Golden Arrow Bus Services [GABS]term ticket

P Aug 03, 2018

Good day

I have a problem with the services when a scholar is using a term ticket. I bought one for my child for each term and in her school they are wearing casual clothes on Fridays she is still at the Primary School, every Fridays she is experiencing a big problem with her ticket not wearing a uniform and I am failing to understand the reason of that because everybody know exactly that the school starts from Monday to Friday there is no way that a child can travel early hours on weekdays not going to school even if she is not wearing a uniform, so please is there any way that this matter can be resolved because I can't afford to buy another ticket while my child is in possession of another ticket just because of the way she is dressing on a school day. So please can something be done to resolve the matter as it is an urgent matter. For the previous term I didn't take it so serious because she was travelling with me most times but this terms seem to be a very serious one the driver even chuck her out of the bus that she can't continue with the journey in his bus wearing her clothes, she had to walk to school from town to Seapoint because I was not with her, imagine a little girl travelling alone in the dark, in this cruel mother city, I was in shock when she told me I was thinking of what could had happen if something bad happened. If I knew of a specific person to complain to I could have directed my complaint straight to him/her. I will be very glad if I can get a speedy response as this is a crucial matter.

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