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Gexa Energy Complaints & Reviews

Gexa Energy / lack of customer service

May 29, 2019

I paid my deposit, and was told everything looked good and service would be connected i my name Feb 11, 2019.I have sent and resent documents to enrollment [email protected] 12 times each time im told crs would review and call me back . To begin with, I never received any notice...

Gexa Energy / Billing errors and overcharges!

Dec 16, 2015

At the time my contract was up, the bill was lower. The bill remained lower for months and then I received BACK BILLING for hundreds of dollars billed at a rate almost TWICE the ESTABLISHED RATE. When I contacted customer service, the lady stated she couldn’t do anything but would have another...

Gexa Energy Electric Rates / variable rates

Feb 23, 2015

2/23/15 Today I spoke with a customer service representative (male) about signing on with their 6 month contract for electric service. He informed me that the information which they advertise on was not correct. Even though the website shows the fix rate prices - its not...

Gexa Energy / Disconnect Notices

Jun 13, 2011

Don't be late even 2 days on your GEXA Energy bill because the system sends out a disconnect notice. After this 10 days to pay the bill from the print date. Yes, the print date printed on the bill, so really you have only 5 business days which means you can't rely on the mail to...

Gexa Energy / Rip off

Mar 27, 2011

GEXA is TERRRIBLE at customer service. I tried them for an introductory offer and have regretted it ever since! They quote you prices, then send you bills that are much higher, you call and they waste hours of your times trying to get you to stay longer on contract (DON'T DO IT!) ...

Gexa Energy / Highest rates


My electricity rates have been 13.35cents per KwH the highest probably around and not even renewable. Apart from this I have had monthly variable charges ranging from $38-$20 (no explanation - just says variable charge). On top of this I have the Oncor fees. I have given my AA ff # on...

Gexa Energy / Ridiculous Fees


I called today to inquire about the nature of several charges from TNMP (TX New Mexico Power) on my bill that totalled $32.oo. The CS rep was rude and unknowledgeable. He kept pointing out that was the plan I had choen and was only able to spot legal jargon when I asked him to explain the...

Gexa Energy/billing / Billing


Gexa Energy is a scam, I placed an order for electric service but CANCEL my order before electric service was provided. The Rep at customer service inform me that she cancel the service order. Gexa Energy sent me a bill for $435.00 I was outraged and call Gexa Energy how can I be billed...

Gexa Energy / Rate Hikes


DO NOT USE GEXA!! Gexa Energy is running a scam with their month to month rates and their customer service absolutely sucks. They are incredibly higher than any other electric company for month to month fees. I was locked into a year contract with a decent rate (10.8 kwh) and received a...

Gexa Energy / Price hikes


This ridiculous company hikes rates almost every month. A year ago when electricity was much more expensive, I was paying the avg. 0.12 - 0.14 cents per kilowatt hour. That was of course b/c I just joined and was on a month to month contract. It kept being raised until I finally canceled...

Gexa Energy / Deceptive trade practices


Gexa Energy is engaged in deceptive trade practices relating to it's rates. Customers are being overcharged by as much as double without their knowledge. Gexa Energy should be fined and/or forced to reimburse customers who are not under contract. Gexa willfully failed to inform their...

Gexa Energy / Price Gouging


I have been price gouged by Gexa Energy. I received my most monthly recent electric bill from Gexa to the tune of $789.77 . I live in a 1600 square foot, 2 bedroom condo. Bear in mind that this bill does include $60.46 worth on disconnection and reconnection fees from the month before when...

Gexa Energy / Fraud and cheating


We were referred to Gexa by a friend who thought they were wonderful. When we signed up with them in June or July of 05 we asked for automatic bill deduction. We were told no problem, as for today August 06 so bills were late and we were even shut off a time or two. My biggest complaint...

Gexa Energy / Rate Hikes Plus


I received the a bill at the highest rate for electricity from Gexa following Hurrican Ike that I have ever received. Worse still, natural gas prices have been coming down since June 2008 and are at a 5 year low when Gexa charged me their highest rate. I know why too - see...

Gexa Energy / Outragious Rate Hikes


I've had enough. I'm fighting back. All I want is a business that does their job, charges a fair and competitive price, and does not have to be watch dogged to make sure they are not setting up and exploiting you. I got gouged by them as well - over $0.21 per...

Gexa Energy / Unethical Billing


What a total Scam. Im on the rate to rate plan, and paying 100% more than their competitors. When i inquired for them to justify the rate increases i have received, they gave me the run around and referred me to their terms sheet. What a total scam. The executives of this company should be...

Gexa Energy / Over charging/cancel agreements


GEXA ENERGY is a very poor company and the customer service staff are robots trained to repeat the same information. Unfortunately the main goal of Gexa is to bilch you out of as much as possible. After making an agreement for a payment plan a representative called to tell me it was all...

Gexa Energy / Bait & Switch Rates


Signed up with Gexa because they had a very low energy/electricity rate. After a few months of service the rate continued to soar for no reason. Natural Gas and oil prices (major factor in electricity pricing) are way down yet my energy price continues to rise. I am now at 21 cents a...

Gexa Energy / Customer Service


After paying my electric bill online, apparently Gexa didn't receive my payment. However, instead of notifying me, they just turned OFF my electricity. I didn't find out that the payment wasn't received until I was in the dark!! A notice was received the day after the due...

Gexa Energy / Bait and Switch


Gexa Energy seems to lure customers in with substantially reduced rates but once the contract expires the rates jump substantially. Our area was devastated by Hurricane Ike and when our rates went up we assumed it was a one time adjustment because meter readers were unavailable for the...

Gexa Energy / Unethical Billing Practices


GEXA ENERGY ENGAGES IN UNETHICAL BILLING PRACTICES. They have increased my rates SIXTY TWO PERCENT in 3 months, right after promising me the lowest rate in the market! In addition, I have been charged unwarranted late fees repeately on my bills, all while my bills were paid timely. The...

Gexa Energy / Unwarranted Rate Increases


GEXA raised my rate from .158 to .1904 in the usage month of October, 2008. I could find no other electric provider in Texas that raised their rates during this period, especially by over .03hr. When I called them and asked why, they said it was due to their wholesale cost. When I argued...

Gexa Energy / Rate increase of 100% in 6 months


I signed up with Gexa in January 2008 at a rate of 9.2cents/kWh (variable) . In the last few months it has reached 21.3cents/kWh more than a 100% increase, that is ridiculous. In summer when the rates went up it was understandable . but from mid-august the rates have been coming down (eg ...

Gexa Energy!!! / Ridiculously high bills!


I have had Gexa for the past 2 years. My bills have always bounced between $135 and $190 every month. Not bad. For whatever reason, the last 2 months have been over $330!! ! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? We haven't needed to use the AC since before the hurricane! When I called, I got no...

Gexa Energy / Overcharged

I think GEXA is robbing its customers. On May 15, 2008, GEXA rate applied for my account was 12.11 cents/kWk (for 240 kWh). Now Sept 18, 2008 this month, 4 months later, GEXA raised my rate up to 19.01/kWh (for 410 kWh). An increase of 80 % charge!! GEXA is a highway robber!!

Gexa Energy / Scam/High Prices


Gexa is the worst utility company, ever, a total scam. You cannot access their website to monitor your account or see how many kilowatt hours you have used from month to month. You can only find out the amount you owe, and they make it easy to pay of course. Their rate increases are crazy;...

Gexa Energy / Billing, Customer Service


First, please, please, please do not switch to Gexa Energy!! Yes, they may appear to have some of the lowest rates. But I assure you, they will double their rates, and charge you excessive fees. Google Gexa Energy and you'll see that it is a common practice for Gexa to scam their...

Gexa Energy / Don't use them

I was on hold (Monday 2:00 pm) for 41:07 min wait time for Cust Serv just to be told «I can't help you- goodbye!" Lousy company - high prices - no customer service - GEXA wants you to pay for services they do NOT provide. Call them and all you get is voice mail jail - NO...

Gexa Energy / Poor service!


Gexa Energy is a horrible electric company. I have been with them for over a year and I have had to argue with them constantly about my bills the entire time. It started with switching my service from one apartment to another. I received a bill at my new apartment 4 months after moving...

Gexa Energy / Gexa fraud!


I lived at an apartment for a short period of time where Gexa was the electrical service provider. When I moved, I called well in advance to set a date to terminate my service. The rep told me the service would be disconnected on the date I had requested. About 2 months later, a Gexa...

GEXA / Fraud and cheating!


I requested a change of electric provider on line. I read where there might be a $400 deposit so I called GEXA and asked if GEXA would inform me if there was a deposit required - the answer was, "Of course!". I did not expect to pay a deposit - I have an excellent credit rating. Nothing wa...

Gexa Energy / No customer service


Gexa is a scam company. I have had them for 3 months and canceling service promptly. The airline miles are not worth it. Good luck getting a hold of any customer service reps. The entire company seems like it is run just by 4 or 5 thugs. The customer service rep, Yolanda V., is rude and...

Gexa Energy / Do not do business with them, they are crooks!

I used Gexa as my electricity service provider for over a year and suddenly they started claiming that my payments were late and charging me late fees. All of my payments were mailed 10 days prior to the due date (via an online bill payment service). I called their customer service line...