GrabCar / GrabTaxidriver took my cash and said I did not pay!

E May 17, 2019

I am a long time Grab/Uber platinum customer. I never had any issue before last week. At 5am on 08/05 I ordered a Grab to go to KL Sentral. For some reason my credit card details were erased from the App (due to an update?) and I did not realize this until I arrived. Arrived at KL Sentral, the driver asked me for 160RM (seriously?!). This price is for a Vellfire all the way to the airport, more than 1 hour drive, when my drive was 8mins and about 6km!! I paid 50RM to the driver in cash, which is more than what I paid 10 days earlier (42RM) for the same drive. I mentioned to the driver (who was not even the same person than picture on the app) that I will complain and I immediately reported the driver a few minutes later. The driver must have said that I did not pay because 2 days later my account was banned! Grab banned my account without calling me, sending me any email, nothing! When I called a few days later the reason mentioned was "customer refused to pay". So, it means the driver said that I did not pay I guess. Really?! So, I am the one who complained, I had 0 problem in many years of use, platinum member and Grab did not even take under consideration my complaint made immediately after drop-off! Worse, no one even called me! That shows how little they care for their customers!! Disgusted...

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