool for a private party. DO NOT RENT HERE. You can get much better for your money. And the on-site laundry facilities recently raised their rates. It now cost me a extra $100 a year to continue to use the facilities. Trust me when I tell you that you can find a better place to live that includes a washer/dryer in the apartment for the money you will pay here for rent.

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      Apr 18, 2011

    Oh another thing. This place is only managed by Greystar. They do not own it. This place is owned by the same guy that owns Icon Builders, Allen W. Sands. Go to the Icon Builders website for his contact information. Complain directly to him. Greystar needs to go bye bye.

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