GrabCar / GrabTaxivery very very rude driver

E Aug 14, 2018

The driver was very very very rude!!!
He needs to go back to training and should learn what customer service is!!! When I rode his car, he was looking at me as if he would kill me while i pick my nose using a tissue paper and told me to go out of his car while i do it!!! Very unprofessional!!! His reason is very unacceptable. He told me he has a 4yo son and was worried that his son might get it. He should have known the risk of having his car on a public service prior joining Grab. For sure, he will encounter the worst with other customers .Picking my nose using a tissue paper can be done inside the car since i know the etiquette on how to do my stuff. (With a tissue) i strongly recommend to fire this man. Such a disgrace!!!

very very very rude driver

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