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I received a check in the mail for the amount of $958.22 with the promise of another check. All I had to do was send in a commission to a woman named Marilyn Ritchie! This is a scam and I hope that she or the people who are responsible for it get caught a prosecuted. I am keeping my check just in case it is needed to help put the devils in prison! I had applied at the company they used (Greendot) so at first it seemed like the miracle we had been waiting for. But I knew better then to do what they asked and found this site. I am so glad that others posted here! The scam is using a different bank now. Mine was wrote on Banco Popular and it was supposedly from McDonalds French Fry Trust. A grant that i had applied for supposedly and finally qualified for! Whatever! I hope that this post helps catch the individuals that are ripping the hope right out of good honest people!


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    Karen Fenwick Dec 15, 2009
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    Rec'd an "official check" for $979.45. Checked online and discovered many people who have received this fake check.

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    Deborah A Cooper Jan 25, 2010

    I received a check for 949.00 stating deposit and send to Marilyn Ritchie 402.00 for commission. It says the will send the rest of the grant money of 9501.00 after you pay them. I see scam all over this letter attached to this check. People beware of these scams.

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  • Mo
    Mooreka Feb 09, 2010

    Just received a check in the mail like many others, based on what I have seen here. Glad I saw this first, before I went and tried to cash this check. This is obsurd that, with our economy, these people think they can get away with this!

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  • Fi
    firk Feb 22, 2010

    I am in KS and got the same check today, the amount of my check was 957.00 and the same lady wants me to send her $410 in check is using the Banco Popular Bank of Chicago Illinois, and is also drawn on the McDonalds French Fry Trust account...decided I better research this, saw this post and confirmed this is a scam...

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  • Ko
    kourtnie Apr 01, 2012

    My husband received a the same check yesterday, so happy I found something on it. cant believe people actually do this!

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  • Ka
    Kat C Apr 03, 2012

    I received the same check. Did a little digging and found this site. I applied at Green Dot, but then decided not to go through with the rest of the application. Maybe Green Dot needs to beef up their security, because scammers are getting peoples social cesurity numbers from their site.

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  • Jo
    joe7807 Apr 25, 2012

    I got the same check just a few days ago for $977.88. It tells me that I need to send the commission to someone named Lisa Procter here is her scam website, or I have reported this to my local news station and their consumer reporting department to investigate, everyone else should report theirs as well. They prey on people who really need the money badly. Such a bad fraud, and they are using McDonalds name as well in this .

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  • Ro
    Rosey from Vegas May 19, 2012

    I received my check also for $988.26, right away knew it was a fake. Problem is acquiring peoples SS#. These people should also proof read and spell check their letters, horrible spelling. DO report this to your local authorities.

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  • Ma
    Mark Zuri Jul 30, 2012

    My name is Mark Z. Escamilla. I am a private investigator in Houston, Texas, Harris County. I am defending a man who was scammed by this same deal. Your postings are very helpful and help people in trouble. Thanks for the posting. My client is actually facing criminal charges. Not sure why the District Attorney does not already know about this scam. Oh, that is because they do not care.
    [email protected] I hope this helps case the case against client dismissed. I hope someone puts a stop to this scam.

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