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I heard a promotion on the radio about a one-year free membership with zero dollars initiation fee at GoodLife with certain restrictions and conditions.

I went to GoodLife to discuss the restrictions to the front desk and they told me to speak to the "manager". A young man (25-30 years of age) with no job title approached me. We sat down at a near by table and the first question he asked was what I do for a living and whether I am with an association or a company. My association offers a competitive rate, however I wanted to try out the facility for a "free year" as per the radio promotion before signing up. Right away, he offered me 2 months for $2 each and then I could start paying my association rate. Therefore, I came in regarding one promotion and I receive something completely different. Subsequently, I joined for $2 per 2 months. To receive my association corporate rate, I would need to pay them directly. Therefore, I do not have to deal with GoodLife for payments. The sales rep. also gave me this information. He then asked for my cheque information and claimed, "not a dime would be taken", since I would be dealing with my association and not GoodLife. He informed me this information is necessary to activate my membership. I was reluctant to give that information since I found it unnecessary and said I would bring it in tomorrow when I receive my orientation session.

The next day, I spoke to the same sales rep. He asked for the void cheque, and again I fed him the same lines as yesterday. He informed me, if I do not give him my bank account number, I can't join, even though yesterday I paid the $4 and oh 20 cents for 2 months of gym access which I was now unable to attend. He then adds he needs this information to apply the $30 bi-weekly charge. Bi-weekly? I asked. I reminded him about my association fee and he said oh right (as if he forgot), and continued, but I still need the cheque information to open your 12 month contract membership. As a result, everything we discussed 24 hours ago didn't register and now he's giving me new information we didn't even discuss! I said thanks but I'll pass and he tore my membership contract with this rude look on his face. Sorry buddy, you're only getting $4.20 out of me.

After the "void cheque" incident yesterday, I did my research and this website really helped. I discovered this didn't just happen to me but to others alike. Please share your story on this website to help others save money and avoid headaches.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 12, 2019 5:47 pm EDT

I have been a good life member since I can remember! I love coming however I find the staff at the women's good life South Park street I often using the equipment to socialize during peak hours so people are uncomfortable to use the machines accessible to everyone

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Jan 06, 2019 12:06 am EST

No one can provide me a receipt. I have to wait 25 days. I will be loosing out in a 300$ reimbursement from my employer. No one cares.

Nov 13, 2018 8:35 am EST
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I have been getting overcharged on my bank statements for a month now, been calling headoffice..they will put you on hold for 15min and click (hung up on you) or press 1 and they will return your call ( they dont).

Oct 27, 2018 3:18 pm EDT

Teddy Theo Garfunkel has been training clients at various goodlife locations for many years now. He is not an employee. He's paid on cash 60 dollars an hour. He is currently training under the radar at your park road location also your blood just west of bay st.

Oct 21, 2018 7:02 pm EDT
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I am japneet singh...i am completely pissed off by your service...last month i put on membership on hold because of some matter..they told me its gonna work till 28 of august...but still they cut charges from my bank account...
Goodlife service is really [censored]n bad...

Oct 16, 2018 5:49 am EDT

For the Prestige Plan we were told we either give them our banking info or pay for a full year: $720 + tax. This is not ethical.

Sep 05, 2018 10:54 am EDT
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The goodlife fitness in calgary alberta on 8th ave took money out of my account three times and the [censored]ed me for rent by 50.40 and i cant afford to cancel my account

Sep 05, 2018 5:48 pm EDT

AMANDA BURTON ABused a disabled member,
fraud and enjoys being mean

shame on you and staff members

karma will get you
it has gone on to long
this isn't North Korea,

the stocks and credibility is gone

and company needs mass firing!
or get out the business

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Sep 01, 2018 11:11 am EDT

I'm very disappointed in the employees services at different locations in Windsor regarding management and staff ignoring complaints regarding Hygiene and cleanliness in the men's bathrooms. Do to the lack of cooperation or understanding of management to deal with members that are slobs and pigs in the men's bathroom

Aug 20, 2018 3:32 pm EDT

Goodlife on 137 Yonge Street Toronto dont have customer services!
In the entrance they dont even look at you and everyday I arrive and already want to leave because I dont feel welcome there!

Dec 05, 2010 3:26 am EST

This is all ridiculous. I have been a member at GoodLife for years and know a lot of the staff there. Number one: you misunderstood the radio announcement. No gym would give out a free one year membership. How does that make sense? They said ZERO DOLLAR ENROLLMENT. Which means instead of paying the x amount of dollars for an enrollment fee, they waive it. Number two: if you sign a contract stating that you will pay x amount of dollars every two weeks or every month, then you are signing a LEGAL document. You cannot just NOT pay the money. You have signed a contract and are expected to fulfill everything on the contract. This is why people think they get screwed over by GoodLife. READ THE CONTRACT before you sign it so that you are not misunderstanding anything. GoodLife explains everything in their contract and if people would just read it before they sign, there would be no issues. GoodLife is not out to get anyone. It is careless people who don't pay attention to what they are signing that get screwed over.

Oct 16, 2009 10:10 pm EDT

FYI Goodlife in Australia is a COMPLETELY different company.

Feb 02, 2009 10:24 pm EST
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Goodlife has made it to Australia, unfortunately. My gym (where I had been a happy member for 7 years) became Goodlife and it has been down hill since then (18 months ago). Mid 2008, some group fitness classes were changed, upsetting many people. There was NO member consultation. My contract was ending in August 2008 and I did renew my annual membership (this was when I first signed up with Goodlife, as opposed to my old gym, Hunts) but made it conditional (ie. in writing) that if classes were altered I was permitted to cancel my membership & receive a full refund. In November, all my off peak classes were changed and I requested my membership to be cancelled and asked for my refund. Since late November, I have been told several times that the payment has been approved by head office and is going into my bank account. So, 2.5 months later, I am still waiting for my money! I have now taken the matter to Consumer Affairs Department to get my money back. I agree, Goodlife are just outright LIARS! I warn you, DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER OF GOODLIFE HEALTH CLUBS (unless you have money to throw away). They are ROGUES and should not be permitted to be in business.

Feb 02, 2009 9:35 am EST

I have been a GoodLife member for 3 years and I love it there. My friend is a sales guy there so maybe I can offer some insight.

Often times GoodLife runs contests where you can win a one year membership. You must have heard wrong because no business in their right mind would give everyone a year for free.

@Anna- Unfortuenately if you sign the paper it doesn't legally matter what he told you. You have to read the contract. Sounds like the guy you talked to tho was extreamly unprofessional. Did you try going to the manager? Calling customer service?

May 10, 2008 11:10 am EDT


I totally understand what you just wrote!
I passed by Goodlife on March 26th (now it is Apris 10th) just to take a tour!
The manager present at that time (about 24 years old) said he'd give me a tour and explain everything. He pulled me towards a near by table and sat down with some papers and asked me to fill them out. then he told me about the gym and kept asking if I was affiliated with a certain company or business (i refused to answer..) it is noone's business!

By the time we ended the tour.. he recapitulated all the information, and said that ''in order to finalize my membership, he need a void cheque from my bank institution''. He gave me til next Monday to bring it in, , or he would have to ''forget about me'' because I wouldn't have had paid!

In th meantime, I started a new job at the government that provides free gym services.
So I decided not to go on with the contract and not to bring in the void cheque.

Monday passed, they kept calling 2-3 times A DAY! requesting to speak with me!
Naturally I thought it was to sweet talk me into joining with them! So i asked my father to call them back (because I had no time, i was in exam period and worked!) and to tell them not to bother!

Today, I received a letter claiming I have OUTSTANDING payments!
I never brought the cheqye, therefore, the contract wasn't supposed to be validated! (as he said the first time)

I called and he said: You signed the contract you MUST pay! (even though i CREARLY remember he said otherwise) so he called me a liar and said ''I sign up thousands of people here, and you're the only one who said I gave you wrong information''!
GREAT! if he signs so many people up, how come he SO DESPERATELY wants ME to pay and sign up!? As if two payments from ONE person is gonna change anything!

Nevertheless, I intend to contact the Better Business Bureau and write up a complaint! if that doesn't work, i will go to court!
This is unacceptable!
He LIED! that is a FACT!
but i'm the idiot at the ened, because he has my NAME on the contract!

ARGH!I am so mad I cannot explain to what extent !

I just hope, people research this place before signing up or even just DON'T SIGN ANYTHING until you get different opinions from different managers or employess, or get a Witness!

Best of Luck!



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