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GoldCar RentalRental car - goldcar

I rented a car on Pisa airport from march 4th to march 10th. When I got back to Brazil I noticed that my credit card was charged 52, 19 USD + 79, 5 USD, but I had payed already to Ryanair and there was no extras left to pay.

WHen contacting them they said I returned late, but after explaining everything, they still dont want to give my money back.
I dont know who to access in order to meet my rights.

Rental car - goldcar

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    • Og
      ogurec May 29, 2019
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    GoldCar RentalDeposit and insurance

    Agreement number [protected]. Car hire on Tenerife.
    I've been forced to pay for the full insurance which i don't need. I told to the Goldcar person that i already have a 3rd party insurance and i don't need a full insurance from goldcar. And then when we tried several times to take a deposit from my card (£1, 100) it didn't work and she said my card is not accepted, transaction is not possible and you have to pay full amount (£160 for insurance when i paid £40 for the car for the whole period!) . I had to pay cause i needed a car, but when I called to my bank to check what happened, they said nobody even tried to make a transaction and my card works fine. So it's just a scam to make me pay extra for insurance that i don't actually need. I'm going to take this into court as I've got all the proofs from my bank and from my 3rd party insurer. This is a complaint to request my money to be refunded as i never asked for insurance and this is an illegal enforcement to make me pay for it.

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      May 10, 2019

      GoldCar Rental — Unauthorized credit card charges

      I rent a car in Stansted Airport from February 22 14:25 to March 1 2019 14:25 - Agreement # [protected] - #...

      GoldCar RentalContract [protected]. Client 169211

      I have been charged on my credit card for 73euros after being told I had flex fuel and I would not be charged this payment after the fuel payment came in with the full payment I made. They actually told me on 1 may 2019 that this payment would not be taken I would like this money returned to my card please I have always used Goldcar for my car hire

      Contract [protected]. Client 169211
      Contract [protected]. Client 169211

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        GoldCar RentalCar rental

        GoldCar is the worst company ever. They dont care about customers they care only for revenue. They should be in jail, when innocent people are thrown to jail and this THIEVES are out there stealing our money without suffering consequences.

        I have rented a vehicle with Goldcar in Iceland on the 20/03/2019 till 25/03/2019.
        I asked the full insurance at the desk, and the agent told me to dont worry that the only thing this insurance would not cover would be the roof and undercarriage.

        At return, another agent informed us about a tiny mark on the left front door and assured that would be a damage caused by the wind and in this case it is negligence and Weather conditions damages are not included in the full insurance.

        I have informed the agent that I work for Europcar Portugal, Faro, and there is no such thing as Weather conditions as negligence. I have seen cars entirely damaged and with no extra charges were applied once they have PREMIUM AND RSA cover.

        I have also asked to see where it was written such thing, and with no luck. Furthermore, it is a scratch on the front door that you cannnot guess if its Weather or accident. And it does not matter because I have full insurance. They are just making it up to extra charge to achieve they targets.

        After returning to Portugal They have charged me 476€ without authorization. I have not signed any paper and still they have charged me from my credit card.

        After trying all costumer service, I have sent the situation to escalation head office department where now they are stating that if I don't show a police report for the damage I am entitled to 100% of the damage.

        First is weather conditions as negligence and now because they don't know what else to say they say that I needed to present a police report when nothing was informed at the pick up moment and also returning EVEN IF WE ARE FULL INSURED.

        This company should be sued legally for all the damages they are causing to people. Sued for stealing money and still running a company.


        Cláudia Santos

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          GoldCar RentalCar rental

          This is the worst car rental experience in my life, First I had a very poor attention from Ruth in Palma de Mallorca.
          They tried to sold my an extra insurance and were very agressive...
          When I return the car I had 1 hour late due to some private issue and the did charge me 60€ and I found this really abusive.
          My contract number is [protected]

          I just really do not recomand this company their price are very attractive but hide a terrible penalty strategy to finaly become much more expensive than any other company...
          Be carefull to this company!!!

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            Apr 25, 2019

            GoldCar Rental — Unfair 950 € charge to my credit card

            I rented car at Goldcar Valencia Airport Office on 08 April and dropped it off at same office on 14 April...

            GoldCar RentalCar rental, deposit not returned in full

            My deposit in amount of EUR 215.20 paid on 5 April 2019 was not fully returned. The rental company paid EUR 126.00 on 8 April 2019 hence I want to claim the remaining part (EUR 89.20). The rental company confirmed there were no additional costs to be settled thus full deposit should have been returned. Thank you!

            Contract no [protected], pick-up location Mallorca airport, pick-up date 5 April, drop-off date 8 April 2019.

            Kind regards,
            Peter Tomcik

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              Apr 19, 2019

              GoldCar Rental — Unethical behaviour, very rude staff, avoid them if possible

              We rent a small Nissan car on April 10, 2019 initially for three days. Our nightmare started on April 12 when...

              Apr 19, 2019

              GoldCar Rental — Not issue an invoice

              I rented a car from Gold Car Antalya on April 6 1 - When I called the office, they told me that they only...

              Apr 19, 2019

              GoldCar Rental — Forced to pay for full insurance. Additional charge for no reason!

              I arrived at 22.30, so just before your office was to close. Your employee was rude from the start and wa...

              Apr 18, 2019

              GoldCar Rental — Fuel caution refund

              I rented from Goldcar in Ibiza from 3 to 9 April. I payed for a Full assurance, and they asked for gasoline...

              Apr 13, 2019

              GoldCar Rental — Lack of information/signposting to drop off gold car keys leading to missed flight

              Gold Car Booking no. [protected] (Contract no. [protected]) We arrived at Malaga airport approx 05:00 a.m...

              Gold Car RentalCar rental

              GAP Comentario : 1979992 / Bono Agencia: ES514587990 (AVP

              We rented a car from the airport at Los Palmas on 27th February 2019. On check out of the car, there was damage to the car which was noted on the check out report prepared by Gold car. It was not pleasant to have to take a car which was damaged, but it was noted on the report so we took the car out.

              On returning the car on 6th March, we left the car with the representative in the car park. Within 40 mins we had received an invoice for €550 from Goldcar for the damage which had been noted on the original check out form.

              After several weeks of complaining with no response, and a call to their call centre, which was of not help at all as the operative claimed his computer wasn't working so he could not give me any contact details, we finally received an acceptance from GoldCar that they had made a mistake and that a full refund would be paid. This was on the 24th March.

              Almost 3 weeks later and after several chasing emails, no funds have been received.

              It seems this is a standard practice for this company as there are many similar reports of additional charges. I will not be using the company again and will be spending as much time as available to advice others to do the same until the matter is resolved.

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                Apr 08, 2019

                GoldCar Rental — Ripped off added extras such as insurances told me deposit

                Goldcar malaga airport es Contrato [protected] client code [protected] car hire 22/03/2019 - 03/04/2019 Scammed...

                Apr 03, 2019

                GoldCar Rental — Refusal of my debit card contrary to what was written in the contract and upsell of a very costly insurance

                On February 13/02/2019 I prepaid the rental of a car via the website Holiday Auto and thus make a contract...

                Mar 30, 2019

                GoldCar Rental — Charges for damage that were not my damages and I have the proof!

                I rented vehicle 3323jyf seat leon 1.2 tsi style 110cv grey on 3/02/19 to 17/02/19 on contract [protected] there...

                Mar 26, 2019

                GoldCar Rental — Car rental.

                I initially paid £66.79 via Ryanair for the hire of the most basic car available. I then was landed with a...

                Mar 19, 2019

                GoldCar Rental — Additional charge for missing item.

                Date 11/03/2019 - 18/03/2019. Contract number [protected]. The Goldcar has charged 300 EUR for missing parcel...

                GoldCar RentalCar rental

                I rented on Doyouspain.com with the company Goldcar two cars for my stay ( we land at midnight of March 10th and departure at 11 a.m on the March 12th) with my friends in Tenerife with an original price of 26, 16€ per car, paid online. Then we arrived at the airport to collect the cars, we went to the Goldcar and two workers started the paperwork, and that when we realized something was wrong, first the two give us different prices for each car and added this and that for us to pay, so we stopped them and told them why the conditions are different for two exactly same car and what did we paid for online ?! At this point we paid for the first car an extra 210€ plus the fee we paid online, very upset for being scammed because the price, we told them that we just want one car since the workers were very unprofessional, making a lot of mistakes . We preferred to lose the 26, 16€ that we already paid for the second car and went to rent from another company and paid more than half the price of Goldcar but with much much better service. Even after we felt robbed and were treated very poorly by the Goldcar workers, we didn't want to ruin our little stay in Tenerife so we paid and 5 of us used the car that Goldcar rented to us to get to the hotel vincii which was about 10minutes from the airport. The car felt very uncomfortable to drive but since we are no expert in cars, we just thought that was normal since is a car we never drove before and we were sure that a company that rent cars do their job properly and check their car regularly for the customers to drive safely after they ask so much money, right? On the next day we went to the volcano teide as we planned before, we had a very rough car journey and then we were half way from driving down from the mountain, I stared to feel that the car's BRAKES wasn't working !!! I was really afraid for our lives and want desperately to stop the car since we were going down from high altitude and we could fell from a cliff if the car won't stop, because we weren't going fast we manage to pull the car and tried to park safely but without the brakes was so hard and dangerous, we went off road a little. Scared and shocked, local people of the little town that saw us came to the rescue and helped us to push the car back to the road. We called the assistance of Goldcar and then the local people also speak to the in Spanish to make the situation very clear to them, the assistant just told us to wait for the Goldcar driver to come and pick the broken car in about half and hour or forty minutes then call them again to collect us and take us to the airport to get another car! We told them that we don't want to ever use another car from them because we don't want to risk our lives another time e want at least a refund !!! We waited for more than an hour but no one from Goldcar came, so the local people explained to the Goldcar assistant and they agreeed to give the key to the driver of Goldcar when he shows up. The locals called a taxi for us and we went back since we already waste so much time of our little stay and got such a big scare, but still hoped that the Goldcar company will take responsibility. A few hours later I called the assistance again because they told me nothing about the situation, clearly they were just happy they got the money and don't care about the customers at all ! The assistance told me to call customer service who was not helpful at all and nothing was explained to me or mention an apology or a refund !
                When we arrived on the morning of the 12th at Goldcar window and explained the situation and wanted someone to explain us what to do, the worker was so rude and gave a complaint form to fill and treated us like trash or criminals when the goldcar should be arrested for almost killing us !!! I filled the complaint form and asked a refund but when I got back in Italy I just received and email from customer service that says that their are top company with high quality service but sometimes this can happen because they have so many cars and customers!!! I'm beyond disgusted, they didn't gave us our money back nor apologize but just wash their hands off ! This can be accepted ! we paid for nothing, we couldn't use the car or the fuel or the insurance that they made us pay! I want a proper respond and and a concrete solution for what happened to us ! It's our right as a customers !

                Car rental
                Car rental

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