Godaddystealing domains

1 saves information about searched domain names and then unless you buy the name right away, either it or people on its staff will purchase it, hoping to extort money from you if you want that name later.


  • Ih
    Ihategodaddy Aug 10, 2011

    They did that to me. I was searching domain names for my husband's business. When I went back the next day to purchase godaddy had already taken the name and they want to charge me 21.00 to get on an auction list so that I can have a chance to bid on it.

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  • Bi
    bigdaddy5 Dec 06, 2011

    They just did that very same thing to me. I was informed that my domain names were open and available for purchase and I was in the process of securing them the screen somehow changed. Now they suddenly claim my domains are taken, unless of course I'd like to now buy them for a ton of money. I am sick to my stomach with what happened. How can they get away with this?

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  • Bi
    bigdaddy5 Dec 06, 2011

    They screwed me BAD! I was in the process of attempting to buy 2 domain names for a business I am trying to develop. They said my domains were available and I had just filled out all their necessary info but misplaced my credit card so before I lost my information I decided to make sure I solidified that I had an account with them by creating one. Whereas I was easily able to navigate between screens and always return to the payment/finalizing end of it beforehand, the next thing you know I couldn't return to that screen. When i then reattempted to purchase the domain names just seconds later GoDaddy claimed they were already taken and, if i was willing to pay for their services, they'd attempt to help me purchase the domains for a suddenly much higher price. How can they get away with this?

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  • An
    Angryatdomiansites Feb 23, 2013

    I'm mad as heck. The name I searched was available at the regular price. Shortly after, on the same day, the price went up to 1995$!!! In shock, I immediately rechecked the name and it was no longer available.

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  • Se
    sebron Sep 28, 2015

    Talk about an inside job!!! I searched Godaddy for a very unique name; it was available. The very next day, someone (I suspect it was an inside job!) had purchased and was asking a huge amount of $$$ to buy it. That stinks to high heaven. These guys are crooks.

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