Grand Homes Complaints & Reviews

Grand Homes / grand homes inc violating builder policy

Jun 24, 2019

I live in Harrington Mills community at Mulholland Dr built by Grand Homes Inc. Builder recently constructed couple of houses right in front of my house with same plan and elevation as mine. As per the builder policy, they can't build 1 house adjacent to mine and 2 in front of mine with...

Grand Homes / april parks - realtor.

Jan 08, 2019

Your employee April parks was caught red handed making racist comments on her friends political post. She said her personal life doesn't affect her work life. Said to go back to China, belittled minority's, called asians slant eyes, bit&$, as well Other racist comments and threatened to find...

Grand Homes / realtor

Nov 26, 2018

One of your realtor's, April Parker was on a community site harassing and belittling a single mom asking for help for herself and her children. April Parker proceeded to call this woman trash and threaten to call CPS and the police on her for just being poor. When I stepped in to defend...

Grand Homes / liar

Oct 29, 2018

If the home we bought if we already lived in. I would not say anything. we sign the lease 3 months ago! The home haven't build yet. just 3 Month. The list price for # 3842 was $ 624, 900 now the price for # 3842 is $ 594, 900 I understand the market is up and down. I didn't ask a price...

Grand Homes / Noise

Nov 09, 2016

The employees of Grand Homes refuse to turn down their radio and are playing vulgar music. There are many children in our neighborhood and they do not need to hear rated R music and the worse of the worst cuss words. We have a new baby and also work from home. We have to ask them every day...

Grand Homes / Windows

Nov 28, 2015

I purchased Grand Homes inventory home, after moving in we find that couple windows leaking water. Warranty department, put some sealant to fix water leaks for two of the windows and replace two of the windows with a different brand windows (completely looks odd when compared with other...

Grand Homes / Roofing issue

Oct 21, 2014

Our home is only 2.5 years old now.Two months after moving in we noticed a damp wall. Grand sent out one of their roofing contractors who patched our wall. We asked them to check the roof but they only went into the attic & said they sealed something in there. Fast forward about a year later...

Grand Homes / Fraud from top to bottom

Jan 16, 2013

As a former employee of this manipulative company, I can tell you that it starts from the top with the owner Steve Brooks and filters down. The most arrogant and unethical business man in the new home market without a doubt. This isn't based on opinion, rather, a general consensu...

Grand Homes / Terrible employer

Dec 27, 2012

A Highly Dysfunctional Company and Culture Community Sales manager (Former Employee), dallas Texas – December 17, 2012 Pros: twice a month you get to eat and drink for free on thursday night at the pizza party Cons: long hours, dysfuntional sales and corporate level enviroment, and...

Grand Homes / Fraud, Unethical, horrible Grand Homes

Jun 16, 2012

In May of 2012 we put in $10, 000 to offer to purchase a lot to build a home with Grand Homes. Prior to that date, we had a conversation with the grand home sale representative about the lot that they offered us: a 9600-9800 square foot lot! We also talked about our exact floor plan...

Grand Homes / Grand Homes attempting to commit fraud

Jun 11, 2012

We put $10, 000 deposit for Grand Homes to build a house with the understanding that after the contract was signed and before the sheet rock was up, we will be refunded $5, 000 if we cancel the contract. After the sheet rock goes up, we would lose the entire deposit. We started the proce...

Grand Homes - Buyers Beware / EARNEST MONEY

Mar 15, 2011

I'm a concerned consumer, and in this economic time, why is it that a company like Grand Homes can get away with ripping potential buyers off. I was going to purchase a home from Grand Homes and nothing has been started, no permits have been ordered...nothing has been DONE!. I went...

Grand Homes / Earnest Money

Jan 07, 2011

Grand Homes refuses to refund our earnest money of $5k! My boyfriend and I signed an agreement with them in summer of 2010, but it turned out that the floorplan was not what we wanted, therefore we changed to a different floorplan that was $6k more. However, the builder decided to increase the...

Grand Homes / Corrupt Company


Grand Homes is a corrupt and dishonest company. If you choose to put a 5K dollar deposit down on a new home and sign a sales addendum with your contract, you sure as better hope your house sells, because you will never get 1/2 (as promised) of your deposit money back. After two certified...

Grand Homes / Poor Building Structure


We only been at our new home since 2006 and everything is falling apart. The walls are chipping. The master bathroom soap holder fell off after 18 months of moving to the house. Microwave stopped working. It's unbelievable that a builder like Grand Homes can use such cheap quality...

Grand Homes / bad foundation


Selling houses on bad soil leading up to foundation problems. We bought a home in Grand praire that was a foreclosure.The house was 5 years old and had really bad foundation problems.Grand Homes was the builder and they say that the foundation is guaranted for 10 years.What they dont tell...

Grand Homes / Terrible company

Grand Home refuse to return my Earnest money. In January of 2008 I purchased a house from Grand Homes Builders. The agreement was: A. I WOULD HAVE TO sale my EXISTING RESIDENCE. If I could not sell my home, grand home would refund earnest money. B. If the lender declines my loan, GRAND...