GoDaddy Operating Companycheating, false charges, changes to my settings they made to make them money, and possibly email hacking

D Sep 29, 2019

Just signed into my godaddy account and discovered that all my domain names (I buy some for possible future use, then either sell or let them expire) had been changed to auto-renew. Many had just renewed, at godaddy's profit. I am 100% positive that for years I'd turned domain names off the auto renew policy, and seen that when signing on--but they were all on auto renew now, including domain names that had just renewed I'd abandoned years ago.
Worse: for months I'd been getting sales calls to pressure me to change to a more expensive and supposedly more secure email hosting plan. I rejected it, many times, and forcefully. Last week I got an email back from someone (trustworthy) I'd emailed to, with my earlier email to them in their message back to me. Opened the word doc attached, and it was a virus, I was hacked. This is not your typical pfishing attempt that is generic and goes out to tons of people--this was done with an email I'd sent a few days prior, a tailored attack. I'm not a company or person of any size to attract a dedicated hacker. When I discovered the hack, and website certificates weren't working, I had to call call godaddy to get them to change passwords on all my emails. I was connected with Thomas Sauer, [email protected], Advanced Email Productivity - Premier Department. He immediately launched into his high pressure sales pitch for their better/more expensive email service. I said several times, then yelled, saying I am NOT buying anything from Godaddy, I just want all my email passwords changed, immediately, because hacker was at work.
My suspicion is that godaddy was the hacker, screwing me over to justify their "premier" email service.
Another reason to suspect godaddy--no written record you can have of contact, work with them. They do all by phone, there is no way to email godaddy for help or a complaint. They want you on phone to 1. sell to you, and 2. leave no written record you can use of later proof that what you agreed to on phone is what actually happens and you get charged for.
I've been a godaddy customer because of low cost and ability to get to someone on phone with help--but after my experience, reading other complaints, I suspect they are low cost because of their illegal ways they make big profits cheating customers and quite possibly even using their inside information/access to hack them.
If there is a class action lawsuit against godaddy: LET ME KNOW. I'll gladly join it and testify. [protected]

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