[Resolved] Grabcar Malaysiacomplaint driver's behavior towards customer.


Good Evening,

The incident happen at 13th October 2017 afternoon 12:06PM. I have made a grab car order through the Apps which was booking grab from 5 Jalan Kangar, Alor Setar to KTM Arau Railway Station Lobby. The driver Name as [removed] with car plate number [removed] accept my order and calling to confirm my extract location, and I has reply I am waiting in front of the Toyota Kangar service center (shoplot). Additional information, Kangar was having raining at the moment during placed order.

After few minute the driver was call back for the arrival with impolite tone as did not see me then I walk to the road side of Toyata Kangar service center in order to look for the grab, but I cannot see any car with plate number [removed][ (Car Model Axia :White). After few minute conversation between me and driver i found out the grab was stop by the main road which is before the traffic light and the driver order me and my friend to walk out to reach him and without waiting for my reply direct hang out my phone.

During the moment, Kangar still raining and the road was full of small pond of water, and your driver was using the impolite tone to order me to walk t him and without get my permission and hang out my phone. I seriously feel like irrespective by him, and i pay money for him to scold me. After then, i walk back to the small coffee shop and talk to my friend about your driver attitude and your driver call back again to question me why I walk back and order me to walk to him again and HANG MY PHONE AGAIN without get my reply. I WAS TOTALLY BLUR AT THE TIME, AM I THE CUSTOMER OR HE IS THE CUSTOMER, WHY I WANT TO PAY HIM TO SCOLD ME. AM I ABNORMAL???? Then I decide to cancel the booking and I have apology to the driver as I had cancel the booking, and your driver scold at me for playing with his service and said I cant cancel the booking in the phone and i compromise with him if he drive in to the shoplot then I will take the grab and he ASK ME TO WALK TO HIM AGAIN. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR DRIVEN, HOW CAN HE DID NOT RESPECT MY SPEECH AS I ALREADY SAID IF HE DRIVE IN TEHN I TAKE GRAB IF HE DON'T THEN I WILL CANCEL. All this conversation was through phone call by your driver with contact number +[protected]. Then he walk down from the car and threaten me said I was playing him and he will report to the Grab Service and block me to use any grab service anymore. IS THAT THE ATTITUDE SHOULD HAVE BY YOUR DRIVEN.

To be honor I feel my safety was threaten at the moment as there are few cases happen in recently the Uber drive violate toward the customer, and at the moment I with my other lady friend to face the GRAB DRIVEN (GUY).

I directly ignore him at the moment and look for other grab service through my friend's smart phone and your driven was called to your service hotline, i guess. By the end, he was leave and I and my friend finally feel safe and on board other friendly and good attitude grab driven to Arau Train station.

In this email, I would suggest to strict control the driven quality as I hope not meet any GRAB DRIVEN WITH THREATEN TONE TOWARD THE CUSTOMER. At the same time, I'm studying at Kangar, Perlis and will book grab again in the near future. I hope you can block the same driver to receive my booking. As I'm not sure will this driver just drop me at any road side for reverse and this make me feel insecure to drive with Grab.

Sincerely, hope your company will take action on checking the driver quality. I did not want to get any remuneration from your company, I'm here to give the feedback and experience toward this driver.

Hope to get your reply soon.

My account detail as below:
Contact number: [removed]
User name: [removed]

  • Resolution Statement

    I have missed post this complaint to this website, as i though this is Grab customer complaint board, after I figure out this is a public complaint board. Thus I direct call to Grab customer hotline look for help. Please ignore this post as this post was posted before I contact Grab sevice.

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