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Global Tel Link Corporation Customer Service

Global Tel* Link Corporation

12021 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 100
United States - 20190

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Global Tel Link Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Global Tel Link Corporation / they won't refund my money

HunyBayBee on Oct 3, 2018

I signed up to the wrong company they are so much alike on Google. And I was charged 200 after being declined and then charged I been trying to get get my money back not know this was not the company for my county's jail. I'm so mad right now that they can take your money so easy...

Global Tel Link / trust account service

Tiawoods on Oct 2, 2018

I was trying to make a pmt last night I called a spoke with Rodger don't have badge number her was very rude sounded like he don't care he lied and said they don't put money on the trust account over the phone when in fact any time I called I was able too I call the number for the trust so...

Global Tel Link / inmate call

Monika Conrad on Sep 4, 2018

My friend accepted a call from montgomery county jail ON THEIR PHONE & I used my debit card to add minutes for $10. I got that charged PLUS AN UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE with a different name on it "global tel link" as seen in the picture. Never made a username or passward & there was NEVER...

Global Tel Link / phone company: calls from correctional facility

LilR on Dec 1, 2017

GTL is an absolute horror of a company! In the first place they happily inflate the prices of phone calls simply because they can, and because they know they are dealing with people who have no say on the matter and really have no choice but to use their slip-shod service! The connection...

Global Tel Link / stolen payment, unethical, uneducated "reps"

KateMatt on May 8, 2017

Absurd company, horrendous service, and blatant stealing. I buy the one vanilla pre-paid cards to make deposits to only the phone account. I deposit the money using the automated phone system they have. Common sense dictates that if someone is using a pre-paid card, then there is a...

Global Tel Link / Depositing money in account which does not service certain prisons

Leslie Romanoff on Mar 31, 2017

I deposited money for 2 phone numbers.First 1/30/2017 Second 3/07/2017. $25.00. $28.00. I just found out that Globel Tel link does not service Safford Prison in AZ. I was told they did. But my son keeps calling collect says nothing works for Advance Pay. I called customer service and was told...

Global Tel Link / customer service

donnagirl15 on Oct 13, 2016

the are very rude they hung up on me twice they need someone who can understand English they are very unprofessional all I want is a refund of my money they will not get no more of my money they ae freaking ignorant they need some improvement as soon as possible

GTL (Global Tel Link) / Horrible services

meg111245* on May 3, 2016

I have used this service on 2 separate occasions to be able to communicate with my husband. We have had multiple instances of disconnected calls after only a minute and a half after contacting gtl customer service we have been refused any help or refunds. The customer service reps are rude...

Global Tel Link / Connections with Inmates

Reviewer86420 on Feb 24, 2016

The company has recently made a change to their computer software (Feb 2016) and service quality has dramatically declined. I routinely experience calls terminated by their computer system mid-conversation, or the computer does not completely connect the two parties - the call terminate...

Global Tel Link / International call.

Reviewer38053 on Jan 28, 2016

Iam a customer of globel telelink about 4-5 years.but they take money from my account and promise for one year unlimited for one year.(july-2015 to July2016 ) so my minutes now nearly finish.when I call globel tele link they told agent is gone he was a fraud.What I can do further.

Global Tel Link / Genesis Inspire Tablet

Reviewer80242 on Jan 12, 2016

The Pennsylvania State Correctional System has a deal with Global Tel Link to provide Genesis Inspire Tablets to inmates who can afford to purchase one. They are really pieces of junk. I know a few inmates and every one has had problems and have had them sent back at least once. The price...

GTL (Global Tel Link) / Prepaid phone call

Reviewer71629 on Dec 25, 2015

First of all they are a rip off. When I first went through them they told me each collect call that I received would cost $1.95 per phone call. The duration of the call would be for as long as the correctional facility would allow each inmate to talk. So, did you know they charge you $2.30...

GTL (Global Tel Link) / Fraudulent practices

Saby J Jimenez on Nov 23, 2015

GTL is a fraud company that overcharges inmate families for a calls. The calls often drop causing the inmate to use up more money than necessary. Their billing practices are fraudulent and the charges for taxes is more than the government should allow. When GTL took over, they could not...

GTL / Taking money from account without even asking.

Gurdip Mann on Oct 12, 2015

I was suddenly charged with around 560 nrk without asking me at all. The sales lady I talked with . I told her her I dont have time to talk. She had also promiosed that the wont haress me for one year. But when I check my bank account money has been trasfered. never give the cheaters your...

GTL / Shady business practices

Reviewer53011 on Sep 9, 2015

I have spent $5, 000, yes $5, 000 in the past 4-5 months to speak with my husband, global tel charges outrageous prices, then purposely drops calls so you have to pay the additional connect fee and taxes for each call whether it is 1 min or 60, they place blocks on your phone for no...

Global Tel Link / Line blocked

trimblem73 on Jul 31, 2015

As of july 30, 2015 our phone service with our loved ones was abruptly blocked with no forewarning. Global tel link is the phone provider outside of at&t to connect calls from county jails and state prisons. The manner in which a dispute was handled is unfair and a detriment to knowing the...

Global Tel Link / Incorrect Billing

eparker35nc on May 14, 2015

I have been charged NC collect rates at $3.40+tax for more than 120 calls that should be charged $3.15+tax per the NC DPS website Inmate Telephone System section. I have paid the $4.75 service fee 18 times, but paid $7.95 3 times. I have paid full (yet incorrect) price for 7 calls le...

Global Tel Link / No refunds and drop calls for no reason

Georgianna Lynch on May 12, 2015

Global tel link has a phone directory for inmates to be able to call home rather by house phone or cell phone calls. Global tel link call policy is made not to. Give rufunds for any cellphone dropped calls three way calling and or any other reason due to high volume called through...

Global Tel Link / terrible phone service

Pamela Bre on Apr 10, 2015

Calls from Inmate in correctional facility are not going through. When I call their center to report the problem, I get the same answer. The people are very nice about it, but I keep getting told my account is inactive or needs to be reset. Some tell me I need to let the phone ring more...

GTL / Video calls to inmates

Caromcjan on Dec 28, 2014

Their network fails all the time and on Christmas Eve all the video conference which cost $10 each did not work. When you call to complain they say it is on your end which is wrong since the error message even said their network was down and all the inmates had the same issue who were in...