GoToGate / name correction

United Kingdom

The most disgraceful "travel" company I have used. Words cannot describe how horrific the service I have received. I booked a ticket to New York in January 2019 and there was a slight surname typo on the confirmation of the ticket. I have continuously called almost daily since then to ask to have the name amended. Initially they said there is nothing they can do and cannot provide a refund. I then called up Virgin Atlantic directly and they said they don't know what the big fuss is about, they do allow name changes for a fee but the agent has to do it as I booked via them. I then called up Go to gate and reiterated that they can make a change but will need an authorisation code from Virgin Atlantic which they need to request. The call centre staff are clueless and do not care about customer service whatsoever. I managed to speak to the "supervisor" and he said I will receive an email with the name change confirmation and a link for payment - this was 2 months ago. I have been calling the call centre almost daily in order to receive this email so I can make payment but all they give me is a flurry of excuses, "we will send it shortly", "you will receive the email in 2 days", "you will get it soon" The most recent one is "You will receive it in 4 hours - be patient". That was 4 days. I am due to fly out in one week and 4 1/2 months later I am in the same position. The call centre staff are the most rudiest people I've ever spoke to, it is obvious they don't care as they are thousands of miles away in India. It's got to the point now that when I call up after waiting for sometimes up to 60 mins on hold and give my reference number, they hang up on me. This is not a company, they are scammers. Stay well clear. I made a huge mistake by not researching the company before I purchased my ticket and now I'm suffering the consequences. Don't make the same mistake as me.

May 15, 2019

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