GoDaddy Operating Companythe selling of my domain after I have had it for 13 years

K Nov 28, 2017

Go Daddy Complaint Department:
To Whom it may concern;

I recently lost access to my domain name and e-mail address that I have used as my primary for over 12 years now. I was not given proper notice of the exp date compared to the many other domain names I have owned and operated over the years. I did not even notice that anything was wrong with my Domain name until my e-mail address kept bouncing back from the many clients who were trying to reach me and access our unique luxury services. When I contacted Go Daddy the representative notified me that there is now a new owner of my Domain name as I did not renew it in the time given. I was also not allowed per the new buyer to even use my [protected] e-mail forward for a short period of time. In essence I was put out of business instantly. I want to know why Go Daddy did not give me proper notice as they have done with all of my other Owned Domains? I also want to know that even under the 30 day quiet period that Go Daddy did not reach out to me again regarding my interest in renewing a Domain name that I have owned for well over 12 Years. Andy why is the Buyer of my Domain Name using my Logos and actual text to infringe upon me and my business on top of the theft that I believe truly happened here. I would like to know what I need to do in order to get my Domain name returned

  • Updated by Kevin Blessing · Nov 28, 2017

    I as of yet have not heard one thing from Go Daddy regarding this huge error in taking my Domain and selling it because they got an offer they felt it worth it for them to circumvent me in order to profit more from my Domain name with a buyer on standby.

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