GolfNowbooking golf reservations

On Sept 23rd I had trouble navigating thru GolfNow's web site with the intention of booking a reservation for 3 golfers at Rollling Meadows in Niagara Falls ON Canada.
Somehow I found that I had booked for 4 golfers confirmation #[protected]. I should have stopped there. Instead I quickly attempted to delete 1 golfer. I ended up cancelling 3 golfers.
And still being billed for 4. Then I called customer service explaining my situation and he booked 2 golfers charging my credit card $82.47 confirmation #[protected].

I asked if it would it be possible to put the $84.47 towards the payment of my initial booking? So that I will only be charged $164.93 at the end of the day? I would accept the extra golfer as a no show as a lesson learned.
They offered me promo codes that have so many restrictions they are all but useless. I can't see how I can be charged for 6 golf reservations when only 4 were available in the first place. Any assistance with this matter will be gratefully accepted.

Sep 29, 2019

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