Globe Telecombroadband was upgraded without authorization now they can't get back to the previous service

M Jul 31, 2018

They switch my account to one with data cap to a previous one that's unlimited. They can't give me the proof that someone from us gave the authorization to have it upgraded and now we are suffering the data cap. I called multiple times and was even advised that they will send me the recordings and that they will instead upgrade my package to one that has higher data cap. that's more than a month ago, I did called for a follow up and was advised by their customer service that the request is still pending (date July 11). Now I tried to call again and was advised that the upgrade was denied and that was filed on June 17. So why did the agent that I talked to last July 11 said that request is still open? and why was I guaranteed by their supervisor that the upgrade will push through? Now the new supervisor told me that she can't do anything or even compensate me for those wasted time as well as the initial complaint that I have which is them changing our package without proper authorization. They said that they can't do anything until their facilities were changed / upgraded. We've had Globe for 5 years and they have never changed or upgraded their facilities for that long? What? I'll have to wait for another 10 years? If there's just a diffrent intternet provider that I can switch to, I would have done that in an instant. Crappy service Globe, very crappy service. Both facilities and Customer Care Services!

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