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Non service during AMC

CONTACT NO : MOBILE [protected], LANDLINE [protected].

GODREJ WASHING MACHINE FULLY AUTOMATIC – UNDER AMC- VALID TILL 28.05.2011 – not functioning – service provider not settling the problem.

The Washing machine is giving a lot of problem quite frequently but the after service is very poor.
I have made several complaints regarding the water intake level problem i.e. sensor problem, but your Service is lagging far behind.
After a month or so on 20.12.2009(Sunday), One service engineer came and checked my washing machine and further agreed that there is a sensor problem as the water is on taking into the tub upto the 3rd level (because after the 2nd level the inflow continues without any end) and was informed that the Service company will contact me to settle the problem (Service provider note enclosed). I have taken leave and waited till to-day(i.e.28.12.2009) but as usual nobody turned up. So I again contacted this No.[protected], and once again informed the problem and further told them that I will be available after 6 pm onwards as my leave days have exhausted and I was given a service call No.394966. On 28.12.2009 evening, I received a ROUGH call from the Mobile No.[protected], saying that he is from the Godrej “SMART” CARE, and I spoke very politely explaining the washing machine problem, the service engineer, I suppose, suddenly started shouting un-rudely and abusively saying it is not possible to settle the problem.
Under the above circumstances I request that your good offices may kindly interfere and settle my sensor problem immediately since I never expected such a low profile mentality from such a high esteemed company like GODREJ.

bad quality

we are privilegde to have godrej washing machine(fully automatic).the sales person were too seweet and convincing as always while we were on a search for purchasing washing machine, and we to trusted more on the brand name like 'Godrej' we got the machine without thinking much as it a truested name in themarket.

after getting the machine, we are highly dissatisfied with the way it functions.atleast 10-15 complints have been lodged within 6 months of our purchase of teh machine. once the key pad got chnaged, once the water pipe, and then the inlet pipe, almost all teh parts ahve been replaced, as we were within the warranty period it dint cost us much, but it was a real pain on our neck since the very first day.

and now, since 2 months, the dryer is not functioining, sometimes it works sometimes it finishes teh job without drying, first we thought that may be we have not started the maching properly and we used to subside the issue, but it continued and there is no soultion to it. we are highly fed up of this waching machine, and want to return back the washing machine to godrej company, as we are not at all satisfied with the machine, there is no way we want to compromise with exchnage of the same,

please let us know what can be done, if there is any other way to deal with this issue.


Poor Service Cordination

I have purchased Godrej washing machine in 2005 and I understand some complaint in my first usage. and I report this to the service person and they taken four months to repair the same.

Last month I faced the same complaint and I reported to customer care and received complaint No:784102. Alwaye Service person (Kerala) came and they informed me that warranty is over and they will charge 350/- as service charge (They asked me the amount at that time, I refused and decided to pay only after repair) and they need two days to replace the complaint part ("Pulsator") Now it is two weeks and yesterday (5/10) I called Customer care and they commit me before 5pm they will repair the same. But I am sorry to say that this is a clear cut cheating from Godrej. They must check the quality of goods they sold under their brand. Why we suffer.
Jane ([protected])

  • Gi
    Girish Patel Nov 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is Girish Patel from Mumbai I have the same problem with the godrej washing machine, I have paid them for 2 year amc contract since a week past i had complained the customer care, their engineer visited the place and complained the part is not been working they will replace it, since more than 8 days past no body still turned up for the service nor any followup is been done, Please see to that if any person trying to give a AMC contract to Godgrej that they should take every thing in writting or they will not serve as per the contract, as once they get the money they dont borther who's the customer. Which is being happing the same to me.

    Please be careful before giving the AMC contract or you will be also cheated like me.

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Free installation service sucks!!


I bought a Godrej Ultra Tri bolt on Aug 23rd, with Free installation guaranteed and also mentioed on the package,

After 5 calls to the call center, no technician has even contacted me. Each time, the call center agent has given false reassurance about the technician turning up the same day.

The service point in buying an expensive security system to keep it lying in the drawer.

My advice: Do not buy Godrej products with "free installation" unless you have the resources to do it yourself.

Puja Mathur

Free Installation Service not provided

I had purchased a Tribolt godrej lock for Rs. 1811/- on 10.07.2009 from Jagdish Chandra & Sons, Old Railway road, Gurgaon(Haryana) vide Cas Memo No. 4230 dt. 10.07.2009, for domestic use. The lock was to be installed by the tecnician of the Godrej Company free of cost.Accordingly, residetial address was informed to the concerned person of the Godrej Company at Gurgaon for installation of the newly purchased godrej Tribolt Lock on 10.07.2009. The technician attended my residence on the same day to install the lock. But he refused to install the lock because s sticker was not sticked on the packing box of the lock, against which the tecnician could have claimeda sum of Rs.90/- from the company or what ever it is.Resulting, I had to pay Rs.150/- to get the lock installed from a carpenter, hired from the market.The dealer Jagdish Chandra & Sons, Old Railway road, Gurgaon(Haryana), also did not help me in this matter.
Even I showed the original bill of the dealer.
Therefore I demand for refund of Rs. 150/-from the dealer or the company who are responsible for deficiency in the after sale services otherwise the matter will be handed over to the Hon'ble Cosumer Court at the earliest

  • Pa
    pankaj vyas Dec 01, 2009

    Our carpenter had purchased a ultra twin bolt (model 1ck) godrej lock for domestic use for Rs. 1190/- on 22.10.2009 from Welcome ply woods and hardware store, sheth dwarkadas jadhavji chawl, shop no 2 main carter road at Borivli (East) mumbai 400066. owner name Mr Shailesh (Tel no 28060071, 28619787, 9869586567) vide Cas Memo No. dt.22-10-2009 without vat invoice wheb we have insisted for vat bill he told us there is no need for vat bill.

    When we see The lock was not working than we personally went to Welcome ply woods and after long discussion he has promise to replace and give new lock . after 7 days our carpenter bring lock in same condition we sent our carpenter to their shop they refuce to replace the lock

    please look in to this and please take prompt action


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  • Rr
    R.R.RAMAKRISHNAN Jan 25, 2010

    my door lock(round headed) got struck not able to open with the to open whom i have to contact

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  • Vm
    V.M.KAUL Dec 09, 2011

    I purchased Godrej Pentabolt lock from Dream House M22 GK2. The lock was installed promptly but the alignment was not up to the mark.The mechanic at that time said this was the best he could do. Not after 6 months, the alignment has become quite bad and the door closes with a big thud.It has taken me 7 days to get hold of a mechanic for proper installation from the company's call centre. iam still waiting endlessly for the mechanic and the way they talk to the customer is as if they are doing a big favour.The complaint number is DEL/106996. This kind of service is a black mark on the reputed name of Godrej.

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Bad customer care

I am not at all satisfied with the services provided by the dealer and even company Area sales manager, we...

Reg.the Demo,the things in the Refrigerator are spoiling

Hi sir, I am Complainting you regarding the services towards the customers.I have taken an new...

Godrej - No Reply to customer Complains

Hello, I purchased the godrej queens bed before 3 months. After 15 days, the top legs of the bed got damaged. We informed the showroom and send the complaint also we visited them and talk to them, but till take 2nd april 2008 we have not received any replacement of the legs.
Kindly any body suggest what to do...

  • Ra
    Raj Kiran Sharma May 09, 2009

    In 18 Months of Purchase of this twain queen size bed, this has been damaged 3times, only once were some parts of the bed were replaced, Now the bed has been damaged again and literally broken..we paid through out Nose 26000/- Rupees for this bed, very bad quality of furniture and non-responsive behavior of Comfort Net Traders-- Keerti Nagar, Delhi( Ms Vandana) and Mr. Jitender Service quality Manager from Godrej, this is very disappointing.

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Non-refund of advance amount paid by cheque on 30-10-2007

Dear Sir,

It is 5.30 p.m. now. Your offcials have again proved their scant respect for duty by inaction which indicates that your Company is untrustworthy .

Why is this deficinecy in service perpetrated in a Company claiming to be custonmer friendly ?

Anxiously awaiting your swift action for my refund cheque - this time please convey on telephone abut despatch by courier. One can't wait endlessly at home waiting for one's own money.

I also appreciate your probing into the deliberate delay in the matter,if otherwise, let me have clear details of why the delay is so much prolonged with a vague reply from your officials.


d message attached.
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Forwarded Message [ Download File ]
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 20:48:21 -0800 (PST)
From: "A.S.Narayanan Iyer" <[protected]>
Subject: RE: Non- refund of advance booking amount deposited without delivering the product -URGENT
To: "Havewala Godrej" <[protected]>
HTML Attachment [ Scan and Save to Computer ]
A.S. Narayanan,
Tel : [protected]
9th November 2007

Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.
Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai 400 079, India .
Phone: [protected] / 5959
Fax: [protected]
Email : [protected]

Kind Attention Customer Service division
Subject : Defective Services –Inordinate delay
Constrained to Cancel booking Order

Dear Sir,

Your Salesman (Time Lease Co.) failed to fulfill my booking order and have not delivered Refrigerator booked. Details are given below.

Application No Date of booking Product Sale Manager Assured booking date Advance booking amt. Status
1022412 30/10/07 Refrigerator
215 ltrs Exch.
Offer Vaibhav(Tel. [protected] 02/11/07 Rs. 1000/- Not yet delivered

Follow-up done by me after 2//11/2007
1. 35 telephone calls enquiring status and pray for early delivery
2. Response from sales team was false assurance of delivery between 3 – 8 p.m. each day when telephone
3. My cheque no. 897889 dated 30-10-2007 drawn on Syndicate Bank ,Dombivili presented for payment by M/s Godrej & Boyce and cleared for payment o 5/11/2007,as per my Bank details.
4. Inordinate delay has caused me loss of advance amount of Rs. 1000/-, telephone charges for 35 calls on an average made for FOLLOW-UP.
5. When telephone on 8/11/2007, Assurance by Mr. Vaibhav to keep balance amount ready promising delivery before 8 pm. on 8/11/2007
6. This unfair act has caused me immense mental anxiety and stress resulting ill-health.
7. I have tried to contact Mr. Matthew Cherian, but mobile phone Nol ([protected]) is always busy and he has not called back.
8. Attempts to Contact Mr. Om on mobile [protected] also had no response.
In the circumstances, I am constrained to cancel the order booked. Kindly request you to cancel my booking order and also to arrange to refund the advance amount of Rs. 1000/- as well as loss of call charges amounting to about Rs. 200/- expeditously.
9. Shri Rustom J. Havewala was out of station and informed on 20-11-2007 that by Friday 24th Nov the refund cheque will be delivered to me.
10. Today it is Friday, 24th November 2007. h It is 5.30 p.m. now. Your offcials have again proved their scant respect for duty by inaction which indicates that your Company is untrustworthy .

Why is this deficinecy in service perpetrated in a Company claiming to be custonmer friendly ?

Anxiously awaiting your swift action for my refund cheque - this time please convey on telephone abut despatch by courier. One can't wait endlessly at home waiting for one's own money.

I also appreciate your probing into the deliberate delay in the matter,if otherwise, let me have clear details of why the delay (of 22 days) is so much prolonged with a vague reply from your officials.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

A..S. Narayanan

inferior service

I have purchased the automatic washing machine make Godrej on 22ndMarch’07, taking into consideration...

Godrej dvd player not working

Hello .. I bought godrej dvd player 3 weeks back. it was working very fine .. even some of the discs not playing in other dvd players are working fine in this player.. but 2 days back when I was listening to a audio disc .. suddenly it stopped functioning and after I switch off and on the player .. just showing glowing light but disc is not opening ...

  • Cr
    c.Rajesh May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    godrej dvd player not working properly, if i insert dish it says no disk, error disk

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  • Ba
    Babu gee Aug 31, 2009

    My DVD player is shown as No disc

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Poor cooling and poor customer service

Godrej Customer Service Sucks!!

I have been a very loyal and old customer of Godrej, however to my utter dismay Godrej service is very very poor. About a month back there was some cooling issues in my frig (GF-28,4yr old model). I called up the customer service exec to lodge a complaint (576807) and then had to follow up again and again for almost a week till they sent an engineer on 21/6/07. He then came to diagnose the issue as with the gas and told that it has to be refilled. I paid Rs 1140 (service no 582225) and then the gas was filled on 24/6/07 but the issue persisted . Again I had to go through the tiring process of filing yet another few complaints (582225,593201). The engineer cam again just to tell that the Gas was not filled up properly so again i had to call up and follow with gas filing guy. Each day they would say they ll come and never turn up and give some lame excuse. This whole bloody painful suffering has been going on for almost a month now. I am sick and tired and don't know whom to report the problem, the frig still has cooling issues as earlier but i am left with just harassment and suffering.

I think now there is no difference between any local round-the-corner repair shop and godrej anymore. Feel like throwing away this piece of ### (frig ha!) out of my house.

  • Mp
    MP Apr 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes, i fully agree with your comments.Its so frustrating to see the CUSTOMER SERVICE of these companies because the MAIN thing for them is to " SELL the PRODUCT to a CUSTOMER, thats it.After this, its the customers who has to go through all the PAINS of buying a product"

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Not cooling

I have purchased the refrigerator on 11/11/02. Since then i got it repaired once for the complaint of...

Lower cooling plus no cut off taking place for compressor

I have Godrej Pentacool refrigerator but it's not cooling properly even cut off of compressor is not taking place. Don't buy it!

  • Pa
    Parimal Bhandari Jan 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a customer of Godrej and I have purchased a Godrej Refrigerator Model V2 GDP-195 on 3.10.2008 from your dealer "Video Plaza", Muchipara, Durgapur - 713212. There was a gift offer of 3 pcs Non-stick cookware on that purchase. But your Dealer unable to give me the aforesaid gift at that time. I have requested your dealer in several times to give me that gift. After one month they have given a gift pack which was not packed properly and partly open. Whenever I opened the pack I found that instead of three pcs of cookware, there was only one piece. I refused the gift instantly. Till now the dealer saying that they could not do anything in this regard because the problem is from Godrej's end. Please verify and reply as soon as possible.

    I think this type of problem will hamper the Godrej's goodwill and loss of business in long run.

    Thanking you in anticipation,

    P. C. Bhandari
    Mobile : 9933168550

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Insufficient cooling

Purchased Godrej Pentcool 420 litres Refrigerator in July 2007. From day one it never had enough cooling to prevent ice-creams from melting or freezing milk packets in at least 24 hours.

After complaining service agents have visited umpteen number of times. Charges refrigerant/gas twice, adjusted gas setting twice, changed compressor 4 times, but no improvement. No one has any idea of what is the problem. Dragging the matter since 11 months. No one wants to accept that the model is a failure, for fear of having to offer replacement.

Only thing i can appreciate is their patience to visit dozens of time to impress the customer.

Good Service setup... BUT BAD BAD PRODUCTS.

Sincere advice: STAY AWAY FROM GODREJ.