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London Visa Services — is a rip-off

Poor, poor, poor!!! I used London Visa Services a few months ago to advise on my girlfriends visa appeal. After speaking to them, paying their fees and hiring them the service I...

London Visa review

The owners of this company are a couple who are running a fraud! After realising they avoid the internet (you cannot find anything about them or their organisation on any website) there was a reason for this - because of the quite scam operation they have running. The impression given is one of a proper outfit but Aline Dyer the boss has inexperienced caseworkers doing work for clients like myself. My application was never submitted on time and the lied to me to keep my money. I recommend you do your homework and AVOID this dodgy couple!

London Visa is a scam

I was completely fooled by this immigration firm’s sweet talk. The website was bad enough and the service, well that was even worse. The Director who I believe to be in full ownership of London Visa, Named Aline Dyas Is running a mass scale immigration scam. I couldn’t find any information about this company until now and I hope this company gets closed down as soon as possible!!! Now I have no chance of bringing my wife’s family to the UK as they have left me out of pocket and got the first application refused!!

  • Ru
    Rupinda Bhogal Aug 01, 2013

    When I requested a refund from, I was left on hold for a long long time and then I was promised to be passed on to a senior colleague, apparently Aline Dyer who is the owner. She was rude and abrupt on the phone after I explained how her firm cost my girlfriends visa! is a scam a total scam and I WARN OTHERS TO STAY AWAY. Aline Dyer is a fraud and her immigration company is there to take advantage of people in desperate situations!

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  • Jc
    JC 238 Aug 13, 2013

    I used this company after calling their offices. Their phone consultation seemed good and their legal representatives did too. I was convinced to use them for my fiances application. After paying the fees upfront, the began work and after this it was all downhill.
    No updates from them as promised, they submitted the wrong application, filled in incorrect details on forms and requested incorrect information. I was fearful the application would be refused so I asked them to halt work and simply refund my money so I could protect myself and fiance but they did not refund and said they have done their work although they made a dozen mistakes and never submitted the application.

    I have never managed to get my money back and I urge everyone else to avoid London Visa Services. Don't let their Croydon office location fool you to be the official government office. This was this impression I initially got.

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  • Ja
    Jae123 Apr 23, 2014

    I do not think Alina Dyer is a fraud. She has provided me and my wife excellent immigration advice and services. Alina and her team are only there to give people advice and help on immigration matters and applications. In the end of the day people should do their own research as well as studying the advice or pointers which have been communicated to them by Alina before even thinking of pursuing further with their applications/ appeals/etc. Stop blaming others because of your negligence and lack of ownership on your immigration matters.

    0 Votes — is a scam and fraud

This company’s status on Companies House is displayed as to be STRUCK OFF. I knew this company was an absolute FRAUD once they had taken my money. I couldn’t initially...