Great Wolf lodge Employeecustomer service

C Aug 22, 2018

I stayed at the great wolf lodge location in Gurnee IL on Saturday 8/18/18. When we arrived our room was not ready. Check in is a 4pm we didn't get in a room until 5pm. No biggie right? Ok so next day I'm walking to breakfast with my husband, 4 kids, and little sister. On our way to the elevator I saw 2 housekeepers sitting on their phone NOT CLEANING or doing anything, none of my business but when I saw that i said to my husband "look at them, not doing anything which is probably why the rooms weren't ready on time yesterday" apparently she heard what i said and when i got onto the elevator she stated in a LOUD voice with all children around "mind your [censored]in business [censored]" disrespectful right? So i stepped off the elevator and asked what her name was, she said brittney ... and we instantly started to argue. She was upset at what i said to my husband about her not doing anything which was funny to me because i was stating facts. If your angry about that then get to work lol that's what your here for! So after 5 to 7 minutes of arguing we got fact to fact at this point I'm thinking we're about to fight. I'm still sitting here appalled like this is how your behaving at work? On the clock? Really. So then she took the COMPANY IPAD they use to tell them what rooms need to be cleaned .. and threw it. She threw it in an attempt to fight me until my husband stepped in and told her she was doing to much and her behavior was outrageous. After multiple times of calling me out my name she then was escorted out by other employees. This was reported to the manager at the hotel. I feel like that was such an awful experience. Being with kids, them seeing all that, and paying $600 on a themed room for 1 night, we should have had better treatment. The employee was African American as i am myself but she acted extremely ghetto and disrespectful. Me and my family should have been compensated for this but unfortunately we weren't. Just wanted to share with you all my experience. I would love to go back because we had so much fun, not interested in ever seeing her again.

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