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J Nov 28, 2018
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I workout today November 28, 2018 at Golds Gym Acropolis between 3:00pm to 3:30pm I was rudely stop by a trainer in the middle of my workout he said " Have you log in? " with a very rude tone like his the owner of the branch and I am his maid. And there is one guy who actually hear what his telling me. I said no, because I don't know that I need to sign in every time I will workout because I was not inform by the guy at the reception when I registered using metrodeal voucher. I was not informed about the things that I should keep in mind with my membership using metro deal voucher. I thought that signing in was just purely to earn points that I could redeem anytime which I don't care. The trainer who rudely stop me said " You disrespected the manager by not logging in" like I was working out there for FREE! And what's funny was I started to workout at Gold Acropolis last September 2018 and they haven't advice me that I should sign in first every visit. So he insisted that I should sign using the biometrics which I don't have any [censored]ing idea was that for! He didn't ASK me how did I got my membership he just ASSUMED that I should use the biometrics and then I told him that I use metrodeal and he was a bit surprised then he pulled out this old looking tablet that was so slow and use my phone number to sign in. After that I ask him when will I finished my membership and what's really [censored]ing hilarious was he told me " Sorry but the guy who registered you with us ( co worker of him ) didn't put any information on your record" WHAT THE [censored]? I think the manager should do the talking in this kind of situation because the trainer acts like a trainer from a very cheap and filthy gym. I'm thinking you should re train the manager and the trainer he could have waited for me to finish my workout and they could have ask me nicely alone without any other people listening because for all I know I PAID for it! SO I COULD WORKOUT THERE WHETHER USING A METRODEAL OR A CREDIT CARD!


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    Unknown 2121 Jul 05, 2019

    I didn’t know managers in Harlingen tx name Chris were allowed to contact customers that work out at the gym and try to get them to hang out and have drinks but I guess that’s okay with hiring people that think since they are managers that they can do what ever they want to the people that they in role .

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