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Great Neck Nissanterrible service

TERRIBLEEEE SERVICE!! salesguy was extremely pushy and wasn't taking no for an answer, told him my price range and he kept going thousands higher not getting it through his head. Then the manager got involved and was a rude obnoxious man, he told me I wouldn't find what i was looking for in my price range, which i advised him i already had at another dealership so he told me " go there and get it then", then next day calls to tell me he checked my credit and what i coudl afford, after i specifically told him i am paying with cash and NOT financing because i have bad credit, so he checked my credit wtihout my authorization, which ruins your credit the more people that look at it. . would highly recommend NOTT to even waste your time.


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    Radiant Feb 18, 2010

    Went to Bud Shell's Auto World in Cape Girardeau, MO in 2003 looking for a good used car. First the salesman was not only obnoxious, but insisted I go in and fill out paperwork BEFORE
    I had finished looking over the car that I was interested in or even been able to test drive! I check out everything; fluids, the "blow-by" from the muffler for evidence of engine trouble, how it runs, the ac/heater, stereo, etc. He kept turning the car off while I was still checking things telling me I needed to go in and fill out papers. My daughter, friend and I left to look at a dealership down the road. We returned an hour or so later, hoping to be with someone else.
    He "greeted" us again. When we went inside to request another person, the first man followed me around begging me to tell him what he had done wrong... we finally decided on a vehicle, went inside to talk with a man I had dealt with before...the young woman who did the financial checking for being able to buy in payments took my information. She returned some 15-20 minutes later with nothing. We left and were abel to buy a car by a different avenue, same day. I got a letter in the mail from Trans-Union informing me that my credit had been accessed excessively on that day, ruining it horribly. The young woman from Bud Shell had accessed my credit over 15 times, 13 were without my permission, as I had asked her to do it twice. I called Bud Shell and she informed me sarcastically and haughtily that once she had my SSN she could do as she pleased with it! I never was able to talk with her boss and I was so infuriated I dared not go in person. Am STILL messed up with this and then another situation that added to that two years later!! She always told me that her boss was either outside on the lot or, gone to lunch. I called at all different hours to no avail!!!

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    greatnecknissanSCAMs Apr 16, 2011
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    Salesmans are xtremly pushy..managers are a also especially frank..pdi manager is a racist valet service is horrible..and the used car dealer manager sally is another racist redneck.and shes ###in the boss behind the boss' wife.these people is a discrase

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    Richard Brie Jun 03, 2016

    My wife called on Saturday 2-9-13 to confirm that they had a 2013 Armada for us to test drive on Sunday at 12 pm. After getting a babysitter and driving 1/2 hour to the dealer we were told that the truck was not there and they were bringing it from the storage lot at Belmont Race Track and it would be there in a few minutes. (Disappointment #1) We were slightly disappointed as they stated they had the truck "on the lot and ready" when we called however we chose to use this time to price first and drive second. After spending an hour with the salesmen I asked if the truck was there yet and he stated it was not so I then asked for him to call and see where it was since it had been over an hour already. (Disappointment #2) When he came back to us after we waited another 15-20 minutes he stated that the truck was buried in the snow behind 2 others and we would need to wait until they dug out the other cars. (Disappointment #3) Now I understand that we just received a foot of snow on Friday but then why did they tell us the truck was there when it was not and why didn't they call to check on its arrival when we got there and not after wasting over an hour of our time. If they would have told us when we got there we would have gone down to GMC and tested the other choice of truck and then came back to Nissan when the truck was there. (Disappointment #4) This whole experience was poor from the very start and I am a responsible person but one oversight on their part led to another and another until I just wanted to leave. What a loss for this dealership as I was ready to pay cash and had no money owned on my trade in. It would have been an easy sale if they handled it properly. The icing on the cake of horrible customer service was that the dealership didn't even call us after the fact to try to make amends and salvage the sale or at the very least apologize for wasting my time and the money I spent on the babysitter. (Disappointment #5 & 6)

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