Green Dot Corporationprepaid card

D Aug 16, 2018

My Name is Eva Leija Ruiz
I, am having most horrible nightmare with Green Dot services.  Not only did this company make the error. It  has caused physical and mental health issues due to green dot  error.  Because of fault of Green Dot, I am facing late charges for rent, unable to provid groceries for my kid's.  All my money is on a new card that is blocked.  I sent a copy of my IDENTITY  11 times. On greendots uploads and a email provided to me and a number to be used in the email I need my money.  I have been lied to several times by customer services,   by so called corporate supervisor.  This is truly outrageous how this company takes advantage of customers. They decide what to do with our personal money while waiting for the new card that keep in  mind has a GOT DAM block on it. This company should be sued . My income tax money was deposited my personal income.  Green Dot services are horrid.  Not only has this issue caused so many problems an I face losing my job an hurting my family. I am an will file a complaint against your company an will be getting an ATTORNEY to sue the [censored] out of GREEN DOT  for damages caused.
I  want my money get this block removed from the card today. Someone needs to contact me ASAP. Like today!! 

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