Gillece Servicesprice gouging out of this world!!!

G Sep 27, 2019

Had a problem with my toilet flushing real slow. Tried snaking and a few other things that I could do. Nothing worked. Got tired of the situation and called Gillece. My pipes are collapsed, they are going to have to tear out my walls, replace my pipes, for just a small price of $9, 000. I asked the plumber 10 different times: please just try to unclog the toilet. He can't. Going to cause more damage to the house, and so forth. I didn't agree to any of it. Called my buddy who said he would take a look. Took the toilet off and found the problem. 4 matchbox cars stuck inside the toilet. So they were going to charge me $9, 000; when all I need is a new wax ring? Really ? This is why all the bad reviews !!! Never again.

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